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Do you want to know all about the famous Albanian music? Lots of artists have come forward in recent years celebrating the traditional Albanian music and bringing forward their own renditions by mixing and matching the traditional with some modern. Music is a language in itself and even if you cannot understand the words it’s the feeling that counts. While every place has different folk music attached to their history Albania has been the same and has been cherishing its culture to the fullest. Every now and then an artist emerges and tells a different story through their voice and through their music. The best part about all this is that no matter where you are the internet has made everything too easy for everyone. 

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What is Albanian music all about? 

A lot of things keep changing over time but the tradition always remains intact. When it comes to Albanian music it has been found that they are very famous for the traditional vocal duets accompanied by instruments such as drum box, electric bass, synthesizer, and saxophone. The music generated is so beautiful to the ears that you will not get tired of listening to it. And the music so formed is called the folk music of Albania. 

Who are the famous Albanian singers? 

We bet you want to know some of the well-known Albanian singers and how they show their talent to the world. Here is a list of famous singers of Albania whom you should definitely check out and enjoy their music to the fullest! 

Olta Boka – she is an Albanian artist born on 13th September 1991 and is very famous for representing Albania in the Eurovision song contest held in 2008 singing a song that was loved by all. She has been singing since and has gain ed a lot of fame and has become a star in recent years by winning a range of awards over time. 

Her lifestyle has been healthy and she has been a part of all the latest trends and activities keeping in mind the basic traditions of Albania. 

Achievements of Olta Boka include her winning the national Albanian final in 2007. She is said to be the youngest singers to represent in the Albanian Eurovision contest and is very famous for that. 

Some of her famous song links include –

This song is one of her officials. If you want to see the song she sang to win the famous contest then check out this link –

Name of the song – Zemrën E Lamë Peng 

Kelsi Tola – this young artist was born on 5 February 1992, in Albania. She was the winner of the Albanian idol and is also very famous for representing Albania in the Eurovision song contest held in 2009. She was at the 17th position with a total of 48 points.

Some of her major achievements include winning the young voices of the Albania festival song contest at the age of 11. She was also the winner of the young voices of the Shkodra festival song contest on two different occasions. 

She again tried to represent Albania in the Eurovision contest in 2010 but she failed to get selected. 

Some of her famous work includes –

This is one of her official videos uploaded a few months back and has received immense love from the crowd. 

Juliana Pasha – this woman is very famous in Albania for her music and has achieved a lot of love and fame in her life. She was born on 20th may 1980 and participated in the Eurovision contest representing Albania and got selected by singing the song it’s all about you and got 16th place with 62 points before winning this contest. 

She had tried twice before actually winning the contest in one of which she got the 3rd place in 2007 and 2nd place in 2008 and finally won in 2010. 

Her experience is music speaks a lot about her and she has been immensely loved by all. Some of her works have got major appreciation and has widely been loved by all. 

Check out the link to some of her very famous songs –

this is the song through which she got selected and finally won the competition. 

Shpat Kasapi – this famous artist was born on 1st May 1985. He is different in comparison to some of the famous Albanian artists because he is famous for some pop music and is popularly known as the Albanian pop singer. His music journey started at a very young age and he also represented Albania in the Eurovision contest in the year 2009 and stood 18th by singing a song which translates to the Mediterranean aroma. 

Most of his work can be found on almost all the famous music websites but here is a link to one of his very famous official videos uploaded recently –

listen to the most recent song of this amazing artist and enjoy the pop music of all times! 

Fanfare Tirana – if you want to enjoy the traditional Albanian music then this band is the one for you. The melody flows through every single instrument of their band as they bring forward the most enthralling music that your ears will love to listen to. 

The songs they play are typical Albanian songs that are full of vitality. Each of their songs represents some transit of life such as death, happiness, sadness, pleasure, sorrow, etc. If you want to listen to some of their music then try the link –

and watch them perform live on –

What are the most famous songs in Albania? 

Some of the very famous songs or gems of Albania include: 

These are some of the very famous songs that are considered gems of the Albanian music which are old and yet loved tremendously! 

We hope now you enjoy the best of Albanian music!

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