Best Norfolk Radio Stations

Best Norfolk Radio Stations

Amber radio

Amber radio is one of the Norfolk radio stations that play old melodies songs. The channel can be availed by people at Norfolk and Suffolk at 1152, 1170, and 1251 kHz frequency. The studios are situated in Norwich and Ipswich. The East Anglian radio group owns the radio station. When it was sated, the Amber Radio played the jingles or advertisements along with Broadcast 102 (Norfolk) produced at TM Studios
· The radio station came into existence on 24th September 1995 and played the famous 1960’s and 70’s. 
Popular Artists
· Bruce Upchurch

BBC Radio Norfolk

The BBC radio Norfolk is the most loved radio station availed at the frequency 95.1 MHz FM in East Norfolk, 95.6 FM MHz in North Norfolk, 104.4 MHz FM in West Norfolk, 855 kHz AM in East Norfolk, 873 kHz in West Norfolk. It hosts local news and talk shows for its listeners. BBC Local Radio and BBC East owns the channel. Its program Norfolk Airline won the Sony Award as the Best Magazine Program. The BBC Radio Norfolk received the Radio Academy Award in 2014. 
· Established on 11th September 1980 it hosts famous afternoon shows on weekdays presented by Roy Waller.
· From 1995 to 2006, John Mills was the one who compered the Midday with Mills program.
· In the period of 1984-2009, the famous show the Saturday Breakfast was hosted by Stewart white.
Popular artists
· Andy Archer
· Tom Edwards

The Beach 

Having the famous music this radio station is an achievement for the residents of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Lowestoft. This is played at the frequency DAB 103.4MHz and 97.4 MHz. The station has its slogan as “Just Great Songs for the East Coast, Made on the east coast for the east coast”. Owned by Bauer radio, this station is known for its contemporary music. It was nominated for the Eastern Region Radio Academy Station of the Year 3 times.
The Beach radio came into existence on September 29th, 1996. 
Popular Artists
· Paul Carter
· Tim Lindon
Popular Shows
· Breakfast on the Beach
· Daytime
· Drive time
· Wake up to Wayne

Heart East

The radio station is availed to the people of East of England at the frequency 96.1, 96.3, 96.4, 96.6, 97.1, 97.4, 97.5, 97.6, 101.7, 102.4, 102.7, 103.3 RDS: Heart. The radio station is controlled and run by the Global. It is popularly known for presenting the local news on weekdays and weekends. 
· It came into existence on 1st June 2019. 
Popular Artists
· Jamie Theakston 
· Amanda Holden
Popular Shows
· Heart Breakfast


KLFM is availed to the people of West Norfolk and King’s Lynn at the frequency 96.7MHz. The slogan of the KLFM radio station is the Real Music variety. It is popularly known for playing adult contemporary, entertainment news. Bauer Media owns KLFM.
· The radio station came into existence on July 1st, 1992.
· In 2019, the radio station was taken ownership by the Brauer Radio.
Popular Artists 
· Darren Taylor
Popular Shows
· The Vodafone Big Top 40 Chart show

Pulse Rated

The Pulse Rated radio station is a well-known radio station where the ears melt when the music is played by various prominent and also new artists. Situated at Salhouse in Norfolk the radio station is owned by the Pulse Global.
· The radio station was established in the year 2003 and was closed down due to liquidation in 2007.
· This radio station was nominated for the Best Radio Station category at the BT Digital Music awards.

Radio Norwich

The radio station is located in Norwich, England, and has its slogan as “Just Feel Good Songs….and Feel Good Favorites”. Branded as the Crown FM station, Radio Norwich is famous for its contemporary music.
· The Radio Norwich on 107.3 MHz frequency came into existence since July 1999 with a limited license.
· Getting a license for 12 years in June 2005, the Radio Norwich came into full existence since 2006.

North Norfolk Radio

It’s a local radio station located in Stody estate, in the United Kingdom availed to the people of North Norfolk at 103.2 MHz and 96.2MHz. It was formerly located in a building in Norfolk England. The radio station merged with Radio Norwich and The Beach. It is known for playing contemporary music.
· In October 2003, the radio station began its first trial broadcasting at Stody began.
· In November 2003, North Norfolk Radio started its first real broadcasting.
· It was started with a song I Get the Sweetest Feeling by Jackie Wilson.
· In January 2017, the programs were shared among Radio Norwich, The Beach, and North Norfolk Radio.
· January 31st, 2017, Celador owned the Anglian Radio Group.
· February 5th, 2019, Bauer Radio Owned the Celador Radio.

Future Radio

At 107.8MHz, and DAB: 98, the Future radio is availed to the people of Norwich. It is owned by Future projects. The station mainly focusses on spreading the community-based information via volunteers.
· The Future Radio started broadcasting from May 2004 with a limited license.
· Future Radio started fully functioning from August 6th, 2007 on the 96.9FM frequency.
· The radio station was able to procure extensive license to function in Norwich.
· In May 2010, Future radio was able to function on the new frequency 107.8 MHz.
· In May 2013, Future radio had a decent audience of 42000 people as its listeners

Heart East Anglia

The radio station is availed to the people of Norfolk and Suffolk at the frequency at 96.4 and 97.1 MHz. Its slogan is to Turn up the feel good. It is known for playing adult contemporary music. Its studio is located in Norwich.
· The Global owners of the radio station merged it with the 3 radio stations Heart Cambridgeshire, Heart Essex, and Heart Four Counties on 26th Feb 2019.
· Heart East started its regional programming in June 2019.
Popular Artists
· Sarah Cawoods
Tuning to the Norfolk radio stations are the best mode of entertainment if you want to lighten up your mood.

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