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Austin is the country for every type of music like blues, rock and most importantly live-music, also for boating, hiking, swimming, and biking. This beautiful Austin was a capital state of Texas and surrounded by hills and water and so that is a complete island rich look for the people. That would be the most pleasant and delightful effect while viewing these gorgeous places with perfect radio programs from austin radio stations. Yes, as I said at the beginning, this Austin is a fantabulous state for radio stations that will afford the perfect songs and programs at the 16C chillness of the country. This article will be helpful to the people to acknowledge the music level of Austin and its famous radio stations.
Where and when it was started?

The radio broadcasting in Austin was emerged in 1911 at the University of Texas accurately in A&M in the college station. They usually broadcasted between 8 to 10 P.M for three nights in a week and that was programmed about music, agricultural doubts, lectures, and marketing reports. Also, the Sunday sermons and services of the church were aired in the radio station. They have got an official license for broadcast in 1925 and they happily announced that on the next day programs. But before that, the first broadcast station of Texas and one of the earliest stations of the great United States was WRR which was before police dispatch and fire in 1920. At the early stage, there are some homemade radio stations which are under the non-commercial basis for their neighbors and also the operators. That led to the 25 non-commercial basis stations were regulated in 1922. The popular stations are WBAP, WOAI, WACO, KFJZ, WFAA, and KNGC. Texas had 295 AM and 555 FM radio stations with authorized operating licenses in the year of 2002. In 2013, those all increased to 300 AM and 697 FM stations. Year by year it was developed and so many radio stations were started and in this twenty-first century with the paid subscriptions radio frequencies were organized through iHeartComuunications, Inc which has been working with 850 radio stations in the great United States from the year of 2015.

Topmost Radio Stations of Austin

In Austin, there are nearly 9.46 lakhs of people up to the census record of 2018, all of them were delighted themselves in the magical frequencies of the radio stations of Austin. There are a nearly large amount of stations were popular in Texas most especially in its capital, Austin. The first and foremost commercial radio station of Austin was KASE-FM which was aired in 1969. It was the role model for all the upcoming radio stations of Texas. Here, we are going to discuss the top five radio stations in Austin.

The first radio station of Austin is KUTX- 98.9 FM which is the greater station that provides adult alternative albums and it is a non-commercial station. It was first signed in 1988, and from the time itself, they are looking for talents who were actually in local Austin. Yes, Austin is for young and energetic local talents. You can see so many live-music programs of Austin in the KUTX page also on air, and this radio station became a hub for the talents. The world of diversity will be awkward in its online playlist shows. The notable programs are Leopold and His fiction, Harvest Thieves, Ruby & the Reckless, Cotton Mather and White Denium. The best DJ of the previous year is Laurie Gallardo and his show name was Austin Music Minute.

The second and most interesting radio station is KGSR- 93.3 FM which was turned into 97.1 FM for so many years back. But this 93.3 flipped to the soft contemporary radio station, it also blends the mainstream hits, eclectic way of local albums, independent rock and especially the adult contemporary has transmitted to modern alternative hits. This KGSR mainly focuses on live music events, and so they have arranged local bands for their annual day ceremony. The DJs are from the bands of Bee Caves, Walker Lukens and Swimming with Bears.

The next radio station is KOOP- 91.7 FM, this was like champions of all the other radio stations of Austin. Yes, though it was started in 1994, and organized by the donations of many communities it has nailed its uniqueness from the other stations. The specialty of this radio station is, there are no artists and DJs on-air, only the normal people who were like volunteers to expose their societal issues and culture. KOOP has no DJs so every year it trains its staff to perform on the stage. They will ask for the volunteers and give some period to them to prepare for the musical events each month. The two most favorite programs are ‘Under the X in Texas’ and ‘Around the Town Sounds’ which are like a dedication to this gorgeous Austin.

The next famous radio station is KAZI- 88.7 FM its first air was in 1982, and it was the non-commercial community radio station. This is best known for providing the world-famous styles of music like Hip hop, Jazz, Blues, and Reggae. This KAZI was not only for music, but they also provide independent news, programs for educations and community-based information. This is the one that has primarily featured with urban contemporary radio format. The music is their backbone and so they have a slogan, ‘The Voice of Austin’. The famous DJs, Lady J, Bobby Blue Bland, and Paul Mooney were called for this radio station.

The fifth one is KVRX- 91.7 FM which was the only radio station of having an effective radiated power of nearly 3000 watts. Their first air was 1986 and they have been airing every day even on both Saturday and Sundays. Especially, they are focusing on sports, freeform music, and community programs. KUT and KUTX are like sister stations of this one. It was a non-profit community station and so unlike other stations that were providing advertisements. Only the informative stuff and they never play the same songs while on air.


As I portrayed Austin, a city for music, with these people has been leading a blissful life. Though the technology has been improving day by day, people could not avoid some things in their lifestyle. In the way, a piece of eclectic music from austin radio stations also one among them. Everyone and Everything has a place in the world, likewise, Austin radio stations have gotten the place in people’s hearts.

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