10 Best OKC Radio Stations

OKC Radio Stations possess diversity. The radio stations are working impressively. People are satisfied with their programs. There are varieties expressed by every other radio station.
The following are the best radio stations. Everyone should start listening to them today.


It is affiliated with Westwood One News. The transmitted site is situated in Moore. The studios of stations are located in Northeast OKC. Tyler Media is the owner of the radio station. Broadcasting is done at 95.3 FM. Dudley Shaw is the founder.
It is categorized as A-class Channel among other OKC Radio Stations. The principal function of this station was to rebroadcast the programming of larger eastern stations.

⦁ In 1922, started as KFJF
⦁ In 1924, KFJF moved onto AM dial
⦁ In 1932, the station switched to KOMA
⦁ In 1938, J.T. Griffin purchased KOMA
⦁ KWTV was operated in conjunction with KOMA from 1953 to 1956
⦁ In 1958, Todd Storz purchased KOMA
⦁ In 2002, the station added Radio Factor
⦁ In August 2004, KOMA switched to KOKC
⦁ In 2011, KOKC dropped its network affiliations with ABC


It is adult contemporary music formatted OKC Radio Station. Ty and Tony Tyler own this station. Tyler Media, L.L.C. gave them the license. Northeast OKC contains the studios of the station. Magic 104.1 is branding.
⦁ In 1965, the broadcasting began as KOFM.
⦁ In 1986, the KOFM changed to KMGL.
⦁ The station broadcast on HD Radio from 2006 to 2008
⦁ In 2008, HD signals were switched off


It is the country Musić station. The owner of this station is iHeartMedia. The location of its transmitted is Northeast OKC. The studios of the station are situated at the 50 Penn Palace building. 101-9 The Twister is the branding of the station. Today’s New Country is the slogan used by this station.
⦁ In 1962, it started as KFNB.
⦁ In 1979 the station changed to KLTE
⦁ In 1989, the format was switched to oldies and became K-Lite 102
⦁ In 1991, the call letters were changed to KOQL
⦁ In 1996, the station was switched to KTST
⦁ Bobby Bones (Morning Show host – The Baby Bones Show)
⦁ Michael Tait (Host a night Show)
⦁ Cody Alan (Host a Midnight Show)
⦁ John Shaw ( Hosts shows on Saturdays and Sundays)
⦁ Joe Friday (Hosts Mornings)
⦁ Jack Elliot (Morning show host)


It is a mainstream rock radio station. The owner of this station is Cumulus Media. The studios of the station are located in Northeast OKC. KATT was named by Ira “Eye” Lipson. The branding of the station is ROCK 100.5 The KATT.
⦁ From 1960 – 1976 the station was on aired as KJAK
⦁ The broadcasting began as KATT in Sept. 1976
⦁ In Dec. 1976, the call signs changed to KATT – FM


It is an American radio station. Tyler Media owns this station. Northeast OKC contains the studios of the station. The branding of the station is 92.5 KOMA. After Chicago-based Diamond broadcasting entered a local marketing agreement, in 1992, with Wilks Schwartz broadcasting, it switched to FM.
⦁ In 1992, KOMA transitioned to 92.5 FM.
⦁ In 1998, it was purchased by Renda Broadcasting
⦁ In 2012, Ty and Tony Tyler’s Tyler media purchased the station.


It is a sports radio station. The owner of the station is Ty and Tony Tyler’s Tyler Media, L.L.C. Oklahoma City Metroplex is the broadcasting area of this station. 107.7 is the branding of the station. The frequency of the station is 107.7 MHz (HD Radio).
⦁ The broadcasting began as KAEZ in 1976
⦁ Price Communication purchased the station in 1985
⦁ In 1986, the station was on aired as KIMY
⦁ In 1987, the call signs were switched to KRXO
⦁ In 2013, the station changed the formats to sports
⦁ Dave Garrett
⦁ Kelly Gregg
⦁ Gabe Ikard


Cumulus Media owns this radio station. Northwest OKC contains the studios of the station. E. Brotton Road in OKC contains the transmitted and 1 tower. It is the oldest station.
⦁ In 1922, 5XT went on air and then was assigned WKY call letters
⦁ Silent night policy was announced in November 1922.
⦁ WKY broadcasts its own supernatural thriller series from Nov 1941 to June 1942
⦁ In 2002, the station was sold to Citadel Broadcasting


It is also known as KJ103. It is positioned among the top 40 radio stations. iHeartMedia, In. owns the station. OKC Metroplex is the broadcasting area. KJ103 is the branding with a frequency 102.7 MHz.
⦁ In 1961, started broadcasting as KJEM-FM
⦁ In 1972, the call signs were changed to KAFG
⦁ In 1979, it an AC station
⦁ In late 2007, the station switched to a New music format
⦁ Ronnie Rocket
⦁ Tod Tucker
⦁ Teresa Maxwell


This is a hot adult radio station. It serves the Oklahoma City. The station is owned by Cumulus Media. The branding of this station is a 98.9 KISS FM. The broadcasting area of the station is the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and the frequency of the station is 98.9 MHz.
⦁ In 1970, it began as KFJL
⦁ In 1980, it was changed to KLNK
⦁ In 1991, it switched to KYIS
⦁ The Joey & Heather Morning Show
⦁ Joey Combs
⦁ Heather Emery


This is an adult radio station. The station is owned by Champlin Broadcasting. The branding of the station is Alice 96.9. The broadcasting area of the station is Oklahoma City Metroplex and the frequency of the station is 96.9 MHz. It serves OKC.
⦁ In 1967, it was on aired as KCRC-FM
⦁ In 2000, it switched to KNID
⦁ In July 2000, it switched to KMKZ
⦁ In Nov 2000 it switched to KMMZ
⦁ In 2003, the station was changed to KQBL
⦁ In Dec.2003, it switched to KQOB
⦁ Jack Elliot
⦁ Rom Williams


OKC Radio Stations all have a remarkable history. DJs are favorite. The programs on aired are entertaining. These best 10 OKC Radio Stations must need to be tuned on your radios. Enjoy listening!

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