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The entertainment ingestion via radios has increased drastically over the years, as the young have been drawn into it too much. Country, Rock, News, Talk shows, and Contemporary music are well-known formats across the radio stations. The RJ’s are quite infectious in their hosting as they keep the listeners glued to their stimulating- clatter. Columbus radio stations have acquired the label of the most enjoyable stations through the city due to its diversity of programs available 24/7. 


WTVN is one of the prominent Columbus radio stations available to the people living in Columbus at 610 kHz frequency. There’s nothing like getting up to the freshly brewed political news, city’s weather, or sports bulletin with a panel of fervent hosts. WTVN is considered as the best news channel owned by the famous iHeart enterprises, in Columbus.
In 1922, the network aired its first radio show for the Columbus residents. 
Popular shows
⦁ The 6 pack with DaveMan
⦁ The Sean Hannity Show
⦁ The Mark Levin Show
⦁ Ron Wilson
⦁ Matt McCoy’s Sports Blog
⦁ What Matters with Mindy and Mikaela
Popular artists
⦁ Joel Riley
⦁ Glenn Beck
⦁ Rush Limbaugh
⦁ Mark Blazor


WSNY is availed to the people living in Columbus at 94.7 MHz frequency. The soft modern tracks from the 60’s era till now super impressive, and reminds us of the artists like Billy Joel, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion. Saga Company has a share in WSNY that is known for its lively musical tracks. 
In November 1948 the WSNY first ever show was aired to the people of Columbus. 
Popular shows
⦁ Bobby& Stacy in the morning
⦁ Eric Tyler
⦁ Miss Lisa
Popular artists
⦁ Dino Tripodis  
⦁ Stacy McKay   


WNCI is availed to the people living in Columbus at 97.9 MHZ frequency. It’s lovely to start the day catching up with the greatest hit songs of artists Billy Joel, henry Mancini, Eddie Rabbit, and Lionel Richie. iHeart enterprises proudly own the channel, which is the number one station for hit songs. 
The channel aired its first-ever song in 1961 for the people of Columbus. 
Popular shows      
⦁ Spin Cycle
⦁ Anna Faris Weekend Show
⦁ At 40
⦁ Club Kane
Popular artists
⦁ Joe Kelly
⦁ Chris Davis
⦁ Ryan Seacrest
⦁ Sol Tsonis
⦁ Michael McCOY


WLVQ is availed to the people living in Columbus at 96.3MHz frequency. Get back to the vintage rock days of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, and Pink Floyd as you tune into the channel. Saga Enterprises is known to be the proprietor of WLVQ in Columbus, widely known for playing the songs of The Rolling Stones and The Eagles. 
In 1977, WLVQ aired its first Eagle’s song to the people of Columbus. 
Popular shows
⦁ The Torg & Elliot Show
⦁ Kristie Kemper
⦁ Archie
Popular artists
⦁ Doug Risher
⦁ Archie 


WXZX is availed to the people living in Columbus, at 105.7MHz frequency. Bob Seger, Ozzy Osbourne, The Beach Boys, Linkin Park, and The police are the illustrious rock artists whose songs are played on WXZX. The channel is proudly maintained by the renowned iHeart enterprise.
In February 1991, the channel aired its first solo show for the lovely people of Columbus. 
Popular shows
⦁ Stacy
⦁ Daveman
⦁ Rover’s Morning Glory
Popular artists
⦁ Hooker
⦁ Chad Tyson
⦁ Mark Blazor


WBNS is availed to the people living in Columbus at 1460 kHz frequency. All the latest baseball, football, soccer, and basketball national level reporting is presented via talented hosts and ESPN at WBNS.WBNS must be on the favorite list, as the fans can catch the current sports updates. 
In 1922, the channel aired its first program to the people of Columbus. 
Popular shows
⦁ Carpenter & Rothman
⦁ Common Man & T Bone
⦁ The Buckeye Show
⦁ Freddie& Fitzsimmons
Popular artists
⦁ Bobby Carpenter
⦁ Anthony Rothman


WRKZ is availed to the people living in Columbus at 99.7 MHz frequency. The music is all about the imminent rock performers like Papa Roach, Three Days Disgrace, Gun’s and Roses, and Jimi Hendrix who are heartthrobs for the millions across the world. North American broadcasting firm maintains the channel, due to which it has become the number one destination for the rock admirers. 
In 1962, WRKZ played its first musical show for the radio listeners. 
Popular shows
⦁ Loper and Randi
⦁ Roni Hunter 
⦁ Tess
Popular artists
⦁ Baker
⦁ Justice
⦁ Kirsch


WVMX is availed to the people living in Columbus at 107.9 MHz frequency. The mesmerizing soundtracks of Pink, Adele, Kate Perry, Taylor Swift, Goo Goo Dolls, and Avril Lavigne are aired for the music lovers. Saga Enterprises famously holds the channel that is known for playing the hit singles in Columbus.  
In 1991, WVMX aired its first poplar show for its radio listeners. 
Popular artists
⦁ Deuce’
⦁ Carson Daly
Popular shows
⦁ Weekends on air
⦁ Michelle
⦁ Kelly keys


WZCB is availed to the people living in Columbus at 106.7 MHz frequency. The groovy and hip numbers of Akon, Snoop Dog, Florida, Ciara, Pitbull, Ne-Yo, and Rihanna are the curated playlist on this channel. iHeart Company proudly airs the channel, that is widely popular among the Columbus musical fans. 
In April 1953, the channel aired its first show to the radio lovers. 
Popular shows
⦁ Breakfast club
⦁ T Roy
Popular artists
⦁ Roxy Romeo
⦁ Papa Keith
⦁ Kylie Santillian


WCOL-FM is availed to the people living in Columbus at 92.3 MHz frequency. Sweet, simple and nostalgic tunes of the ’50s and ’60s of George Jones, Elvis Presley, Little Joe, and Chuck Berry are the playlists on the station. 
In 1948, WCOL-FM aired its first-ever most show to the radio listeners. 
Popular shows
⦁ Joe Kelly
⦁ Andy Clark
Popular artists
⦁ Woody Johnson
⦁ Marty Scott

Currently, radios have reformed themselves well to fit in with the interest of the generation. Internet radio has caught up with the folks, who listen to the latest Justin Bieber or Cardi B tracks. Listening to radio is a hassle-free job, as plugins like wire or antenna are not required. Columbus radio stations have a huge audience that eagerly waits for their type of shows like Sean Hannity Show or At 40 with ardent interest.

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