10 Best Memphis Radio Stations

Music is a great way to unwind and relax. Radio offers a wide range of genres of music to listen to and widens the listeners’ music base and offers something new for you to listen, every time. Radio is also useful to catch up on the latest happenings around you, as it also broadcasts news and information. Radio fanatics, listen up! Here are 10

Memphis radio stations you should tune in to today

WEGR 102.7

WEGR is based in Arlington, Tennessee serving the Memphis metropolitan area. It is owned by iHeart Media. The radio station is branded as ‘Rock 102.7’ and its slogan is ‘Memphis’ Classic Rock.’ This station first aired in 1967. The call sign stands for ‘Where the Eagles Rock.’. It broadcasts a classic rock format.
⦁ Signed in March 1967, as WREC FM.
⦁ Switched to a country music format in 1975, as WZXR.
⦁ Shifted to album-oriented rock format in 1977.
⦁ Changed to WEGR in 1986.
Popular Shows-
⦁ John Clay Wolfe Show
⦁ Doug Podell – The Doc of Rock
On-air personalities-
⦁ Maria Milito
⦁ Ditch
⦁ Tony Tilford

WEVL 89.9

WEVL is owned by Southern Communication Volunteers Inc. Its FM frequency is 89.9 and its slogan is ‘Volunteer, Member supported Radio.’ It was first aired in 1976. It broadcasts a freeform format. Its call sign stands for ‘We Volunteer.’ It is an independent, listener-supported, volunteer radio station.
⦁ The Best of Singing Down in Dixie
⦁ Lost in the Shuffle
⦁ Acoustic Café
⦁ Off the Record
⦁ Back to the Country
⦁ My Morning Mixtape
⦁ Memphis Mystery Train

WMC FM 99.7

WMC FM is a commercial radio station, owned and operated by Entercom. It broadcasts in hot adult contemporary radio format. It serves the Memphis metropolitan area and most of West Tennessee. The radio station is branded as ‘FM100’ and its slogan is ‘Today’s Best Mix.’ It first aired on May 22, 1947, nearly 72 years ago.
⦁ Founded in 1947 as WMCF.
⦁ Changed to WMC in 1960.
⦁ Presented progressive rock music in 1967.
⦁ Changed to Top 40 format in 1978.
⦁ Changed to hot adult contemporary format in 1992.
⦁ Purchased by Entercom in 2006.
⦁ Today’s Best Mix
⦁ Rick Dees Weekly Top 40
⦁ Bennett Doyle
⦁ Ryan and Michelle
⦁ Jill Bucco
⦁ Molly Cruz

WRVR 104.5

WRVR is licensed to Memphis, Tennessee. It broadcasts in an adult contemporary music format. The radio station was aired for the first time in the year 1968. It is branded as ‘104.5 The River’ and the slogan is ‘Continuous Soft Rock for Memphis.’ It is owned by Entercom. The call sign stands for ‘The River.’
⦁ Signed on in 1968 as WTCV.
⦁ Shifted to easy listening format as WAID.
⦁ Switched to MOR format in 1975, as WQUD.
⦁ Changed to WRVR in 1981.
⦁ Ron and Karen
⦁ Kim Adams
⦁ Dennis Fuller
⦁ Pam Yates

WRBO 103.5

WRBO is a radio station that broadcasts in an urban adult contemporary format, playing current and classic R&B music. Its FM frequency is 103.5. It is licensed to Como, Mississippi but serves the Memphis metropolitan area. It first aired in the year 1966. It is owned and operated by Cumulus Media. It is branded as ‘103.5 WRBO’ and the slogan says ‘Soul Classics and Today’s R&B.’ The call sign stands for R&B Oldies.
⦁ Signed on in 1966, as WNAU.
⦁ Changed to WOKM in 1979.
⦁ Changed to WWKZ in 1984 with Top 40 format.
⦁ Shifted to R&B format in 1998, as WRBO.
⦁ Switched to urban adult contemporary format in 2011.
⦁ The Steve Harvey Morning Show
⦁ The DL Hughley Show

KXHT 107.1

It is licensed to Marion, Arkansas but serves the area of Memphis, Tennessee. It is owned by Flinn Broadcasting Corporation. Its FM frequency is 107.1 and broadcasts a mainstream urban radio format. It went on air in June 1997. It is branded as ‘Hot 107.1’ and its slogan says ‘Tru Hip Hop.’ The radio station’s programming is hip hop-intense.
⦁ Station went live with all blues format in the 1980s.
⦁ Aired in 1997 as KXHT with the rhythmic contemporary format.
Popular DJs-
⦁ DJ Superman
⦁ DJ Q
⦁ DJ Reko
⦁ DJ Shon-Teezy
⦁ The Morning Hustle
⦁ Reko on the Radio

WHRK 97.1

WHRK is, owned and operated by iHeart Media. It is branded as ‘K97.1’ and its slogan says ‘Memphis’ Only Hip Hop and R&B.’ It broadcasts an urban contemporary radio format. The radio station first aired on December 2, 1959. The call sign stands for W Harold R. Krelstein, the station’s former owner.
⦁ Began in 1959 as WMPS FM.
⦁ Switched to rhythmic contemporary format in 1976.
⦁ The call sign changed to WHRK in 1977.
⦁ Shifted to CHUrban/Crossover format in 1981.
⦁ Changed to urban contemporary format in 1989.
⦁ Shay Diddy
⦁ Big Sue
⦁ Devin Steel
⦁ Zach Boog

WQOX 88.5

WQOX is owned by Shelby County Schools. Its broadcast area in Memphis, Tennessee. It is branded as ’88.5 The Voice of SCS.’ It broadcasts in an urban adult contemporary format. It is run by the students of Shelby County School district. Students are encouraged to take up a career in Broadcasting through a special program that helps them run the radio station and gain experience.
On-air personalities-
⦁ Michael Adrian Davis
⦁ Kevin Kavaunjay Braden
⦁ Cathy Hart

WHBQ 107.5

WHBQ is based in Germantown, Tennessee serving Memphis. It broadcasts a Top 40/CHR music format. Its FM frequency is 107.5. It is owned by Flinn Broadcasting Corporation. Its slogan is ‘All the Hits’ and is branded as ‘Q107.5.’ It first aired in 1995 under the call sign WJOI. The current call sign stands for ‘We Have Better Quartets.’
⦁ Station signed on in 1993 as WAQK.
⦁ Changed to WJOI in 1994.
⦁ Switched to Top 40 format as WKSL in 1997.
⦁ Adopted rhythmic contemporary hit format as WYYL in 2001.
⦁ Switched to Top 40 format in 2004 as WHBQ.
⦁ Zach Sang
⦁ Kiran
⦁ Joe Mack
⦁ DJ Epic

WKIM 98.9

WKIM is a commercial radio station based in Munford, Tennessee serving Memphis metropolitan area. It broadcasts an adult contemporary radio format and is owned by Cumulus Media. Its FM frequency is 98.9, is branded as ’98.9 The Bridge’ and its slogan is ‘Connecting you to your favorite music.’ It aired for the first time in 1958 as KTMO.
⦁ Signed on as KTMO in 1958.
⦁ Shifted to smooth jazz format as WJZN in 2001.
⦁ Switched to rhythmic contemporary format in 2004 as WMPW.
⦁ Adopted adult hits format in 2006 as WKIM.
⦁ Flipped to 1990s hits/Hot AC hybrid format in 2010.
⦁ Switched to talk format in 2011.
⦁ Shifted to hip hop format in 2015.
⦁ The adopted adult contemporary format in 2017.

There are 10 of Memphis radio stations. These have immensely contributed to the music scene in Memphis and are a part of its culture and history. Stay in, chill out and enjoy the tunes these radio stations have to offer, and you’re surely going to have a good time!

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