Best Philadelphia Radio Stations

10 Best Philadelphia Radio Stations

Digital screens are embedded in every lounge but still, radios are not kicked out. People do love to listen to radios while working. The radio industry is providing quality entertainment.

Given below is the list of Philadelphia radio stations based on Philadelphia. You will love to listen to them. Details are also described below.

  1. WRFF 104.5
  2. WKDU 91.7
  3. WXPN 88.5
  4. WMMR 93.3
  5. WIP FM 94.1
  6. WMGK 102.9
  7. WRTI FM 95.7
  8. WRSL 98.9
  9. WLOQ 102.1 
  10. WHYY FM 90.9      


The station was first settled in February 1965. The stations were owned by associated Communications as an assistant of Rust craft greeting cards. In 1967 stations shifted to formats of country music. The new layout of regulation for the FM occurred in 1977. The broadcast area of the station in the delivered valley. The branding of this station is radio 104.5 full show the frequency of the station is 104.5 high definition. It is one ofthe Philadelphia radio stations.


  • WRCP-FM broke away in 177 and became WSNI
  • It was changed to WYXR in December 1990
  • To match Rumba Branding, WSNI was changed to WUBA in August 2006
  • In 2007, WUBA changed to WRFF

Popular Artists

  • The Killers
  • The Doo Fighters
  • Silversun Pickups
  • Coldplay


This station is a non-commercial FM radio station. This station is controlled by Drexel students and operated through the University of Drexel. This station is the free and unknown commercial station in Philadelphia. The product cost area of the station is Philadelphia and the frequency of this station is 91.7MHZ. The format this station is college radio and first air date of this station on July 17, 1971.


  • Launched as WMAX in 1958
  • FM Broadcasting began in 9171

Some Popular Shows

  • Amyl and the Sniffers/Coffin
  • Peach Pit
  • The Garden


This station is also known commercial and the station is a public FM radio station. This station comesunder the trustees of Pennsylvania University. The broadcast area of this station in Delaware Valley. The branding of this station is 88.5 XPN. The frequency of the station is 88.5 MHz. The first air date of WXPN and radio station in 1945. The owner of this station is the University of Pennsylvania.


  • It was launched in 1945
  • In 1986, the station qualified for membership in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting


  • World Cafe
  • Kids Corner with Kathy O’Connell
  • The Blues Show with Jonny Meister

Philadelphia Radio Stations – WMMR

Distillation is used electro Marshal FM radio station full stop the frequency of the station is 93.3 MHz full stop it was first signed on 20 April 1942 and the license granted to the station on 2nd March 1943 of this station are Beasley broadcast group stop the format of this station is active rock. The branding name of the station is 93.3 WMMR. This station licensed to serve Philadelphia.


  • On Feb 11, 1941, the station was permitted to for FM Broadcasting as W47PH
  • In Nov, it was changed to W49PH
  • licenses issued on 20 April, 942
  • In 1943, it was changed to WIP-FM
  • In 1966, it was changed to WMMR


The WIP 94. 1 is also a commercial FM radio station full stop the station licensed to serve Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. The broadcast from the station to Delaware Valley. The branding of the station is sports radio 94.1 WIP. The frequency of the station is 94.1 MHz. Station was first signed in 1948 moreover it was the sister station of WIBG.


  • Signed on as WIBG-FM in 1948
  • In 1971, it was sold to SJR Communications
  • In 1996, CBS Radio purchased it


The WMGK station is also a commercial FM radio station. The station was licensed to serve Philadelphia. The broadcast area of this station is Delaware Valley and brtheanding of the station is 102.9 MGK. The frequency of this station is 102.9 M Hz full stop the auto station are Beasley broadcast group. The federal communication Commission granted this station for broadcasting on 26 November 1940


  • In 1940, started as W67PH  and later switched to W69PH
  • In 1943, it was changed to WCAU-FM

WRTI Philadelphia Radio Stations

The WRTI is a non-commercial station full stop this station was licensed to serve Philadelphia. The broadcast Tower placed in the Rothe Roxborough section. The broadcast area of this station is Delaware valley. The frequency of this station is 90.1 MHz. This station is Temple University. WRTI comes in 1948 and discovered by John Roberts.

Popular Shows

  • The Bridge
  • Jukebox Jazz
  • El Viaje


It is a commercial FM radio station. It was licensed to serve Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. BeBeasleyroadcastGrGroup-owned station. An adult hits format is broadcasted by them.

Studios are based in Bala Cynwyd and the location of the broadcast tower used by the station is Roxborough section of Philadelphia. It was first on-aired on 14th May,1 49.

People who believe in the proverb “Old is Gold”; should listen t this Channel. It plays a mix of the 1070s, 1980s, and 1990s hits.


  • Founded as WFLN by civic leaders
  • -FM suffix was added in 1956
  • It was sold in 1988 to Marlin Broadcasting
  • From 1995 to 1997; it was sold and bought for about 5 times
  • Tom Milewski took over the station in 1997; Jazz format was followed by WRTI
  • Classical format ended in 95.7 and then became WXXM
  • In February 1999, Philadelphia jock Paul Barsky was added to mornings
  • On 13th May 1999, the station switches format to rhythmic oldies.
  • On August 30, WXXM was changed to WEJM
  • On July 17, WEJM switched to WMWX
  • On May 9, 2005, WMWX was changed to WBEN-FM
  • On 1st April 2019, it was switched to television music


It is a mainstream urban radio station. It is owned by iHeartMedia and was licensed to Philadelphia. The tower is located in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. The studios are based in Bala Cynwyd. It was on-aired in 1961 (as WPBS).

The Carter & Sanborn morning show was hosted by Brian Carter and Dave Sanborn. Another Philadelphia Radio Stations.


  • The station was sold to LIN Broadcasting in 1976
  • In July 1981, the station was switched to a country music format
  • In 1982, the station began presenting its annual major concert event “PowerHouse”.
  • WUSL was sold to EZ Communications in July 1994

WIOQ Philadelphia Radio Stations

It is a commercial FM radio station. It was licensed to serve Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. iHeartMedia owns this station. It broadcasts a Top 40 (CHR) format. Bala Cynwyd contains the studios. It was first on-aired on 10th Feb 1942.

Some Popular Shows

  • Club Kane
  • Friday Night 4 All
  • Saturday Night Weird

Following are the DJs of this station

  • Dirty Elbows
  • Jaime Ferreira
  • Goofy White Kid


  • The station signed on as W53PH on 10 Feb 1942
  • The was assigned the WFIL-FM on 1st Nov.1943
  • Triangle publications sold WFIL-AM-FM to Capital Cities Broadcasting in 1971; changed to WIOQ
  • On 1988, the station was sold to EZ Communication

These are the best Philadelphia Radio Stations. Tune your radios on these frequencies and enjoy them. Live life inside the doors. You can also prefer the above listed Popular shows mentioned with the radio stations.

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