10 Best Mark Levin Radio Stations

Mark Levin is the lawyer, author, and radio personality in America. He worked as an administrator for President Ronald Ragon. He is considered as the best talker and a prominent author for in 2016, he declared himself as ‘NEVER TRUMP’ but reluctantly endorsed him after he won the Republican nomination.
All those who are interested in the news, current affairs, and the debates, are the best. Because of his experience in the field and his qualifications, his reactions and expertise are the most admired by all. The Mark Levin radio stations are one of the most widely accepted news talk radio stations and the most trusted as well. Let us have a look at the best 10 Mark Levin radio stations you should listen to today.

WABC Radio Stations

It is the commercial talk radio station in New York City. It is owned by a red media society. Its host is Mark Levin and John Batchelor. It is the New York City affiliate for Westwood one news and Red eye radio. It is owned by the American Broadcasting Company. Its shows include the Brain Kilmeade show and the Bernie and Sid in the Morning.


Its broadcast area is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It originally airs adult standards format and plays rhythm and blues music. It airs popular shows like Dr. Bop.


It is a talk radio station which broadcasts the Mark Levin show from 9 pm to 12 am. It is licensed to Terre Haute, Indiana. It recites the Talk station and its affiliations are with Premiere Networks and Fox News Radio. It is owned by Duey E. Wright. It broadcasts real estate and house repairs on weekends and news and weather reports on weekdays.


It is the live online radio show where Washington comes to talk. It is an online broadcast. It is owned by Cumulus Media. The weekday begins with “Mornings on the Mall” by Marry Walter and Vince Coglianese. At 9 am begins the nationally integrated show with Chris Plante. The late afternoon show is hosted by Larry O’Connor. The rest of the day continues the shows by Mark Levin, John Batchelor, and Rush Limbaugh.

WPG Talk Radio

Its opening theme is “somewhere I belong to”. It airs for three hours i.e. from 6 pm to 9 pm. It is a conservative talk show hosted by Mark Levin. It belongs to the 1450 club. It broadcasts all the news from national to the New Jersey news and also weather forecasts and debates and talks on various issues.

WLS AM 890

Mark Levin has now become the top conservative thinker and author who with his special way of sarcastic wit has captured the minds of all listeners. It is a commercial radio station. Its slogan is Chicago’s talk leader. It is owned by Cumulus Media and sisters WLS FM and WKQX. It is syndicated by Red Eye Radio and This Morning, America’s First News with Gordon Deal. It started as JWS butt then, in April 1924, it was renamed as WLS AM.

WFEA 1370 AM

Its slogan is “more stimulating talk radio”. It is in Manchester, New Hampshire. Its affiliations are with Westwood one network, Salem radio networks and CBS radio news, and Premiere networks. It is owned by Saga radio stations. It is New Hampshire’s oldest radio station. It has been in existence since, 1932. It broadcasts Adult standards, talk, and sports. Its satellite swinger, adult standards program is known as America’s Best Music. It sisters WZID and WMLL. It also broadcasts the University of New Hampshire College Football and Basketball games.

News talk 93.9 and 910 WSBA

It is licensed to serve York, Pennsylvania. Its affiliations are with Westwood one news and the Baltimore Orioles. It is also owned by Cumulus Media Inc and sisters WARM FM, WSOX, and WGLD. It is also a commercial AM radio station. It begins the weekdays with America in the Morning and Community focus and continues for all-day various talk shows with many prominent personalities like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Doug Stephen.

106.3 WORD

It is also known as WYRD FM. Its broadcast area is Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina. It was first aired on July 10, 1989. It is the Upstate’s Talk Station. It is owned by Entercom Communications and its affiliations are with Fox News Radio. It hosts the Tara show, which is the number1 show on the WYRD. It also broadcasts The Mark Levin shown from 7 pm to 10 pm.

The Mark Levin show KPEL 96.5

It serves the Lafayette Louisiana area. It recites the slogan The Place where Acadiana comes to talk”. Its affiliations are with FOX News Radio and it is owned by Town square Media. It has a talk radio content that lines up the national and local syndicated content. Its normal weekday shows include the Acadiana’s Morning News and “The Moon Griffon show”. Other prominent shows include The Mark Levin Show and “The Todd Starnes Show”.
If you are looking for a full charge up with the entire mood to debate and argue, the Mark Levin show is the best. His insights into different issues and problems are the reason why he has been chosen as the best and prominent lawyer. He is a conservative speaker and a notable author. He was born in Philadelphia and has done his B.A. in political science at age 19. Moreover, the radios are a break from the hectic life of social media and the helter-skelter booth of our lives. The most prominent radio shows and the talk shows are the most preferred in this pandemic time. It makes everyone informed and act accordingly. The desire to do something for the nation and the will to live a social life is the topmost priorities that force an individual to do great and present his viewpoint. Mark Levin is one of those people who express their opinions freely.

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