Best Phoenix Radio Stations

The Phoenix Radio Stations presents various programs related to music, talks and cultural events. From the daily news and public affairs till the music programs, this station provides various programs on these sections. The slogan for this radio station is ‘Talk Sing and Connect’.


KNIX-FM is availed to the people living in Phoenix, at 102.5 MHz frequency. The station largely plays the pure country music of Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash. The iHeart Media runs the network via passionate hosts in Phoenix to amuse the listeners.
In 1961, KNIX aired its first show and received a lot of love and appreciation. 
Popular shows
⦁ CMT Cody Alan
⦁ Tim Ben & Brooke
⦁ Country House Party
Popular artists
⦁ Reid
⦁ Cody Alan
⦁ Bobby Bones


KJZZ is availed to the people living in Phoenix Arizona at 91.5 Frequency and is one of the famous Phoenix Radio stations. The natives receive a morning cup of fresh news along with vintage jazzy music as they tune in to KJZZ. Rio Salad College along with maintaining the network reinvents it as per the changing times.
Since 1951, KJZZ has been producing shows on the air for the listeners. 
Popular shows
⦁ Morning Edition
⦁ Here and Now
⦁ Classic Jazz with Blaise Lantana
⦁ Classic Jazz with Chazz Rayburn
⦁ Fresh Air
Popular artists
⦁ Blaise Lantana
⦁ Chazz Rayburn 


KALV-FM is availed to the people living in Phoenix at 101.5 MHz frequency. The RJ’s keep the listeners glued with hottest hit singles of Rihanna, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Goo Goo Dolls and Nickelback. Entercom Company promotes the number one channel that is popular on-air due to its mixed bag of peppy songs.
In 1964, the channel aired its first musical show for its listeners. 
Popular shows
⦁ The morning mess
⦁ Royalty radio
⦁ The Roosevelt tape
Popular artists
⦁ Dj Valentine
⦁ Dj Chris Villa
⦁ Natasha Castles


KESZ is availed to the people living in Phoenix at 99.9 MHz. frequency. One ought to relax to the tracks of Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Dean Marton, Camilla Cabello, and Bastille on KESZ. iHeart enterprises own the number one variety mixed channel, that is loved by the Phoenicians. 
In 1982, KESZ aired its first show in Phoenix city.
Popular shows
⦁ Beth & friends
⦁ Sara jean
⦁ Delilah
Popular artists
⦁ Billy harfosh
⦁ Ellen k weekend show


KBAQ is availed to the people living in Phoenix, at 89.5 MHz frequency. It’s highly known for playing some of the unique but classical compositions of JS Bach’s- St Matthews Passion and Tchaikovsky’s –Symphony, that are deeply instrumental. Arizona State University has a big hand in promoting the great symphonies and baroque via its channel to bring back its prominence.
Since August 1992 KBAQ has been airing its musical shows in Phoenix. 
Popular shows
⦁ KBACH’s Up All Night with Duart martin
⦁ Classical Music with Sterling Braff
⦁ Classical Music with Linda Cassidy
⦁ The Phoenix Symphony
Popular Artists
⦁ Janine Miller
⦁ Matt Rogers
⦁ Jon Town
⦁ Brian Smith


KSLX-FM is availed to the people living in Phoenix at 100.7 MHz frequency. The 1960’s and 70’ period was a treasured era, that gave the world artists like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling stones. The Beatles and Black Sabbath. The Hubbard Company owns the channel and proudly promotes the illustrious rock music of all time.
KSLX aired its first melodic show in the year 1969. 
Popular shows
⦁ Nights with Alice Cooper
⦁ Breakfast With Beatles
⦁ Acoustic Storm
⦁ The Deep End
Popular Artists
⦁ Randi Scott
⦁ Pete Cummings
⦁ Russ Egan
⦁ Alice Cooper
⦁ Michael Abad


KYFI is availed to the people living in Phoenix at 550 kHz frequency. As a citizen, one must be exposed to the governmental, economic, and societal themes dominant in one’s country. The hosts on the channel question and raise debates with the esteemed guests to garner information, about the well-being of the country. 
In 1922, the network aired its first show for the Phoenicians. 
Popular shows
⦁ The Sean Hannity Show
⦁ Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
Popular artists
⦁ Mike Russel
⦁ Glenn Black
⦁ Rush Limbaugh


KZZP is availed to the people living in Phoenix, at 104.7 MHz frequency. The conventional compositions of artists Donna Lewis, Taylor Swift, and Celine Dion are highly infectious and well-known among the young. The iHeart Company proudly holds the channel that is number one for playing the newest singles across Phoenix. 
In 1950, KZZP tiered its first show and instantly got the love of the people.
Popular shows
⦁ Lady La
⦁ Tino Cochino radio
Popular artists
⦁ Suzette
⦁ Ashley
⦁ JohnJay
⦁ Rich


KAJM is availed to the people living in Phoenix at 104.3 MHz frequency. The 1980’ and ’90s was a time for slow music along with expressive vocals of James Taylor and Anita Baker that set the trend for urban music. Sierra H broadcasting proudly owns the channel in Phoenix and promotes various shows to the listeners throughout the day. 
In 1984, KAJM aired its first show, and lead to the creation of the fan base.  
Popular shows
⦁ Slow Jams with R Dub
⦁ The top 10 Now and Then with Rick Nuhn
⦁ Underground oldies with Alan Beck
Popular artists
⦁ Alex Santa Maria
⦁ Jackie Morales
⦁ Alan Beck


KKFR is availed to the people living in Phoenix at 98.3 MHz frequency. The best way to get out of the comfort zone is to get up and dance as if no one is seeing. The playlists on the channels are extremely peppy and playful that include tunes of Usher, Silk, T Pain, Rihanna, and Pitbull. 
In 1985, the network aired its first channel to the listeners in Phoenix.
Popular shows 
⦁ The Dana Cortez Show
⦁ Crisco Kidd Block party
Popular Artists
⦁ Tio Gio
⦁ Julezz

Phoenix radio stations have thousands of passionate fans across the city, for the fact that it deeply centers on the variety. Radio has always been the man’s best friend. The on-air shows are accessible on the weekends and weekdays that comprise musical symphonies or chatty shows.

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