10 Best Omaha Radio Stations

Radio has been a source of entertainment and gaining knowledge and information for a very long time. Whether you want to explore new music or get updated with the latest news or listen to podcasts, radio stations offer all of these to their listeners. Here are 10 Omaha radio stations that every radio listener should tune in to.
⦁ KOPW 106.9
⦁ KVNO 90.7
⦁ KQKQ 98.5
⦁ KQCH 94.1
⦁ KOOO 101.9
⦁ KIWR 89.7
⦁ KXNB 101.3
⦁ KSRZ 104.5
⦁ KEZO 92.3
⦁ KISO 96.1

KOPW 106.9

KOPW is an Omaha radio station based in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. It broadcasts at 106.9 frequency on the FM band. It presents in a rhythmic contemporary format and broadcasts in areas like Omaha-Council Bluffs. It is owned and operated by NRG Media. The radio station is commonly known as ‘Power 106.9’ and its slogan is ‘The Station That Sounds Like Omaha.’ The call sign stands for (K)Creating Omaha’s Power.
⦁ Signed on in 1992 as KOTD.
⦁ Changed to KCTY in 1999.
⦁ Changed in 2006 as KOPW.

KVNO 90.7

KVNO is a non-commercial radio station, owned by the University of Nebraska-Omaha. It broadcasts a classical music format. The call sign stands for the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Its operations are handled by UNO’s College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media. The radio station’s mission is to enlighten, entertain, and inform.
⦁ Sunrise Classics
⦁ Millennium of Music
⦁ Wind and Rhythm
⦁ Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin
⦁ Nocturnes with Collen Cook

KQKQ 98.5

KQKQ is a hot adult contemporary format radio station; licensed in Council Bluffs, Iowa but also serving Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area. This has an FM frequency of 98.5. It is owned and operated by NRG Media. Its branding and slogan are ‘Sweet 98.5’, ‘Omaha’s Sweetest Variety.’ It’s first aired in 1969.
⦁ Signed on in 1969 with progressive rock format.
⦁ Switched to Top 40/CHR format in 1980 till 2004.
⦁ Adopted hot AC format in 2017.

KQCH 94.1

KQCH is a radio station broadcasting at the FM frequency of 94.1. It is a Top 40/CHR radio station. It is owned and operated by Summit Media. This radio station is branded as ‘Channel 94.1’ and its slogan says ‘Omaha’s #1 Hit Music Station.’ The call sign KQCH stands for Omaha’s Hit Channel. The radio station went on air for the first time in 1968.
⦁ Big Party Show
⦁ Bounce
⦁ Ryan Seacrest
On-air personalities-
⦁ Kayla
⦁ Tamo
⦁ Ryan Seacrest

KOOO 101.9

KOOO is licensed to La Vista in Nebraska. It serves areas like Lincoln/Omaha in Nebraska. It broadcasts in a variety of hits music format. The radio station was aired for the first time in the year 1958 with the call sign KMFQ. It is branded as ‘101.9 The Keg’ and the slogan is ‘#1 for Variety.’ It is owned by NRG Media.

⦁ Signed on in 1958 as KMFQ.
⦁ Changed to KYNN in 1992.
⦁ Shifted to urban contemporary format in 1994 as KGDE.
⦁ Switched to classic hits format in 1998 as KZFX.
⦁ Shifted to AC format in 2002 as KLTQ.
⦁ Changed to adult hits format in 2007 as KOOO.

KIWR 89.7

KIWR is an Omaha radio station based in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It is owned and operated by Iowa Western Community College. It is branded as ’89.7 The River’ and its slogan says ‘The Cutting Edge of Rock.’ It broadcasts an alternative format. The call sign stands for Iowa Western. This radio station has been broadcasting since January 1, 1996.
⦁ Spicoli’s Morning Fiasco
⦁ Nothing but Covers
⦁ Amplified Afternoons
⦁ Pacific Street Blues
⦁ Skinman
⦁ Spicoli
⦁ Corey
⦁ Sophia John

KXNB 101.3

KXNB is an Omaha radio station, which is community-oriented and broadcasts local news as well as hip hop and R&B music from the 80s, 90s, and ’00s. It is popularly known as ‘Mind and Soul 101.3 FM.’ It is a Pro-Black edutainment radio station, striving to uplift the Black Community. It was established in 2017.
⦁ The Morning Show with Michael and Michelle
⦁ Sheryl Underwood radio
⦁ Sunday Gospel
⦁ The Roots of Electric Jazz

KSRZ 104.5

KSRZ is broadcasting in Omaha, Lincoln, and Council Bluffs. It broadcasts an adult contemporary music format. Its FM frequency is 104.5. It is owned by Summit Media. Its slogan it ‘80s Till Now’ and is branded as ‘Star 104.5.’ It first aired in 1972. The current call sign stands for K Stars.
⦁ Terri McCormick
⦁ Cheryl Kaye
⦁ Kurt Owens
⦁ In the Studio
⦁ Braggin’ Rights Breakfast Quiz

KEZO 92.3

KEZO is a radio station, owned and operated by Summit Media. It broadcasts a mainstream rock format. It serves the area of Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan. The radio station is branded as ‘Z92’ and its slogan is ‘The Rock Station.’ It first aired in 1961, nearly 59 years ago. The call sign stands for Easy Omaha.
⦁ Signed on in 1961 as WOW FM.
⦁ Switched to Top 40 format in 1970, as KFMX.
⦁ Changed to KEZO in 1973.
⦁ Switched to rock music in 1978.
⦁ Jeff Shafer
⦁ Todd n Tyler
⦁ Big P
⦁ Bickham
⦁ Meg
⦁ Little Willie

KISO 96.1

KISO is based in Omaha, Nebraska. It is owned and operated by iHeart Media. It broadcasts at 96.1 frequency on the FM band. It is branded as ’96.1 KISS FM.’ The radio station’s slogan says ‘Omaha’s #1 for All the Hits.’ Its call sign stands for KISS Omaha. It debuted in 1976.
⦁ Known as KEFM from 1976 to 2005.
⦁ Changed to KQBW in 2006.
⦁ Changed to KISO in 2012.
⦁ Raph
⦁ Gabby Diaz
⦁ Colt Parkey
⦁ Ashley Nics

These are the 10 Omaha radio stations you must tune in to, whether while driving around in the neighborhood or while relaxing at home; whether to listen to music or stay updated on the latest happenings around you. These radio stations have enriched the music scene in Omaha, thanks to the talented radio jockeys who curate their playlists creatively.

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