Best Cleveland Radio Stations

10 Best Cleveland Radio Stations

A car ride without tuning in to the radio seems incomplete. Radio is great for discovering new music and listening to some songs when you’re indecisive and don’t know what you want to listen to. Various playlists curated by the DJs can introduce you to new music, new artists and add to your existing collection of music. It is also a great way of catching up on news and what’s going on around you. Here are 10 Cleveland radio stations you should listen to today.

WNCX 98.5

WNCX is broadcasting in a classic rock format. This radio station is branded as ‘98.5 WNCX’ and its slogan is ‘Cleveland’s Classic Rock’. It is owned and operated by Entercom. It is affiliated to the Cleveland Browns Radio Network. It went on air for the first time 71 years ago, on October 23, 1948. This radio station is also available online at
⦁ Went on air in 1948 as WERE FM.
⦁ Changed to WGCL in 1970 with Top 40 format.
⦁ Call letter changed to WNCX in 1986.
⦁ Switched to classic hits format in 1987.
⦁ The All Request Saturday Night
⦁ The Beatles Years
⦁ Time Warp
On-air personalities-
⦁ Bill Louis
⦁ Michael Stanley

WMMS 100.7

WMMS is one of the radio stations, which broadcasts at the FM frequency of 100.7. It is a commercial radio station of the active rock format. This radio station is owned and operated by iHeart Media and is available online through iHeart Radio.
⦁ Broadcasting on 100.7 first started in 1946 as WHK FM.
⦁ Call sign changed to WMMS in 1968.
⦁ Switched to album-oriented rock format in 1973.
⦁ Shifted to alternative rock format in 1994.
⦁ Adopted active rock format in 1997.
⦁ Rover’s Morning Glory
⦁ The Alan Cox Show
⦁ The Sunday Sanitarium
⦁ The Rock Report

WRUW 91.1

WRUW is broadcasting at 91.1 FM frequency. This is a non-commercial, educational college/variety radio station. It is owned by Case Western Reserve University and is operated by its students.
⦁ Fat Monday
⦁ In the Groove
⦁ Metal Meltdown
⦁ Jamaica Way
⦁ Hardly Music
⦁ It’s about Justice

WQAL 104.1

WQAL is broadcasting at the frequency of 104.1. It is a commercial radio station of hot adult contemporary format. Owned by Entercom, it is branded as ‘Q104.1.’ The slogan of this radio station says ‘Plays the Hits!’ Its first air date was 72 years ago, in April 1948. Timeline-
⦁ Began in April 1948 as WJW FM.
⦁ Call sign changed to WCJW in 1968, with a country music format.
⦁ Changed call sign to WQAL in 1971.
⦁ Adopted hot AC format in 1991.
⦁ Jeremiah Widmer
⦁ Morgan Wright
⦁ Kelly McMann
⦁ The Jeremiah Show
⦁ Top 20 Cleveland Countdown
⦁ Top 30 Countdown with Carson Daly

WDOK 102.1

This has the 102.1 FM frequency. It is branded as ‘Cleveland’s Star 102’ and the slogan says ‘Today’s hits, Yesterday’s favorites.’
⦁ Began in 1954 as WDOK FM.
⦁ Adopted Top 40 format in 1965.
⦁ In mid 1980s, shifted to soft rock music format.
⦁ Shifted to mainstream AC format in 2012.
⦁ Jen Toohey and Tim Richards
⦁ Liz Campbell
⦁ Glenn Anderson
⦁ Chelsea Lyons

WENZ 107.9

WENZ is a broadcasting frequency of 107.9. It is commonly known as ‘Z107.9’ and its slogan is ‘Cleveland’s Blazin’ Hip Hop and R&B.’ It is a commercial mainstream urban radio owned by Radio One. The first air date of this radio station is April 5, 1958.
⦁ Debuted in 1958 as WNOB.
⦁ Changed to WELW in 1970, with Top 40 format before switching to country music.
⦁ Shifted to disco format as WDMT in 1975.
⦁ Changed to WPHR in 1987 with Top 40/CHR format.
⦁ Adopted alternative rock format in 1992 as WENZ.
⦁ Switched to mainstream urban format in 1999.
⦁ Morning Hustle
⦁ HeadKrack
⦁ The Break Room
⦁ The Day Party
⦁ Ro Digga
⦁ Matty Willz
⦁ DJ Steph Floss

WGAR 99.5

WGAR is a radio station with an FM frequency of 99.5. Popularly known as ‘99.5 WGAR’, it is a commercial country music radio station, with the slogan ‘Cleveland’s #1 for New Country.’ It is owned and operated by iHeart Media. It aired for the first time 67 years ago, in August 1952.
⦁ Debuted in 1952 as WGAR FM.
⦁ Call sign changed to WNCR with progressive rock format in 1970.
⦁ Changed to country format as WKSW in 1973.
⦁ Call sign changed to WGAR FM.
⦁ Steve Wazz
⦁ LeeAnn Sommers
⦁ Carletta Blake
⦁ The Bobby Bones Show
⦁ Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40
⦁ CMT after Midnite with Cody Alan.

WKRK 92.3

WKRK is a Cleveland radio station with an FM frequency of 92.3. It is a commercial sports radio station based in Cleveland, Ohio. It is affiliated to CBS Sports Radio and Cleveland Browns Radio Network. It is available to listen online at It is popularly known as ‘Sports Radio 92.3 The Fan.’
⦁ Started in 1947 as WSRS FM.
⦁ Changed to WJMO in 1959.
⦁ Changed to WCUY in 1960.
⦁ Changed to WLYT in 1971.
⦁ Switched to oldies, AOR, Top 40, disco formats between 1971 to 1980.
⦁ Changed to pop/new wave music format in 1983 as WRQC.
⦁ Changed to WJMO in 1990.
⦁ Changed to WZJM in 1994 with rhythmic CHR format.
⦁ Switched to active rock format in 2001 as WXTM.
⦁ Changed to WKRK in 2006.
⦁ Ken Carman
⦁ Anthony Lima
⦁ Andy Baskin
⦁ Jeff Phelps
⦁ CBS Sports Radio
⦁ After Hours with Amy Lawrence
⦁ Bull & Fox
⦁ Cleveland Browns NFL Draft Preview Show

WMJI 105.7

It is Popularly known as ‘Majic 105.7’, it is owned by iHeart Media. Its slogan says ‘Cleveland’s Classic Hits.’ It is licensed in Cleveland and broadcasts in areas like Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. This radio station is available online to listen to iHeart Radio.
⦁ Founded by NBC in 1948 as WTAM FM.
⦁ Changed to KYW in 1956.
⦁ Changed to WKYC in 1965.
⦁ Switched to beautiful music format as WWWM in 1972.
⦁ Switched to AC format as WJMI in 1981.
⦁ Shifted to classic hits format in 1990.

WAKS 96.5

WAKS is a commercial, contemporary hits radio (CHR) format radio station, broadcasting at 96.5 frequency. It is licensed in Akron, Ohio but serves the areas of Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Debuted as WCUE in 1958.
⦁ Switched to mellow rock format as WKDD in 1977.
⦁ Shifted to CHR format in 2001 as WAKS.
With that, we come to the end of this list. All of the above radio stations have some awesome music to be heard by you. So tune in, relax, and enjoy!

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