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C’ Ville is the short form and colloquial name for Charlottesville which is the city of Virginia State in the United States of America. The reason for this named is Charlotte Sophia who was a great consort to England King George III. This Charlottesville is the place for the upcoming dazzling things such as; best town for foodies, favorite mountain town for the travelers, best college town, and also the happiest and healthiest city for the people. Love and Music is the base to humans’ lives so, for the happiest city, there is the role of music is inevitable. Yes, the charlottesville radio stations have been playing this role of contribution to the people of the city with its as much as effort. Yeah, and I am sure, in this article, people may get some facts about the part of radio stations.

Pinnacle history and the radio musical background of the C’ Ville

Charlottesville has the great radio station named WINA which was the grandfather station to all the other stations. It was started in 1949 with the format of sports news, talk shows, and general news which was the broadcasted radio station got licensed one. In the initial stage, it was started with 1000 watts for both day and night by the Saga Communications. This was the first and foremost radio station that is running even today C’ Ville. But some of the people of the sixties and seventies had known that WCHV was the primary station to its followers. And so this WINA was considered as the second radio station of Charlottesville, for this reach they have done many advertisements with the brand name of ‘The WINA’ which means winner. In the year of 1951, it was obtained by liberty systems of broadcasting. Then it was well-settled in the format of music, network programs, news of the middle centuries, and so on. The impact was in WINA which has changed the frequency twice times. At the initial stage, it just accessed only the 250 watts but after the two years, it was developed for 1400 watts in a day. This Charlottesville station was also combined with another one WJMA at the year of 1958 but that was sold after the four years in 1961. In the mid of 1970, this was turned and under the control of Virginia network and the news bulletins for the sports of the Virginia people. In the year of 1991 was still the peak rated station in C’ Ville was WINA though it was having many FM competitors and sisters stations.

The most important radio stations in C’ Ville

The city C’ Ville is the great city for the support to enrich the field of the radio industry, which was the greater source of fun and happiness in my school days. Here are some famous stations and the programs and its timings and all.
The initial station of Charlottesville is WWWV- 97.5 FM which was branded as 97.53wv with the slogan of Iconic Rock and also, everything that rocks. This station was started in the year 1960 which is in the format of Classic rock this station was owned by Saga Communications. This station was initiated with the name of WCCV-FM, which also mainly focuses on the musical genre especially the classical genre of music. This format is for the adult alternative albums and also adult contemporaries. This station provides the news of the sports filed and differentiated the modern rock and the classic rock. It has the sister stations called WVAX, WINA and WENR, and so on.
The second station of C’ Ville is WNRN- 91.9 FM which was the station initiated with the slogan of Listener-supported independent music radio with the format of AAA which stands for adult album alternatives. It was served as the central radio station for the Virginia state people. The first station was started in the year of 1996 in the name of WANJ until getting the construction for this especially to make it a non-commercial station. In this station, the most famous shows are World Café, Bluegrass Sunday, and The Grateful Dead with the power of 320 watts and the famous hosts are Mike, Anne-Williams, and so on.

The next station is called WCNR- 106.1 FM which was considered as or branded as 106-1 the corner. This radio station was initiated in 1991 with the format of Adult album alternatives with 600 watts. It was started with the slogan of Different is good. This station was started in 1988 in the name of WJNA and this was changed in 1991 as WBOP but after the two transformations, the mainstream rock came with the format of 106.3 WBOP. The famous programs of the station are different and decent, good to read at all. This station was arranged some other radio ratings in a single year, so there was a huge issue was going on so.

The fourth station is WHTE-101.9 FM this station was officially branded as the Hot 101.9 FM which was started in the year 1990 with the power of 6000 watts. The format of this station was contemporary hit radio which will focus on the old songs and all. The primary station was called as WXZY in the year 1989, after the two years exactly, 1992 it changed as WVSY which had a frequency of Y101.9. All of them had a common format of adult alternatives but provided the rhythmic oldies. The sister stations were WKAV, WCHV, and WEYK.

The fifth station is WCYK- 99.7 FM which was branded in the name of 99.7 CYK in the year of 1984 with the 3300 watts. As per the history of this station, WANV-FM was the adult contemporary format and the motto of this station is to provide the oldies/hits music for the people. But the fact is it was again changed as WVAO-FM for the country format. The famous host and DJs are George Reed, Hitkicker 99-7, but all the programs are mainly created and providing the news and music from the oldies which could easily attract the elder people.


The C’ Ville is one of the stylish names while comparing it with the full name of Charlottesvilleaj Basically, the people of C’ Ville will easily attract by the single visit of charlottesville radio stations and history side of the radio industry. By the way, as I mentioned at the beginning of an article, the support of people for the radio stations is to become a source of happiness to the people.

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