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Top 10 Bakersfield Radio Stations You Must Listen Daily

Everyone loves to hear music. But the taste of music depends on man to man. What if we get all types of music like pop, hip hop, modern and Classical music in some of the radio stations? Yes, that’s possible. Here I have mentioned the top 10 Bakersfield Radio Stations where you can find your favorite.


ESPN Bakersfield is the branding partner of this channel. From the name, you can get the theme of this channel. The frequency number of this channel is 1230 kHz. ESPN Radio has an affiliation with this channel. Famous personalities like Clark Howard, Lou Dobbs, and Dave Ramsey have involved their names with this channel. America’s Morning News and Red Eye Radio are the daily programs of this channel. Richard Been and Lois Henry are the hosts of this show. Californian Leagues and Bakersfield Blaze and other small baseball events are also telecasted from this radio station. This station is best among all other Bakersfield radio Stations.


News and Talk is the slogan of this channel. First-year of airing is 1933. The affiliations partner of this station is Premier Networks, Salem Radio Network, and Westwood One Network. Mainly news and public affairs related talks are the main themes of this channel. The Glenn Beck Program, Rush Limbaugh Show, The Mark Levin Show, Coast to Coast AM and The Sean Hannity Show are the best gifts from this channel which are airing every weekday.


Fox Sports are the branding partner of this channel. From 1958 they are telecasting various sports-related news and live streams in their channel. 970 AM is the frequency address. The first name of this channel was KBIS. The Dan Patrick Show, The Doug Gottlieb Show, The Odd Couple, Jason Smith, Ben Maller, and The Rich Eisen Show are the famous daily activities of this channel. But Steve Gorman Sports and Bakersfield Condors Hockey have been stopped due to some reasons. But the rest of the other shows are surely amazing.


American General Media is the owner of this channel. Today’s Best Mix is the slogan by which they start their programs every day. Hot adult contemporary is the main topic of their airing. On 1st October in 1964, the first program was aired from this platform. They have started their program with Beautiful Music which telecasted the 70s and 80s music. 101.5 MHz is the frequency number of this channel. Every morning E.J. Tyler entertains us. The afternoon session is for Becky and in the evening Jennifer Grant is there to entertain us.


This channel is quite interesting for all the listeners to love comedy talks. Turn your Radio’s frequency into 800 kHz and enjoy the event. Their program’s name is Today’s Comedy. iHeartMedia is the owner of this station. The previous name of this channel was KHIS. In the year of 1959, the first program was telecasted from this station. It has started its journey with comedy talks and won lots of hearts from the beginning. Still, now the people of Bakersfield love to hear this event.


KUZZ AM 55 and FM 107.9 are the branding partner of this channel. This channel provides you the best country music. You can find this station at 550 kHz AM and 107.9 MHz FM. Buck Owners Production is the owner of this channel. Inn1958, the station was established and first aired their performances. Gradowitz is there to entertain you in the morning which is directed by Geoff Emery and Steve. The Country Cafe is organized by Brent. Other events include The Top [email protected] The hosts are Chris Townsend, Danny Christopher, and Lauren Charter. They all are present the whole day to entertain you.


El Gallito is the branding partner of this show. The frequency address of this channel is 1010 kHz. Ranchers Oldies is the format of this station. They have started their journey as country-western music. Charles H. Jones is the owner of this channel and according to his name, the station’s name is KCHJ. At the early time of 1960, Freeway 99 was aired by them which was hosted by Gable. In this concert, they offered band music, soft adult contemporary, etc.


The slogan of this channel is ‘Number one for Hip Hop and R&B Music’. Their format is Top 40. They are following the previous tradition which is going to diminish. Turn your frequency into 94.1 MHz to be in this station’s activities. In the year of 1997, they have started their journey. Romeo the host of the morning programs will make your beginning of the day very beautiful with his choice of kinds of music. At noon Movie match is directed by J. Reed. At 5 pl the real fun will start with DJ Wreck. Battle of Jam, the 4 play at nine and 9:30 Flurry mix are included in this program. Sunday to Thursday evening a special program is placed to entertain the listeners which are Art Laboe. The Baka Boyz are also there to make the Sunday evening beautiful.


If you are a music lover then KKXX offers you the Bakersfield’s best hit music. Top 40 CHR is the theme of this station also. 93.1 MHz is the FM frequency. Now a question may arise what is the difference in this station. You can hear various youth-related music here. The morning show is conducted by JohnJay and Rich, the afternoon events are conducted by Drewski and Kalyna.


107.1 FM frequency is the address of this channel. Real Country is branding this radio station. The format of this station is country talks and Classical music presentation. They have affiliations of ABC news. On 18th October 1989, they have started their journey from this station. They are still airing their programs daily on their channel.

According to research, it has been seen that the people of Bakersfield are too many music lovers. So most of the Bakersfield Radio Stations offer music-related events. But without news and daily updates, life will stop. So here I have mentioned selective names of music stations which will help you to enjoy music and news both.

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