Best Colorado Radio Stations

List out The Best Colorado Radio Stations

Among so many Colorado Radio Stations, these 10 stations which are mentioned below are famous. You can hear pop music, modern, 80’s and 90’s music, news, sports talk, and DJ kinds of music. So let us see what is offered by them one by one.


The first program from this channel was aired on 1st October 1949. The name was KRNW at the beginning of the station. 97.3 MHz is the frequency number of this station. Dance Music, The Studio C Channel, and Adult Album Alternative which is known as AAA are the top programs of this station. The former program director of this Station was Dennis Constantine. Bob Lynch and Judy McNutt organize the programs in the morning with the help of Richard Ray and in the evening the organizer is Jon Steele. Famous DJs in this station are Keefer, Scott Arbaugh, Ginger, and Frank Bell. Other DJs are also there to entertain you.


On 24th April 1996, the station first aired its programs. The first name of this channel was KPBL. From 1988 to 2006, this channel’s main motive was to telecast sports live and telecast debates and sports talks. Now, this channel only telecast Christian Talks most of the day. The slogan has become ‘Powerful Christian Talk’. From 9 to 10 pm, Bob Dutko airs his program ‘Defending the Truth’. And another program is aired by Tony Perkins who takes the interview of leaders of different positions in the country which is famous as ‘Washington Watch’. 670 kHz is the frequency number of this station.


With the frequency of 560 kHz, this station covers all the corners of Colorado. On 10th March 1922, the first sign of this station had shown. This radio station has faced some difficulties due to world war at the beginning. This Station has an affiliation with USA Radio News. Talk is the main theme of this radio station. After passing through a lot of ownership, the present owner of this station is Crawford Broadcasting.


If you turn the frequency into 90.1 MHz then you can hear this channel. In the year of 1970, the station first aired its program. Colorado Public Radio is the branding owner of this channel. During the middle of 1990, the channel telecasted the programs for children. At that time Radio Disney gave this station a hard competition. Now after passing through various program schedules, The American Life and The World are telecasted from this station.


Their slogans are enough to understand their motive for the station. ‘Real Music Variety’ and ’80’s, 90’s, 2K, and Today’. 101.1 MHz is the frequency address of this channel. Adult contemporary with Mormon channel, this channel attracts a lot of traffic. At the beginning of this channel, 3rd March of 1968, they were continuing a music program called ‘Beautiful Music’. They have a special offer for Christmas night also. From November to December they telecast a music program to make the evening beautiful.


Talk Radio 630 KHOW is the branding owner of this channel. 630 kHz is the frequency number to hear this channel. Due to ownership of iHeartMedia, they get a lot of affiliations from ABC News Radio, Premiere Radio Networks, NBC News, Westwood One News, and Westwood One Network. In the year of 1925, this station was established. After passing through lots of names like KFXF, KVOD, finally, it has named KHOW in 1958. Ross Kaminsky operates a news program and interview session in the weekdays. Dan Caplis rules the afternoon. Tom Martino controls ‘The Troubleshooter Show’. Besides, Front Range Focus is another show which telecasts home, food, and public affairs related discussions. At the weekend Brokered Programming is aired from this channel. The national level news NBC Radio is also telecasted from here during selective hours.


99.5 MHz is the frequency number of this station. Classical kinds of music are being aired from this channel. 2005 is the first year of its start of the telecast. KVOQ and KCFR-FM are the sister stations of this channel. They first started their journey by telecasting ‘Classical Voice of Music’. If you open this channel any time, you will be pleased with great music collections by them.


On 15th December 1924, the first program was aired from this station. Through the great slogan ‘Voice of Colorado’, they keep on entertaining the whole of Colorado. 850 kHz is the frequency address of this platform. Mainly talks and discussions are the focal points of this station. In 2007, this station was awarded NAB Crystal Radio Awards. The popular show, The Black Avengers was telecasted from this place by Ken Hamblin. But now, mainly news, sports, and public affairs related debates are the main attractions of this channel.


This radio telecasted through Colorado metropolitan area. In the year 1955, the first programs were aired from this station. Colorado’s 740 KVOR is the branding owner of this channel. They have affiliations of very famous companies like Westwood One Network, Airforce Falcons, and CBS Radio News. Due to telecasting news, this channel is known as Colorado Spring Talk stations and Newsradio 740.


With the beautiful slogan, The AM Revolution, they start their journey for the day and fill the enthusiasm within their listeners. 1190 kHz is the frequency address of this channel. This is mainly a college radio station. So students and community members help this station to be a name. Freedom and daily life problems and solutions are the main topics of this channel. From the year 1998, the station becomes so much active. The University of Colorado provides funds for this channel and when necessary the station also provides funds to various needy places.

These are all about the famous Colorado radio stations which are considered as best among all. You can hear the other stations also like KTLF, KKMG, KXKL, KGNU, KMXA and so many. But the above-mentioned radio stations cover all the necessary topics for what we on our radio.

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