Best Arizona Radio Stations

Listing Out Some of the Best Arizona Radio Stations

If you search the best names of Arizona Radio Stations on the internet a lot of names will appear. But selecting among them is a time-consuming job. This is why I have shared the top 10 names of Arizona Radio Stations where you can find sports, news, old and modern songs, and religious talks as well. The names are as follows.


If you hear the slogan of ‘All Talk from A to Z’ then you are in the right place. The frequency number of this channel is 1230 kHz and the translator frequency is 97.5 MHz. The basic format of this channel is to provide information related to political and public affairs and news. Debates and discussion on the various topic is also part of this. They have their affiliation with Fox News, Talk radio Networks, Dial Global, Salem Radio Network, and lots of other. Due to high traffic on this channel, so many affiliations are available here. This is the oldest radio station in Arizona.


The frequency number of this channel is 930 kHz. Almost 58 years ago in 1962, the first program was aired from this channel. The format of this channel is to provide Classic country music and talks about various political issues. Not only political, but they also offer foods, garments, and retail-related issues. News also telecasts from here due to affiliation with ABC News Radio. Adult contemporary is aired every weekday and every Sunday Classical music is aired from this station.


KCEE is also known as KEVT. KEVT is the first name when they began their airing. 690 kHz is the frequency address of this channel. In the year 1953, the first sound from this station was aired. The main theme of this station is to telecast the Christian related or more specifically religious-related talks. The cool and calm speeches in the morning will amaze you. They offer their program every day. In a religious niche, this station is best among all other Arizona Radio Stations.


If you hear the slogan- Worship Now, then you are in KAIZ. The best part of this radio station which is different from others is Christian Worship Music. 105.5 MHz is the frequency number of this channel. In the year of 1976, they first aired their program. The ownership of this station has moved from one hand to another. Frank Sinatra, Grande are some of the examples.


The slogan of this channel is The Valley’s Hit Music leader. 101.5 MHz is the frequency number of this channel. They started their journey on 5th July in 1964. Like other music stations, they also started their programs with Top 40. The continuation of this program is still going on. Besides, Sports news, talks, dance, and EDM are also part of this channel. LGBTQ is another attraction is available here. They also aired a program of Adult Album Alternatives which is known as The Zone. Hot Talks, Frosty, The Tom Leykis, The Adam Carolla Show, and Rock music were telecasted from here. Shop Boyz conducted a program called Party Like a Rockstar. The names have been changed but the programs are still going on and still entertain the people of Arizona.


This station offers regional Mexican news and updates. The language of transmission is Spanish. Turn your frequency slider on 1540 kHz and you will be on this channel. KASA Radio Higher is the current owner of this channel. First, this Station was built at Epk city in 1966. At first, religious talks and speeches were given through this channel. Almostv4 stations were attached to this one station. At the end of 1990, the language of this channel switched from English to Spanish. From 2018, they shave arranged La Indiscreta FM again due to public demand.


Now if you are interested in here the sports news as well then KATO is there for you. 1230 kHz is the frequency number of this channel. On May 5th, 1961, the first sound was aired from this station. The ownership of this station goes to Reed Richmond after McQuade and McMurray. High school sports including college and national level basketball and football programs are being telecasted from this place. News and regional updates are also provided from here.


88.9 MHz is the frequency number of this channel. News and Sports related talk is the main theme of this channel. But one special feature is they provide public radio means they are offering the public to tell something that they want to telecast. Apart from these Classical hit music and
Jazz programs are part of this station’s daily life. National Public Radio and Public Radio International are two great programs are offered by them.


The ’80s and 90’s music are offered by a lot of radio stations but have you ever listened to the music of ’50s and ’60s? I think no. Then this station is there for you. 92.7 MHz is the station code for this channel. They have started their journey since 1956 as KPOK. RCS System Feed is there to offer you the music of your choices. Arizona Gold presents the brand new entertaining show which is 14 in a Row. Every day from 11 am to 1 pm the food-related event ‘Culinary Confession’ is being aired by Kim and Don. Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 10 am, the sports-related talks ‘The Positive Side, Sports and Entertainment’ is being aired.


88.1 MHz is the station code of this channel. The interesting part is they have no specific Program in their schedule. But every morning you can have religious speeches and talks to calm your soul. But anytime you on this channel, you can have funny talks, news updates, and songs for entertainment. They never make sorry their listeners. Vic Michael is the current owner of this station.

These are all about the best Arizona Radio Stations. In the above-mentioned 10 radio stations, you can have all the necessary programs behind the reasons for turning on the radio. I hope I have guided you well.

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