Best Mexican Radio Stations

10 Best Mexican Radio Stations

There is a lot of Variety available among all radio stations. But which one among them is specifically made for you? If you are going to test them one by one, it will ruin your day. So here I am mentioning the best Mexican Radio Stations where you can have news, sports, and music as well. The names are-


Mexicans are being witnessed of great experience with this radio station since 18th September 1930. They have started their journey from a room and a low power system. Year by year after putting a lot of effort, now they have an outstanding studio with the name tag of ‘Most Powerful AM Radio Station in North’. Set the frequency into 96.9 MHz to be on this channel. The popular personalities of this station are Emilio Tuero, Juan Arvizu, Nicolas Urcelay, Maria Victoria, Mario Moreno Canyonflas and so many.


102.5 MHz is the frequency number of this channel. On 15th April 1967, the first program was aired through this station. The main language of this station is English. The whole day they offer contemporary music and hip hop songs. News and talks about political and public affairs are also done here. MVS radio is the owner of this station. ‘Le Mejor’ is the national level format which is the best part of this station.


Salvajemente Grupera is the slogan of this station. 107.3 MHz is the frequency address of this channel. Grupa analog and Radio Centro are the main themes of this studio. In the year of 1974, they have started their journey. At first, the name was Radio Universal. The program of this channel, ‘El Club de Los Beatles’ has attracted a lot of traffic. La Z is another program which is started by them. In Variety, this station is best among all Mexican Radio Stations.


If you can hear the slogan Put on Exa, then you are in the right place. Exa FM is the branding partner of this channel and MVS Radio is the present owner. The main format of this channel is music both old and modern. Spanish and English both languages are used here. From 1972, this station is famous among the people of Mexico. They have started their journey with a program called Stereo Best. ‘FM Globo’ is another attraction of this channel. From 2000, they have started a program called Exa FM. This program is quite similar to the Top 40 format. With these ingredients of entertainment, they attracted a huge crowd towards their station.


This music station is best for music lovers. 106.5 MHz is the station code for this channel. In the year of 1964, the station first aired its program through this channel. Contemp6music is the theme of this channel. Stereo Armor, La Nueva Onda, and Armor 106 are the best three programs that are conducted by this channel. This studio airs its programs all over Mexico City. Spanish and English both languages are used in this channel, so you can have the fun of Spanish music also.


As big as the information and Putting Mexico on the Same Frequency are the best two 90.5 FM is the frequency address of this channel. News and talks upon political, sports, and daily life related are always going on. These are interesting and contains a good level of general knowledge. The famous programs of this studio are Pulsar FM, Imagen 90.5, Radio Imagen, and some small shows. At the night time, they offer some music and pop songs in their station.


This station is also known as Universal Stereo Studio. You have to put the frequency on 92.1 MHz to be in this station. Contemporary music is the main focus of this studio. Not only modern but also pop, hip hop, band, rap, and classical hits are being telecasted through this channel. In the year of 1979, this station started its journey by the name of Radio Triunfadora. Later it is named Crystal FM. During the midnight, they offer Top 40 CHR format to entertain their listeners.


Another name of this station is Alpha Radio. 91.3 MHz is the frequency address of this station. Contemporary Hit Songs are telecasted from this place. Hip hop, rock, rap and CHR formats are broadcasted through this channel. English and Spanish both songs are being telecasted through this place. Every day from 6 AM to 10 PM, La Muchedumbre is being telecasted from this place. Electronic music, rock, rap, and ’80s music are available here to enter6the people of Mexico. Grupo Radio Centro is the current owner of this station and due to huge funding, they are strategizing about adding more interesting programs in their channel.


You have to put 95.3 MHz to be on this channel. The programs of this channel are being conducted fully in their native language which is Spanish. Contemporary music is telecasted in the Spanish language. On 4th August 1970, the first sound was aired from this station. Radio Amistad, Stereo Nova are some popular program here which have jazz and music. Later they started to air romantic and pop music also. ‘OK’ and La Compadre are some exciting events which are also parts of this channel.


1220 kHz is the frequency address of this channel. In the year of 1923, they have started their journey by an International Radio Fair. Jack Dempsey and Luis Firpo are some popular celebrities who are engaged with this station. Classical music is being aired from this studio. Hip hop and rap also being aired from time to time. During the night, DJ music is also available here.
These radio stations are not the only best among other Mexican Radio Stations. These have the quality with quantity. Every part of the music like, reggae, hip hop, pop, modern, old, and rap music are the parts of these channels. Along with varieties of music, you can have the news and discussion on public affairs. These 10 stations are ready to give you the maximum pleasure in the weekdays and weekend also.

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