Best Denver Radio Stations

Top 5 Best Denver Radio Stations

In the United States, there are so many states and cities, each of them known for their unique characteristics but the state Colorado was engrossed in the richness through its capital Denver. Yes, Denver is a city of sunshine, diverse neighborhoods, the most thriving cultural sceneries and the world’s most spectacular location of natural beauty. Life is all fun and happiness, so music without fun is worthless. That worthiness has been holding by the people through the denver radio stations. Yes, the radio station in this city has been delighting the people and always basking with music. This Denver having the Rocky for ski-dives which feel like flying from the huge mountain ranges to the lands. That was the awesome city with massive experience of happiness and excitement also with live-music from radio stations. In this article, we are going to see the massive radio stations in Denver.

Origin of the Journey of Radio Musical Expansion

Every kind of industry has an experimental stage to evaluate their level of excellence. Likewise, in the state of Colorado also have experiment the first broadcasting station in 1922 in the name of KLZ. It was organized to Reynolds Radio Company in the city of Denver, but it was started in 1919 itself. This primary station takes up a special kind of transmitter which only could the Morse code’s dots and dashes. Due to the effect of first World War I, the amateur stations was banned and also this KLZ was moved subsequently towards the state Colorado, there it was relicensed as 9JE which the call sign of at present radiofrequency. At the time, there was an immense development in the radio industry which is vacuum tube transmitters which will make the audio transmissions the practical one. In the year of 1920, they have started the musical selections for dance and concerts and it was announced in newspapers too. In the initial time, KLZ has never followed any restrictions but after that, it comes under the department of commerce and so they have fixed some regulations to do before going on air. The next development of KLZ was, they have gotten the permission to broadcast through two frequencies. Such as, up to the 360 meters which means 833 kHz, this broadcast for entertainment purposes and another one was up to the 485 meters which means 619 kHz this was for the weather reports and market reports.

Eminent radio stations for the Denver people are

As I explained the history of KLZ, after the 19th century there are so many radio stations were emerged in Colorado. Every station has an interesting history and background, specialties and so on. Though we have reached so many successful stages in our life, we should not forget that where we have started and where the seed was cultivated. Yes, the above KLZ became the role model to all the advanced levels of radio frequencies and stations of Colorado’s capital. Here, we are going to know the best radio stations which have been delighting the ears of the Denver people.

The first station is KRFX- 103.5 FM which was started in 1961 in the name of KOA-FM with the slogan of Denver’s Classic Rock. Yes, as in the slogan they are providing the classic rock music which will be very delightful to the old-age people, added that they have conducted some talk shows in it with crispy and hot issues of Denver. Its transmitter was located at the top of the great mountain of Lookout with a highly radiated power of 100000 watts. The famous hosts are Rick Lewis with Kathy Lee, Mike Evans with Tom Mettier. The famous DJs of this radio station are Susie Wargin, Shark and Gregg Stone and also they have conducted some games with its sister station KOA-850 AM.

The next radio station is KCFR-90.1 FM it was the station organized in 1970 by the great Colorado Public Radio and it was a stimulator of some FM and AM radio stations all over the Denver city and also the Colorado state. Its first stimulated radio station is KPRE-89.9 FM which leads to carrying another station name KVOD-88.1 FM which was also in Denver and especially for Classical music. This radio station and its stimulated stations are providing the Moring
Edition for the morning sessions and This American Life for evening sessions and they are simultaneously providing the daily interview in the name of Colorado Matters.

The third famous radio station is KYGO- 98.5 FM it was the great secondary Emergency Alert station and system of the state Colorado. This radio station provides the high definition radio frequencies and format and so they have broadcasts the classic country music which means the classic music of the United States. It was the earliest radio station because it was started in 1953 itself in the name of KFML-FM, it has signed on after the sunset which sense, the evening sessions. The classic music is their base and so there are no chances for the DJs even in the annual events.

The fourth station is called KALC- 105.9 FM which was started in 1965 in the name of KBPI and it was branded in the name of Alice – 105.9 in 1994. It was a commercial station for hot adult contemporary with a slogan of Real life and Real Music. They have provided the great live-music for all the age and they have better hosts and DJs too such as, Gregg Thunder, Slacker, Shea Baker, Bo Reynolds, and Jennifer Wilde. In the HD channel field, there are some shows which are oriented with talk and dance format of shows, the name is Channel Q.

The fifth popular radio station is KBCO97.3 FM which was initiated in 1949 in the name of KRNW. In 1977 they have changed to KBCO-FM which is in the format of AAA which stands for adult album alternatives. It was organized for World-Class Rock music, as it is in the slogan they have been providing the rock music to the people through CDs. They have supported DJs for the hosts who were carrying the Sundays with non-commercial shows. The popular DJs are Singer, Scott Arbaugh, Bret Saunders, Keefer, and Frank Bell. The Sunday Shows by Helen Foster and Nick who were also talking about the environmental issues while on air.


All the above radio stations were properly listed by the records of Nov 2019 in the way of rating by the people and providing the new non-commercial and adult alternative albums for the people and so on. So without any doubts, these denver radio stations were occupied the huge vital space in the hearts and ears of the Colorado state and Denver city people.

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