10 Best New Jersey Radio Stations

Music has become an integral part of our lives. Whether at home or driving, it seems incomplete without tuning into a radio station to listen to some music. Radio helps to calm us down with its music programs and keep us informed with its news shows. Here are 10 New Jersey radio stations you should listen to.
⦁ WSOU 89.5
⦁ WFMU 91.1
⦁ Radio Dil 96.3
⦁ WDVR 89.7
⦁ WBGO 88.3
⦁ WMGQ 98.3
⦁ WPRB 103.3
⦁ WXPJ 91.9
⦁ WJLK 94.3
⦁ WOBM 92.7

WSOU 89.5

WSOU is a college-run, non-commercial, based in South Orange. It is owned by Seton Hall University. It broadcasts in the New York metro area. It airs in an active rock format, featuring heavy metal, punk, emo, hardcore, and other rock-based music. Its call sign stands for W South Orange University. Its slogan is ‘Seton Hall’s Pirate Rock’ and ‘The Loudest Rock.’ It first aired on April 14, 1948. Its FM frequency is 89.5.
⦁ Punk University
⦁ Vintage 80s
⦁ Under the stars
⦁ Storming the Ramparts

WFMU 91.1

WFMU is broadcasting at the frequency of 91.1. It is supported by its listeners and is a community radio station. It broadcasts in areas like Jersey City, Hudson Valley, lower Catskills, and most of New York metropolitan area. It presents a freeform radio format and is the longest-running radio station to do so in the US. It is currently owned by Auricle Communications.
⦁ Commenced in 1958 by Upsala College.
⦁ Received the New York State Music Fund grant in 2006.
⦁ Created ‘The Free Music Archive’ in 2009.
⦁ Wake with Clay Pigeon
⦁ DotDash radio with Tom Dash
⦁ The Glen Jones radio program
⦁ Weekly World Blues with Michael Fiveash

Radio Dil 96.3

Radio Dil is a New Jersey radio station, broadcasting at the frequency of 96.3. It was launched in 2010 to serves the South Asian community-based in New Jersey. Its slogan is ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’, which means ‘from the heart to heart’ in Hindi. It has a large number of committed listeners as it is the only radio station serving an ever-growing community of 500,000 South Asians in New Jersey and surrounding areas.
⦁ Bhakti Sangeet
⦁ Dilshad Show
⦁ Masala Mix
⦁ Hindi Hungama

WDVR 89.7

WDVR is broadcasting at the frequency of 89.7. It is a community radio station serving areas of western New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. It presents a variety of formats. It is owned and operated by Penn-Jersey Educational Radio Corp. The hosts at this radio station are free to choose their own music and curate shows within the ‘family-friendly’ boundaries. Its first air date is February 19, 1990. Its call sign stands for W Delaware Valley Radio. Its slogan is ‘Good Music, Good Conversation, Good Company.’
⦁ Echoes from the Hills with Richard Evans
⦁ Hotel California with Bill Kahlke
⦁ Rush Hour Radio with Richie K
⦁ Tempus with John Cole

WBGO 88.3

WBGO is broadcasting at 88.3 frequency, licensed in Newark, New Jersey. This radio station is branded as ‘WBGO Jazz 88’ and its slogan says ‘The Jazz Source’, because it primarily plays jazz music. It is a public radio station, presenting public affairs news, traffic reports, and newscasts. It is owned by Newark Public Radio. The radio station first aired on January 26, 1947.
On-air personalities-
⦁ Felix Hernandez
⦁ Monifa Brown
⦁ Christian McBride
⦁ Ang Santos
⦁ Jazz After Hours
⦁ Latin Jazz Cruise
⦁ Rhythm Revue
⦁ WBGO News Reporter

WMGQ 98.3

WMGQ, popularly known as Magic 98.3, licensed to New Brunswick. The slogan for this radio station says ‘Today’s Hits, Yesterday’s Favorites.’ It is owned by Beasley Broadcasts Group. It presents an adult contemporary format since the 1970s. It was launched in 1947. It plays only Christmas music from mid-November to Christmas day. It plays artists like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Elton John, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, etc. Its call sign is derived from the word ‘Magic.’
⦁ Debbie Mazella
⦁ Mike McGinn
⦁ Brett Radler
⦁ Ginny Otte

WPRB 103.3

WPRB is a New Jersey radio station at the FM frequency of 103.3, licensed to Princeton. It is a commercial, non-profit radio station presenting a freeform format. It is owned by Princeton Broadcasting Service Inc. Their freeform format includes classical, jazz, folk, metal, electronic, blues, opera, etc. It broadcasts Indian music on its HD2 subchannels. Its on-air staff and management consist mostly of Princeton University students. It was the first college radio station on the FM dial in the US.
⦁ Founded in 1940 as WPRU by H. Grant Theis, a Princeton University student.
⦁ WPRU got its FM license in 1955.
⦁ Signed on a WPRB in 1955.
⦁ It started broadcasting in 1964.
⦁ Moved to 103.3 MHz in 1962.
⦁ Marvin Rosen
⦁ Emanuel Ferritis
⦁ Jeannie Becker
⦁ Jean Dreaux
⦁ Michael Hunter

WXPJ 91.9

WXPJ is a non-commercial radio station owned by the University of Pennsylvania. It is licensed in Hackettstown, New Jersey. It is branded as ‘XPN’ and its slogan says ‘Rhythms, not Algorithms.’ The radio station went on air for the first time on December 8, 1958. It broadcasts at 91.9 frequency. It presents in an adult album alternative format.
⦁ Signed on WNTI in 1957.
⦁ Sold by Centenary College to the University of Pennsylvania in 2016.
⦁ The call sign changed to WXPJ in 2016.
⦁ World Café
⦁ Acoustic Café
⦁ Underground Garage
⦁ Little Steven’s

WJLK 94.3

WJLK is an Adult Top 40 New Jersey radio station, broadcasting at 94.3 frequency. It is owned by Townsquare Media. It is licensed in Asbury, New Jersey. This radio station is popularly known as ’94.3 The Point’ and its slogan says ‘The Jersey Shore’s Hit Music Channel.’ Its first air date is November 20, 1947.
⦁ Lou & Liz in the Morning
⦁ Pop Crush Nights
⦁ 94.3 The Point
⦁ Matt Ryan
⦁ Gino D
⦁ Lisa Paige
⦁ Nicole Murray

WOBM 92.7

WOBM is broadcasting at 92.7 frequency. It presents an adult contemporary radio format. It is owned by Townsquare Media. The radio station is popularly known as ’92.7 WOBM’ and the slogan says ‘Ocean County’s Best Variety.’ The call sign stands for Ocean Burlington Monmouth. It went on air for the first time on March 1, 1968.
On-air personalities-
⦁ Shawn Michaels
⦁ Sue Moll
⦁ Justin Louis
⦁ Diana Tyler
⦁ Brian Moore
⦁ The Ocean County Breakfast Show
⦁ The Ultimate Party with Tom Kent
⦁ 92.7 WOBM
⦁ Lovin’ Life, Livin’ the 80s

These are the 10 New Jersey radio stations you should tune into today to listen to some great music to keep you entertained in the car or at home when you are relaxing.

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