Best Alternative Radio Stations

Alternative radio stations created havens for the music buffs that desire for tunes distinct from the regular- rock bands. Performers like LinkinPark, Avril Lavigne and Heather Nova, raised the bar for the fans with their authentic style of singing and lyrics.


KEXP-FM is an Alternative Radio Station located in Seattle Washington at frequency 90.3MHz. It is maintained by the Friends of KEXP and plays songs and tunes from the latest varieties like rock, funk, hip-hop, remix, Blues, and Pacific Northwest music.
⦁ The channel started producing the shows from 1972 as KCMU.
⦁ IN 2001, KCMU changed to KEXP after it joined a partnership with Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project.
Popular artist
⦁ DJ Michel Meyers
⦁ Cheryl Waters
Popular shows
⦁ Audioasis
⦁ Expansions


KNDD is a radio station availed to the people living in the Seattle metropolitan area at the frequency of 107.7 MHz FM. The studio is located in Seattle Washington and is owned by the Entercom communications. The slogan of the FM is “Alternative, Seattle”. The station is known for playing rock music, peppy disco, and club numbers. 
⦁ KNDD was named as KRAB when it started its shows on September 15th, 1962.
⦁ In the Year 1996, Entercom bought the radio station.
Popular artists
⦁ Scott Geiger
⦁ Jai Rodrigues
Popular shows
⦁ The Morning End
⦁ The Adam Corolla Show


BBC radio6 Music is a widely listened music digital station, controlled by the BBC. It is popular for playing the punk- rock, post-punk, and hardcore punk that is adored by the fresher generations. One of the famous slogans of BBC6 is, “The Place for the Best Alternative Music”. It is accessible on Freeview and DAB radio. 
⦁ BBC6 started working from March 2002, and the shows were presented by Phill Jupitus.
⦁ The radio station was thought to become a digital platform with the name Network Y in October 2000.
⦁ In 2010, the rumors of closing the radio station were penned down by the BBC trust.
Popular artists
⦁ Nemone
⦁ Marc Riley
Popular shows
⦁ Saturday Morning show
⦁ Mary Anne Hobbs’s Show


KIITS radio station is availed to the people living in San Francisco Bay Area at 105.3MHz frequency. Its studio is located in San Francisco, while KIITS is owned by Entercom Company. “Bay’s areas Alternative” is the famous slogan for the KIITS radio station. It plays post-punk and hard-core punk that’s heavy on guitars and similar to bands like Nirvana but enjoyed by the gen Z. 
⦁ KIITS was earlier known as KBCO which came into existence in 1959 December.
⦁ In 1983, the radio station was renamed as KITS and played the top 40 hit songs.
⦁ In 1986, the radio station started playing only the peppy rock numbers.
⦁ Its owner Entercom sold the radio station to CBS radio in 1997.
⦁ In 2017, the CBS Radio made Entercom its partner in KIITS.
Popular artists
⦁ Steve Masters
⦁ Keven Klein 
Popular shows
⦁ Kevin Klein Live
⦁ Kevin and Bean Show


KBZT is an alternative radio station available to the people living in San Diego, California at 94.9MHz frequency. The studio is located in San Diego and is maintained pompously by Entercom. The slogan that excites the audience in San Diego’s Alternative. The station is eminently known for playing the jazzy rock composition which was an obsession during the ’80s and the ’90s. 
Popular Artists
⦁ Jeff Elliot
⦁ Jerry St. James
Popular Shows
⦁ The Fan
⦁ The Machine


WKQX is availed by the people living in the Chicago Metropolitan area at 101.1 MHz. The studio is located in Chicago Illinois, and its pride holders are the Cumulus firm. The station is prevalent for playing alternative rock that was prominent during the wonderful years of the 1970’s and 1980s.
⦁ The station started airing its shows form 1948 and was called WMAQ-FM.
⦁ IN 1966, the station started playing sweet conventional music.
⦁ In 2018 WKQX was bought by Cumulus Media.
Popular Artists     
⦁ Joel Sebastian
⦁ Dr. Ruth Westheimer
⦁ Robert Murphy
Popular Shows
⦁ Local 101
⦁ The Morning Fix
⦁ Sexually Speaking with Dr. Ruth Westheimer


KNRK is availed by the people living in the Portland metropolitan area at the frequency 94.7MHz. The slogan of the channel is “it’s different here” and is owned mostly by the prodigious Entercom Enterprise. Its studio is located in the beautiful Camas, Washington. It is extremely popular for playing the latest modern-day compositions and the hard-hitting rock of the ’80s and the ’90s.
· The show started airing its shows from November 1st, 1992
Popular artists
⦁ Stephanie Steele
⦁ Mike Chase
Popular shows
⦁ S&M
⦁ Passport approve


KVIL is a channel availed to the people living in Dallas, at the frequency of 103.7MHz. The slogan of the station is “DFW’s New Alternative” and is owned by the impressive Entercom firm. The station is known for playing the forceful rock songs of the ’70s and the ’80s as well as jazz music.
· The songs on this channel were played on from 1961.
Popular shows
· Sunday jazz brunch
Popular artists
⦁ Tempe Lindsey
⦁ Delilah 


The WNYL radio station is availed to the people living in the New York Metropolitan area at 92.3MHz. The station’s slogan is “New York’s New Alternative” and is owned by the esteemed Entercom firm. Its studio is located in the lovely city of New York. It is known for playing the hottest and topmost tracks from genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, and disco songs.
⦁ WNYL started working from December 25TH 1948 as WMCA-FM.
⦁ WNYL former owners combined with Entercom February 2017.
Popular artist
⦁ Cane Christey
⦁ Kevan Kenney
Popular shows
· Postmodern Scott Lowe 


WEQX channel is availed to the people living in Vermont and New Hampshire at 102.7 MHZ. The slogan of the radio station is “The Real Alternative”, while its owners are Northshire Communications. The channel curates a playlist of powerful and strong rock music of the ’80s and the ’90s.
· The songs from the radio station were first and foremost played in the year 1984.
Popular artists
⦁ Jeff
⦁ Ryan 
Popular shows
⦁ Coffee house
⦁ The Dead Zone

Alternative Radio Stations are catching up with the insatiable musical appetites of listeners.

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