Best Pittsburgh Pirate Radio Stations

Top 10 Pittsburgh Pirate Radio Stations

If you search the best Pittsburgh Pirate Radio Stations then a lot of results will come. But most of them are biased. Here I am presenting the top 10 selective types of radio stations present in Pittsburg Pirates which will cover every topic. The names and reasons to hear them are as follows.


This station has started its journey from 1948. At that time the name of this station was WKJF-FM. During the time from 1960 to 1970, this channel aired beautiful music concerts through this channel. The famous sportsman Bill Hillgrove had started hosting a program at every Saturday night, named as Stereo Dance Party. Apart from music concerts, News and sports talks telecasting are part of this channel. 93.7 MHz is the frequency number of this channel.


This station has started its journey on 15th December 1947. The first name of this channel was WVAM. After changing the owner, the names have replaced with WTNA. They have an affiliation with ESPN sports. This is why they first started airing sports-related news. After that, they changed their curriculum into an old music format. Toona 1430 is the branding partner of this station. Penn State Sports Network, Pittsburgh Steelers Football Network, and Altoona Baseball Curve all are telecasted through this station. One of the popular shows of this channel was Jim Rome Show which is replaced with The Herd with Colin Cowherd.


1460 kHz is the frequency address of this channel. News and Talks are the main themes of this channel. On 25th May 1948, the channel has started with the name WBVP. In the beginning, the famous three hosts were Frank Smith, Tom Price, and Charles Ondurka. Some famous shows and the popular personalities of this channel are Jim Market, Guy Junker, Woody Lester, Ray Fallen, Julie Bologna, Randy Cosgrove, John Mehno, Dave Justice, Roy Angst, Sam Simple, Tim Herrera, Don Shield, Ted Ruscitti, Don Kennedy who is famous for Big Band Jump, Bob Alexander and so many names. Due to the presence of a high number of personalities, this station has high traffic among all Pittsburgh Pirate Radio Stations. Every weekday from 6 AM to 1 PM, they telecast all their events.


Turn your slider into 1490 kHz to be on this channel. Hot adult contemporary is the main focus of WESB. Today’s Hits and Bradford’s Favourites, with this statement they start their program every morning. The Bob and The Sheri Show is the popular show of this channel. Apart from this show, there are a lot of varieties available here in this station. Those are Handyman Show, The Car Show, Byllye Lanes Bowling Show, and Around The Home.


If you hear the slogan ‘Your Hometown Station’ then you are in the right place. This station has a great combination of news, sports, talks about political and public affairs and oldies songs. David Rosenblum had discovered this station on 26th September in 1941. 680 kHz is the frequency address of this channel. They have affiliations with CBS Radio Network and this is why you can have national level news from this station. Dave Malarkey and Pat Parker are the famous personalities who are engaged with this station for a long time.


95.3 MHz is the frequency number of WKAZ. This station’s specialty is to inform you about the stalk market, retail market, and overall business-related news. Though, news on various topics is also offered by them. Since 1946, they are offering their service to their listeners. First, only music was telecasted from here by Top 40 format. After 2017, they started airing business news.


In the year of 1953, during May, they started their journey with ‘Special Event’. 600 kHz is the station code of this channel. From 1957 to 1959, these two years are memorable because of the legendary program host Danny Neaverth. He conducted the programs in the afternoon. The morning programs are conducted by Buffalo Flamethrower. The co-workers of this station are James and Theresa Blewett. They have an affiliation with America’s Best Music. They air the national news due to connections with ABC news.


The station you can count on – with this beautiful and enthusiastic slogan they start their every morning. 1270 kHz is the frequency code for this channel. Dave Norman is the morning host of this station. Jim Bohannon telecasts the Westwood One Radio Network, Coast To Coast is telecasted by George Noory with the help of Dave Ramsey, Mark Levin and also Yahoo Sports are being telecasted through this station to whole Pittsburgh Pirates. They have an affiliation with ABC News and Yahoo sports. In their free time, they also host modern songs for entertainment purposes.


The name came from W Continental Eastern Divide. This radio is a suitable combination of News, talks, and sports-related commentary with debates. Since 1941, they have started their successful journey. During the daytime, the local syndicate news is being telecasted through News Talk Radio. During the evening, Fox Sports Radio is there to entertain you. Connect FM is another best program of this channel. The morning news telecasts three hours from Monday to Friday. Bob Brinker, Bill Cunningham, Mike Gallagher, Sean Hannity, and Dave Ramsey are famous hosts of this channel.


From the name, you will get it that the branding partner is Jet Radio 1400. Turn your frequency into 1400 kHz. If you hear the slogan Erie’s News Talk authority, then you are in right place. The format of their channel is to provide news related updates with discussions upon various daily life hacks. The morning event is hosted by Barry Dain Steinhagen and Jim LeCorchick. Besides, Glenn Beck, Buck Sexton, Sean Hannity are the famous personalities present here to entertain you throughout the day.

These are the popular Pittsburg Pirate Radio Stations which are ruling the radio world silently. Among these 10, the sports, music, and news related updates are included. I hope these stations will fulfill your wish.

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