Best Miami Radio Stations

From the daily news and entertainment until the motivation from the speaker, the Miami Radio Station channels offer various programs. Miami radio stations offer a well-planned buffet of talk shows, contemporary songs, and comedy jiffies through an enthusiastic host.


As a famous Miami radio station, the WAMR-FM broadcasts its programs to the people in South Florida. On a frequency of 107.5 MHz, the channel airs various songs in the categories of both pop and tropical. Having the slogan ‘La Radio Amor’, the channel is owned by Univision Radio Illinois, Inc. This station is recognized as one of the top radio stations in the list of ‘Radio Market’ – who rate the top-rated stations. In 2013, the famous Spanish personality, Javier Romero from the WAMR-FM won the Marconi Radio Awards for the Morning Show.
The channel was introduced to the people on 7th June 1974.
Popular shows
⦁ El Desayuno Musical – Morning Show
⦁ Live your Music
⦁ The Omar and Algeria Show
⦁ Hip Hop Shows
Popular Artists
⦁ Javier Romero
⦁ Ysaac Alvarez
⦁ Erika Reyan


WAQI radio station is availed to the people living in Miami at 710 kHz frequency. The station is branded as ‘Radio Mambi’ and owned by Univision Radio Illinois, Inc. The channel functions round the clock with the latest news and information related to politics. This station has been functioning for the last 30 years. The official language of this station is Spanish. This channel has the voice of the Iberia and Latin America. In 1990, this channel won the Marconi Radio Awards in the category of ‘Stations of the Year by Format’ for their Spanish language.
The channels in this station were first aired in 1939.
Popular shows
⦁ At the Rhythm of Miami
⦁ Education and Community
Popular artists
⦁ Nelson Rubio
⦁ Lourdes D’Kendall


The channel WOGK is availed to the people living in Miami at 104.7 MHz. As a religious channel, it airs various religious programs. The owner of this channel is Calvary Chapel Miami. It also provides various teachings from the Bible on a 24/7 basis. This radio station has been functioning since 2014 and was named as ‘God’s Way Radio’ (GWR). The station is dedicated to the teachings of the Bible.
The channel started to give various teachings and speeches related to the Bible from 2014.
Popular Artists
⦁ Pastor Chuck Smith
⦁ Ravi Zacharias
⦁ Scott Gallatin
Popular Shows
⦁ A Daily Walk
⦁ Let My People Think
⦁ Stay the Course


The WDNA channel is available to the people of Miami. The radio station operates on 88.9 MHz in a Jazz format. It is owned by the Bascomb Memorial Broadcasting Foundation, which is a non-profit organization with the slogan ‘Serious Jazz’. The channel offers various songs based on musical instruments. It also provides cultural programs to its residents, bringing about an appreciation of the art and culture. The Jazz Network in this channel has been in the air since 1997 with various GRAMMY Award-winning people. Neil Tesser, Jazz commentator won the GRAMMY award. 
Listeners acquired the first taste of the songs from 1977
Popular artists
⦁ Alica Coltrane
⦁ Mark Elf
⦁ Neil Tesser
⦁ John Hill
Popular shows
⦁ All Blues
⦁ If I Were a Bell
⦁ You are Mine


The channel is available to the residents of Miami. As an urban contemporary channel, it is owned by Cox Radio Inc. On a frequency of 99.1 MHz, this channel is branded as ’99 Jamz’. The slogan for this channel is ‘South Florida’s Only Station for Hip Hop and R&B’ as it provides songs from the Hip-Hop to the Reggaeton music style. Including various songs across all music styles the channel also hosts various programs such as; ‘The Rickey Smiley Morning Show’ and ‘Community Matters’.
The all music style channel was first played on the FM in 1963. 
Popular artists
⦁ Maestro Powell
⦁ DJ Entice
⦁ Supa Cindy
Popular shows
⦁ The Rickey Smiley Morning Show
⦁ The Trick N Trina Morning Show
⦁ The Afternoon Get Down


WFEZ is availed to the people living in Miami at 93.1 MHz frequency. Also known as the ‘Easy 93.1’, this channel is not to be missed for those who are ardent fans of Giselle Andres and the music from the group “The American Funk or the Soul Brands”. Gary Williams, the program director of this channel, in 2010 changed the format to the ‘Adult Contemporary Music’. This was followed by the song ‘Easy’ by The Commodores. This made the channel to flip its name from WHDR to WFEZ.
This channel has been operating since 1947.
Popular shows
⦁ EASY Community Focus
⦁ EASY Cruise Home
Popular artists
⦁ Mike Kruz
⦁ Jeff Martin
⦁ Ellen Jaffe


WLYF is availed to the people living in Miami at 101.5 MHz frequency. After a hard day’s work this channel should not be missed. The songs are of both the Adult and soft adult contemporary formats. The slogan of this channel is ‘Real Music Variety for Your Workday’. The frequency is owned by the Entercom License, LLC. It was branded as ‘101.5 Lite FM’ in the early 1990s.
Since April 1948, various songs were frequently played on WLYF.
Popular shows
⦁ You Needed Me
⦁ Sweet Seasons
⦁ Calypso
Popular artists
⦁ Kenny Loggins
⦁ Anne Murray
⦁ Barry Manilow


The channel is available to the people living in Miami at 91.3 MHz frequency. The Miami-Dade County Public Schools owns this channel with the slogan ‘Public Radio for South Florida and the Florida Keys’. Many of the programs aired by this channel are locally produced by them. Some of the famous music programs aired by them are; Evenin’ Jazz and Night Train. 
WLRN-FM aired its first show in 1948.
Popular shows
⦁ Comfort Foods
⦁ The Steve Pomeranz Show
⦁ Freakonomics Radio
Popular artists
⦁ Norman Van Aken
⦁ Steve Pomeranz
⦁ Stephen J. Dubner

The Miami Radio Stations, from education to entertainment, provide all varieties of information just only for our ears to take in and enjoy. The podcasts with these channels and amazing stuff have become more famous.

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