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Have you ever wondered what would happen to us if there is no entertainment on our daily diet? We might as well be zombies, walking on the streets mindlessly. It’s no secret, that we gulp unlimited stuff on the internet and phones, to gratify the inner hunger. Gainesville radio stations offer a well-planned buffet of talk shows, contemporary songs, godly evangelization’s, rustic tunes, and comedy jiffies through an enthusiastic host. 


One of the famous Gainesville radio stations is the WRUF-FM availed to the people living in Gainesville and Ocala. You can tuck into your blankets at your leisure, and listen to the easy-going countryside songs. The popular channel is owned by the renowned University of Florida, who is a fan of the local sweet music.
· The channel was introduced to the people in 1948.
Popular shows
⦁ Big Time with Britney Allen
⦁ Country Countdown the USA
⦁ Florida’s New Country
⦁ Bobby Bone’s Countdown
Popular Artists
⦁ Jessie 
⦁ Becky D
⦁ Allie
⦁ Whitney Allen


WTMN radio station is availed to the people living in Florida, Ocala, and Gainesville at 1430 kHz frequency. In today’s world of ambiguity and distress, one needs some kind of spiritual anchoring. The mystical Shepherd radio as it’s called offers lessons and talks from the Holy Bible to lead a bountiful life.  
The channels started giving the spiritual dialogues and programs from 1990 to January.
Popular shows
⦁ In touch
⦁ The Alternative
⦁ Experiencing real life
⦁ All things new
Popular artists
⦁ Dr. Charles Stanley
⦁ Dr. Tony Evans
⦁ Dr. James Dobson


WOGK is availed to the people living in Gainesville, Florida, and Ocala at 93.7 MHz. The urban folks get a daily amount of curated collection of deep-rooted rustic tunes that were a smasher once upon a time. The proud owners are the Saga Enterprises that are country music enthusiasts. 
· Listeners got a flavor of WOGK’s lovely playlists in 1960.
Popular Artists
⦁ Lewis Stokes
⦁ Rachel
⦁ Big Red
Popular Shows
⦁ The Mr. Bob Morning Show
⦁ Weekend Warriors
⦁ Homepage with Kathy Dugan
⦁ Midnight Oil


WHHZ is availed to the people living in Gainesville at 100.5MHz frequency. Youths adore performers like Nirvana, Coldplay, Linkin Park, and Imagine Dragons whose creative compositions have raised the bar of contemporary music. The channel is in the hand of MARC enterprises that promote the immortal alternative music via WHHZ. 
Listeners acquired the first taste of the songs from 1994 November
Popular artists
⦁ Ashley O
⦁ Kevin McKay
Popular shows
⦁ Ashley O
⦁ Kevin McKay


WTMG is availed to the people living in Gainesville, Florida, and Ocala at 101.3 MHz frequency. The RJ’s hosting is infectious as they play the hottest hit songs of Rihanna, Drake or Pitbull to its listeners. The channel is in the safe hands of MARC enterprises that proudly holds the show. 
· The ageless songs of the 60 and 70’ were first played on the FM in 1983. 
Popular artists
⦁ Vinny Foo
⦁ Nick Vidal
⦁ Eric Vida
⦁ DJ Envy
Popular shows
⦁ Baka Boyz Hip-Hop master Mix
⦁ Fatman Scoop with Full Throttle Radio
⦁ The Breakfast club
⦁ 5’o clock traffic Jam


WXJS is availed to the people living in Gainesville, Florida, and Ocala at 100.9 MHz frequency. A lot of us are ardent fans of Elton John, Madonna, Bon Jovi, and Whitney Houston who have mesmerized us with their vocals and their style. Classics songs are all about the extra oomph, flair, and attitude and WXJZ knows it well. The MARC enterprises have capitalized wisely in the radio station seeing the popularity of the classics tunes. 
Since 1982, classic tunes were frequently played on WXJZ.
Popular shows
⦁ Afternoon With Larry
⦁ Alexa Play Classic Hits 100.9
Popular artists
· Larry Wilson


WMOP is availed to the people living in Gainesville Ocala, and Florida at 900KHZ frequency. If you consider yourself as the sports buff, then you should not miss the shows on the channel. The frequency is owned by the great Sports Talk Florida.
· In 1953, the first show was aired on WMOP.
Popular shows
⦁ Sports Scene
⦁ Sunshine Dateline
Popular artists
⦁ Jack Cowden
⦁ Larry Vettel 


WYKS is availed to the people living in Gainesville, Florida, and Ocala at 105.3 MHz. it’s always nice to get drowned to the quixotic tune Closer (Chainsmokers), or Donna Lewis I love you always forever. The RJ’s play contemporary music by Rihanna, Drake, Pink, and Taylor Swift that are etched in our thoughts throughout the day. 
· Lovely songs were aired on the channel since 1970.
Popular shows
· Weekends American top 40
Popular artist
⦁ Casey Kasem
⦁ Ryan Seacrest


WPLL is availed to the people living in Gainesville and Florida at 106.9MHz frequency. if you are a fan of Alan Jackson and John Denver style of sweet and sensitive country music, WPLL is the destination. MARC are the proud owners of the WPLL who have initiated interest in promoting the old classical music. 
· In 1987, WPLL started playing the beautiful tunes to the listeners. 
Popular shows
⦁ Swap shop with Eric
⦁ Livin large morning show
⦁ Kenny wall
⦁ The music professor 
Popular artists
⦁ Dr. Jeff Davis Bellamy
⦁ Kenny Wall
⦁ Kalie Baldry


WSKY-FM is availed to the people living in Gainesville, Ocala, and Florida at 97.3 MHz frequency. If you love news concerning current affairs, budget, and political issues, WSKY FM is the top destination. 
In 1985, the channel aired its first show to its listeners. 
Popular Shows
⦁ Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
⦁ This morning America first news
⦁ Brian Kilmeade Show
⦁ Rush Limbaugh Show
⦁ Sean Hannity Show
⦁ Mark Lewin Show
⦁ Ben Shapiro
⦁ Bob rose show with Greg Cassidy
Popular artists
⦁ Sean Hannity
⦁ Rush Limbaugh
⦁ Mark Levin
⦁ Bob Rose

Radios are no longer an alien device as it has gained millions of friends all over the world with its versatility. Grab in the opportunity to find a therapist, sports expert, DJ, and a comedian at Gainesville radio stations for free. You just require a pair of ear pods and a perfect comfy place to enjoy the amazing stuff on air.

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