Best Caribbean Radio Stations

Best 10 Caribbean Radio Stations

The Caribbean is a very famous place in radio stations. If you search in Google about that I am sure a lot of results will come. But here I have shared the top 10 Caribbean Radio Stations which has included pop, hip hop music, rap, rock, and religious talks with news and sports update. The names are mentioned below.


This radio station is considered as the best adult radio station in Tortola. The programs are broadcasting through all over the Eastern Caribbean. The station was first built and aired the first performance in 1965. If you put your frequency on 780 KHz in AM then you can have the fun of this channel. Adult contemporary only shows available here.

Helen FM

The frequency of this station is 103.5 MHz. The station was activated since 1994. But the program schedule has been different at that time. From 1994nto 1999, the programs on this channel were aired only at the weekends. But after 1999, the programs were telecasted daily. Let us see the famous concerts on this channel. Clement Double C Charles, Kweyol News, Leve Ste. Lucie, News 45, Helen FM Sports news, Shawn, Tony Paul, Death Announcement, En Hall La, and Caribbean Rhythms are the shows here. A suitable combination of sports, news, and music can be found here.


This radio station offers a platform to show the talents from various corners of the Caribbean. A lot of singers, artists, vocalists, and famous DJ personalities started their journey by doing performances here. 101.1 MHz is the frequency number of this channel. You can say this channel is an opportunity for artists than any other Caribbean Radio Stations. Live concerts, DJs from international Fields, and exhibitions of culture and talks are daily programs. Here are the names of the week’s top 5 music according to their chart – Feel the love by DJ Ryan, Dear Promoter, Play Harder by Machel Montano, Carry on by Patrice Roberts and Love and Reggae by Collie Buddz.

Vibes Radio

This radio station mainly fulfills the demand of its listeners. They play the music of the listener’s choice. The popular programs of this channel are urban, pop, hip hop, and r n b music. The programs are telecasting Roseau, Dominica, and international kinds of music also. The frequency number of this channel is 99.5.

Fire FM

91.5 MHz is the frequency of this radio station. The Nerve Radio Group was the first name of this channel. David and Emily in the morning and Max Hailey, James, and Dan Lodge are the full-time performers of this station. Ross EB, Micheal Artwell, Jay Ratchett, Jon Langford, and Jez William were the famous DJs who were continuously entertaining the people of the Caribbean. So from history, you can know what the main issue of this station. The station has named Fire FM after The NRG and The Fire. First, the ownership of this station was to The Local Radio Company. But now the owner of this Station is Bauer Radio. So if you hear the slogan like ‘You are on Fire’ or ‘Today’s Music’ then you are in the right place.

Vibe CT

105.1 MHz is the frequency number of this Station. Every day of this Station starts with the slogan ‘The Nation’s Station’. Music is the main format of this Station. Primarily Soca, Retro Music, Calypso, and R&B are the other top programs here. Sports live stream, culture talks with business, and news are also telecasted from here. And at the end DJs are also available here to complete your day. The famous DJs in this station are, Kaotic, Kurt Williams, Chris Boynes, and Sugar Daddie.


96.9 MHz is the frequency address of this channel. The format of this channel is mainly upon religious talks and the Caribbean gospel. The station has made recently. On 28th August 2003, the first program was aired through this station. St. John, St. Thomas are the owner of this channel and according to them the name of this channel is decided. They have started to air religious and Christian talks to blow the mind of the people of the Caribbean.


The Virgin Islands Reggae authority is the slogan of its channel. Caledonia Communication Corporation is the present owner of this channel. Reggae is the music format of airing through this studio. 100.3 MHz is the frequency code for this channel. Caribbean Hits, Mean, and Busspipe are three main programs that made this station an iconic one. Dance Hall, Soca, and Calypso have been played through this station. Because of these programs, the name of this channel has changed into The Soul Of The Caribbean.


This channel is quite interesting for them who just loves to turn the radio on and listen to whatever is going on there. This radio is not stopped within the news, they also telecast music, sports updates, live stream commentary of baseball and football, Gospel, country talks and discussions about public and political issues. 1620 kHz is the station code of this channel. The Caribbean Powerhouse is another name of this channel. dLife Diabetes Minute is the best program of this station. On 7th February 2002, the first program was aired through this channel.

Radio Caribbean International

This station was established in the year 1961. This station is the oldest of all. The station is located at Saint Lucia. First, this station was under Sofirad but now the ownership has changed to Martinique. News and sports-related update with weather reports and traffic reports are being done here. At midnight, music concerts are also available here to entertain the people of the Caribbean.

These are the top 10 Caribbean Radio Stations which will offer you the best programs in the Caribbean. If you search the names on the internet, you can find a lot of stations but most of them are irregular in streaming. This is why I have placed some names here which will give you the maximum fun during leisure. I hope I have guided you to the best result.

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