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Music is a universal language that binds every single entity of the universe with a beautiful, gleaming, ethereal tune. It is a common tongue that, that seeps into every crevice and corner of the universe like water, bringing every single being together in a single harmony.  From the gushing and sprinting waterfalls to the clouds colliding with towering mountains, from the growling blue and white thunder to the soft, sprinkling rain showers, music is everywhere. 

With the acceleration in the development of human civilization, every country and region created its own kind of music and tunes that the people of that place enjoy. A country’s music is a cradle to its traditions and customs that carries it to the future generations. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a south-central Asian country, very well known for its folk tunes, ethno-modern harmonies and versatile traditional music that will keep you spellbound forever. 

What are the basic characteristics of Afghani music?

Afghanistan is an abode to an amalgamation of a variety of musical cultures. It is well known for its folk melodies, classical tunes and also popular music. There is a heavy influence of the Persian traditions which is evident in the afghan music. The lyrical compositions of the afghan songs are mostly Dari and Pashto. The urban musical customs of the country show the traces of the Iranian musical culture, more than the rural and other places. 

Another very essential part of Afghani music is the use of a variety of musical instruments. Songs that are not accompanied by musical instruments are not considered to be complete. Rubab, harmonium, and table are the most used instruments especially when it comes to the patriotic and religious songs. There is also a strong Greek influence that can be clearly heard in their musical customs. 

Popular music of Afghanistan

The first radio broadcasting channel of Afghanistan was stared in 1925, however, it was shut down and resumed in 1929.

Listen to Live FM Online Radio Stations of Afghanistan

With the growth of radio channels, people started to enjoy popular music more and more and it spread throughout the country.  The first-ever Afghani singer to sing on the live radio was Parwin. The years following the 1970s are considered to be the most prominent golden times of afghan music and their music soon after became a part of the Indian, Pakistani, Arab and Tajikistani cinema. The popular cinema music made major use of guitars, clarinets, violins, and piano. Also, with the immigration of the young community, there was also a major rise in the hip hop and rap music industry. 

The most eminent and celebrated singing sensation of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the abode a number of vibrant, talented and ultimate singing sensations of all time. They are considered to be the embodiment of magic or pure music and are largely celebrated around the country and outside as well. Some of the most well-known musical entities of the nation can be listed as below:

Mohammad Hussain Sarahang : the singer was born in the year 1942 in the Kharabat part of Kabul. He studied and practiced the Patiala style of classical music in Peshawar. His musical records include Taranas, ghazals and a variety of folk music. He is considered to be the master of the Patiala gharana and was respected with several titles such as Sar Taj-e Musiqee, meaning top crown of music Baba-e Musiqee, meaning father of music and Sher-e Musiqee meaning the lion of music. His famous song Pai Ashk has used a title song for the Indian film Mera Saya. You can listen to him with the given link:

Farida Mahwash: also known as ustad Mahwas is the first-ever female singer to be given the title of ustad, meaning master in the history of music. She is considered to be the voice of Afghanistan. Her current residence in California. She is the embodiment of strength, vigor, and boldness which is evident in her voice which keeps the audience spellbound. Check out her concert with the given video below –

Ahmad Zahir: He is one of the most well know, scholarly singer, lyricist, and composer. His music has crossed all sorts of stylistic boundaries of language and religion and is enjoyed by all age groups. He performs with different and unique musical elements and his songs are in a number r of different languages such as English, Persian, and Iranian, classical Indian and so on. He is respected with the title of Elvis of Afghanistan and is the most celebrated singers of the country in contemporary times. You can tap to his tunes at the given link –

Aryana Sayeed: she is one of the most greatly admired musical celebrity and television personality of Afghanistan.  She gave a massive hit named Mashallah in the year 2008 which was her turn to success and has been giving spellbinding concerts ever since, both in the country and the foreign lands. She has also served as the judge in the musical program, The Voice of Afghanistan. Banoye Atash Neshin and Gule Sib are some of the examples of her greatest hits. You can listen to her live music from the given link:

Farhad Darya Nashir: He is probably one of the most abundantly talented voices, composer, lyricist and philanthropist that Afghanistan has ever seen. Apart from being a great musical entity, he is also the goodwill ambassador and representative of the Republic of Afghanistan at the united nation organization assembly. He is not just a musical idol but has influenced masses, especially the young generation with his patriotism and philanthropy. In the year 2006, he collaborated with a German singer and made his first-ever rock single Salamalek that led him to a perpetual journey of fame. He has been awarded many accolades ranging from artist of the year to human rights award in Afghanistan, Denmark, etc. you can listen to his music here:

So, get the best out of the Afghani music and bless your ears with the soulful and enchanting melodies. 

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