Best Metal Radio Stations

Metal or Heavy Metal is a genre of rock music which developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Since its inception, this genre has gained a huge fan base mainly in the United Kingdom and the United States. Metal comes under the rock music format. Here is a list of 10 Metal radio stations you should listen to if you’re a rock fan.
⦁ KMKF 101.5
⦁ WZOR 94.7
⦁ KNAC 105.5
⦁ WJJO 94.1
⦁ KXXR 93.7
⦁ WDHA 102.9
⦁ WIMZ 103.5
⦁ WBUZ 102.9
⦁ WXNX 93.7
⦁ WSOU 89.5

KMKF 101.5

KMKF is a radio station based in Manhattan, Kansas. It is owned by the Manhattan Broadcasting Company. This serves the area of Salina-Manhattan. Its FM frequency is 101.5. It is branded as ‘101.5 K-Rock’ and its slogan says ‘Northeast Kansas Real Rock Station.’ It broadcasts a mainstream rock format.
⦁ The House of Hair with Dee Snider
⦁ The Morning Ritual
⦁ The Side Show with Nikki Sixx
⦁ David Garcia
⦁ Mitch ‘The Fort’ Fortner
⦁ Dee Snyder

WZOR 94.7

WZOR is a commercial radio station based in Mishicot, Wisconsin. It airs an active rock music format and is branded as Razor 94.7, the slogan says ‘The Cutting Edge of Rock.’ This radio station first aired in the year 1994. It is owned by Woodward Communications.
⦁ Launched in 1994 as WGBM.
⦁ Aired adult contemporary and classic country formats till 2000.
⦁ Switched to active rock format in 2000.
⦁ Cutting Edge Countdown
⦁ Harddrive XL
⦁ Reggie
⦁ Kaytie
⦁ Pete Burns

WZXR 99.3

WZXR is a radio station broadcasting rock music format. Its FM frequency 99.3. It is based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and is owned by Backyard Broadcasting. It is branded as ‘99.3 WZXR’ and the slogan says ‘The Susquehanna Valley’s Home of Rock and Roll.’ It is one of the best metal radio stations in the country.
⦁ The Bob and Tom Show
⦁ In the Studio
⦁ Flashback
⦁ Dee Snider’s House of Hair
On Air personalities-
⦁ John Finn
⦁ Ian Emerson
⦁ Mike Matthews

WJJO 94.1

WJJO is based in Madison, Wisconsin. It broadcasts an active rock music format that is targeted towards the age group of 18 to 49. It is considered as one of the hardest active rock radio stations in the country. It is owned by Mid-West Management Inc. It is branded as 94.1 JJO and the slogan says ‘Madison’s Solid Rock.’ Its FM frequency is 94.1.

⦁ Started in 1961 as WTTM FM.
⦁ Changed to soft adult contemporary as WMLW in 1982.
⦁ Switched to Top 40 format as WTFX in 1989.
⦁ Adopted classic rock format as WJJO in 1991.
⦁ Switched to active rock format in 1997.

KXXR 93.7

KXXR is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its FM frequency is 93.7. It broadcasts an active rock music format. It is branded as ‘93X’ and its slogan says ‘Minnesota’s Rock Station.’ It is owned by Culumus Media. It aired for the first time in October 1961. Its call sign stands for ‘93X Rocks.’
⦁ It started in 1961 as WAYL.
⦁ Switched to classic hits as KLXK in 1988.
⦁ Changed to hard rock format as KRXX in 1992.
⦁ Adopted active rock format as KXXR in 1996.

WMGK 102.9

WMGK is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is branded as ‘102.9 MGK’ and the slogan says ‘Philadelphia’s Classic Rock.’ This station is owned by Beasley Broadcast Group. It broadcasts a classic rock radio format. It aired for the first time on November 2, 1941. The call sign stands for ‘W Magic.’
⦁ It started in 1941 as W69PH.
⦁ Changed to WCAU in 1943.
⦁ Switched to soft rock format as WMGK in 1975.
⦁ Adopted classic rock format in 1997.
⦁ Matt Cord
⦁ Andre Gardener
⦁ Tony Harris

WIMZ 103.5

WIMZ is a metal radio station based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Its FM frequency is 103.5. It is owned by Duey Wright of Midwest Communications. It broadcasts in areas like parts of Kentucky, Virginia, Georgia, and South Carolina. It is branded as ‘103.5 WIMZ’ and its slogan is ‘Knoxville’s Classic Rock.’ It first aired in 1949.
⦁ It started in 1949 as WBIR FM with a country music format.
⦁ Switched to album-oriented rock music in 1979.
⦁ Switched to heavy metal music in 1983.
⦁ The Big Show with John Boy and Billy
⦁ Ultimate Classic Rock
⦁ Time Warp with Bill St. James

WBUZ 102.9

WBUZ is based in La Vergne, Tennessee broadcasting in Nashville, Tennessee. Its FM frequency is 102.9. It airs an active rock format with hints of alternative rock. It is owned by The Cromwell Group Inc. It is branded as ‘102.9 The Buzz’ and the slogan says ‘Nashville’s Rock Station.’ It was started in 1962.
On air personalities-
⦁ Dagwood
⦁ Zigs
⦁ Roman Haviland
⦁ Eric Steele

WXNX 93.7

WXNX is a commercial radio station based in Sanibel, Florida. Its FM frequency is 93.7. It broadcasts inactive rock and alternative rock format and can be heard in Fort Myers/Naples area. Its mixed format can be called modern rock, more appropriately. It is branded as ‘93X’ and its slogan is ‘Southwest Florida’s Rock Alternative.’

⦁ First aired in 1971 with 93.5 frequency.
⦁ Switched to Top 40/ Hot AC format in the 1980s as WLAZ.
⦁ Changed to WTLT in 1999.
⦁ The frequency changed to 93.7 in 2000.
⦁ Shifted to active rock format as WXNX in 2013.
⦁ Chelsea
⦁ Roach
⦁ Sadie
⦁ Tommy Fox

WSOU 89.5

WSOU is a college-run, non-commercial, metal radio station based in South Orange, New Jersey. It is owned by Seton Hall University. It broadcasts in the New York metro area. It airs in an active rock format, featuring heavy metal, punk, emo, hardcore, and other rock-based music. Its call sign stands for W South Orange University. Its slogan is ‘Seton Hall’s Pirate Rock’ and ‘The Loudest Rock.’ It first aired on April 14, 1948. Its FM frequency is 89.5.
⦁ Punk University
⦁ Vintage 80s
⦁ Under the stars
⦁ Storming the Ramparts


With that, we have come to the end of this list. This is a list of metal radio stations you should give a shot if you want to enjoy some great rock music. Tune in, listen up and rock out!

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