Best Oahu Radio Stations

10 Best Oahu Radio Stations

Every one of us loves to listen to music. But tastes are different. If you want to hear the beast oldies, modern, hip hop, and pop music then you are in the right place. I have shared the best 10 Oahu Radio Stations for music lovers where they can spend their whole day peacefully. The names are as follows.


On 1st October 1967, the first sound was aired from this radio station. Hawaii’s Local Hits, with this slogan they start their day. The format of their radio channel is to telecast Hawaiian Contemporary and Reggae. Pacific Media Group is the present owner of this channel. They got Top 40 format from KKUA. After the Top 40 format, they switched to The Zone. This is the first station that started airing Linkin Park’s New Divide. Many more countries radio stations get inspiration from KQMQ to play a variety of music. 93.1 MHz is the frequency address of this channel.


93.9 The Beat and Jamz Hawaii are the branding partner of this channel. This channel can catch your interest. Because almost the whole day they provide Hawaii’s Number 1 Hip hop and Hit music. Not only hip hop but also Classical, remix and oldies song are included in the list. 93.9 MHz is the station code of this station.KIWIRadio, Evolution 99.1, 99.1 Jamz, and Jamz Hawaii are the top programs of this station.


The Rhythm of Hawaii, with this slogan they start their everyday. Turn the frequency into 94.7 MHz to be on this channel. In the year of 1967, on 1st September, the station was activated. Rhythmic adult contents are the main theme of this channel. They started their journey with an easy listening format. The program, The Rhythm of Hawaii is replaced with the program Hawaii’s Old Skool. In the night time, Quiet Strom is conducted by Rico.

The above-mentioned Oahu Radio Stations are the best three in music among all others.


100.3 MHz is the frequency number of this station. In the year of 1990, they first aired their program through this station. The legends and All of Today’s Hawaiian hit music are the top 2 programs of this station. SummitMedia is the owner of this channel for a long time. In the year 1990, 14 May the station was officially established. An annual concert is being celebrated every summer on its birthday. Hawaiian Hot Contemporary and Top 40 music with tradition reggae are specialties of this station.


Turn your frequency slider into 590 kHz to be on this channel. On 15th March 1930, they started their journey. Adult contemporary is part of their programs. Their morning start with Perry and the Posse program. Big Time Honolulu is another big event which is organized by them. Apart from these, Sweetie Pacarro, Curt Williams, and Kathy with a K are three great shows which attract huge traffic on this channel. This channel is also known as KGMB. Some famous personalities who are related to this channel are Jim Peters, Terry Rosati is famous for News reading, Alan Zukercom, MichealShishido, Dick Wainwright, Lisa D, Jim Parker, Skip Baszler, Denny, Limo Kahoano, Noel Grey and Shawnee.


105.1 MHz is the frequency address of this station. If you hear the slogan, The Hawaiian Music Station then you are in the right radio station. Hawaiian 105 is the branding partner of this channel. The station started their journey with a famous concert named The Fox in the year of 1990. Top 40 and CHR with traditional music were the theme. The morning session from 6bto 10 AM is conducted by Sam Kapu, 3 to 7 PM is conducted by DukieDand the night time is for DJ only. PJ the DJ is there to entertain you from 12 to 6 AM. Lisa D, the older sister of PJ, conducts the program from 7 PM to 12 AM. Every weekend, Bruddah Wade Falido is there to make the day amazing. Other programmers like Randy Hudnall, BrickwoodGaluteria, and Frank B. Shaner are popular here.


Most of the time offer remix music. 96.3 MHz is the frequency number of this channel. In 1978, first, this station had aired its programs. Hot adult contemporary is the main theme of this station. Drake Chenault was one of their interesting programs. Apart from the Top 40 format, the famous personalities like Dan Cooke, Rob Haas, Tom Ewing, John Bates, Mahlon Moore, MichealQseng, Austin Vali, and Karen Waygood are there to entertain us.


In the year of 1988, they have started their journey through The Wave format. At that time, the name of this channel was KHHH. Soon they have started a new format called Z-Rock. For young people, they offer various Raggae, hits, and hip hop kinds of music. They also offer ‘Indeed The Best’ concert for their fans.


Freedom is the taste of this channel. People from various corner of Oahu, present their opinion, and submit talks through this channel. You can say this is a digital gathering of people. University of Hawaii’s students had started this program on 7th July 1969. Apart from public talks, in free times they offer various modern, oldies and pop kinds of music. The DJ program is also included here. So if you want to be a part of their program then turn your frequency slider into 90.1 MHz.


102.7 Da Bomb is the slogan of this channel. The wide collections of hit music are here to entertain you. The first song from this channel was What’s your Fantasy. K-Smooth, a music program is conducted by Kelsey. They have some other programs like K-Tide, The Look, etc. Top 40 and CHR are the theme from where they start their journey. 102.7 MHz is the frequency address of this channel.

So these 10 Oahu Radio Stations are the best music stations in the Honolulu. A lot of other channels will provide you the best music but some of them are irregular and don’t contain the best collections. Within these 10 you can have all types of music to entertain yourself.

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