Best Portland Oregon Radio Stations

10 Best Portland Oregon Radio Stations

If you are looking for the best Radio Stations for the state of Oregon of the United States, you must be an FM fan. In this article, we will discuss the topmost Radio Stations.
What Are The Best 10 Portland Oregon Radio Stations?
The US is a hub known for radio stations in each state of the US. We will discuss Portland Oregon Radio Stations in this article.

KBNP 1410 AM

The KBNP Radio Station is broadcasting from Portland, Oregon United States, and It is Also known as Money Stations. KBNP Inc. owns the radio.
KBNP station was established, and it was first gone to air on 20 September 1951. It is a type D radio station, and you can easily find it in Portland.
It offers its listeners a news channel. Because KBNP radio station is introduced to people for broadcasting news at night. It’s one of the most famous radio stations in Portland.

KBPS 1450 AM

If you are a fan of typical high school radio stations, the radio is operated and run by Benson polytechnic High School Students.
The radio was released in 1923, and it was gone to air first on 23 March 1923. It was armed with slogans like the voice of Portland, public school teen sound.


It is telecasting Hot adult contemporary, Top 40, CHR Nights/weekends, non-school days, oldies, adult standards, classic rocks, and many more entertaining programs. So, this can be one of the most favorite radio stations of people interested in listening to the radio.

KBVM (88.3 FM)

This Radio Station was announced and released for broadcasting as a Catholic Christian Radio Station. It has a fantastic frequency.


The first airdate for this radio was in 1989. It was gone to air on 8tb December 1989. The radio has its repeater telecast also. It was known as 100.5 KMME.


The radio is used for broadcasting Catholic Christian programs. It can be one of the best stations that you want to find in Portland, Oregon.

KFFP-LP (90.3 FM)

If you are one of the categories of people who like to listen to low power supported Independent radio stations, it will be the best choice for you.


This radio is not one of the oldest Radio Stations. But this radio is one of the New Radio Stations. It was first on-air on 15 April 2016.


It is 24/4 operated Radio station and is used for broadcasting live programs twenty-four hours. So, it’s a fantastic station.

KGON (92.3 FM)

KGON radio station is one of the commercial radio stations and is used for classic rock music. It also broadcasts in HD format.


The radio is known as Portland’s traditional radio, it was introduced to the public in 1967. It had telecasted its first programs on 6 December 1967 as KLIQ FM and in 1974 as KGON.


It broadcasts HD1 classic rock music, and HD2 as blues, and waterfront blues. So, it will be a fantastic choice to listen to this radio.

KINK (101.9 FM)

If you are waiting for listening to commercial radio stations in Portland, Oregon, this will be an excellent choice for your type.


This Radio station is one of the oldest Radio Stations. It was introduced to the public in 1968. It had telecasted its first program on 25 December 1968.


It telecasted HD1 Adult Album Alternative, HD2 for Rhythmic CHR. So, if you are adult enough, this radio station will suit your type.

KKRZ (100.3 FM)

The radio has initially been named as Z100, and it is one Type of commercial Radio Stations. The owner of this radio is iHeartMedia.


Z100 radio stations were publically introduced in 1946. It was named as KGW FM 95.3 on 7 December 1946, KGW on 22 September 1947. And finally, as KKRZ 100.3 on 2 November 1983.


It telecasted Top 40, Alternative CHR, classic rock, and many more entertaining programs. It will be one of the best radio stations for your type if you love these kinds of programs.

KOPB (91.5 FM)

This radio station is licensed and is owned by Oregon Public Broadcasting. It telecasted programs like news and talks.


It was first announced as Class C0, and it was one of the oldest Radio Stations. However, the establishment is something History.


it broadcasts public radio programs, Adult Album Alternative, and many more programs like news and talks.

KPDQ (93.9 FM)

You can say it’s a product of Salem Communications because it’s owned by it. And it a type of commercial radio station.


This Radio Station had initially been introduced to the public in 1961. Its first program was live on 8 October 1961.


It broadcasts Christian talks and teaching programs. So, if you love to listen to these Types Of programs, you should go for it.

KQAC (89.9 FM):

This Radio station is licensed to serve you better content directly to your Hard radio via Networking.


All Classical Public Media owns the radio. It’s not one of the oldest Radio Stations, the first program from this radio was released on 1 August 1983.


It releases programs like HD1 Classical music, HD2- ICAN children’s Arts Network, HD3 Community Radio. So, it contains everything you need to listen to your house.


This radio you can find by searching for 620 AM, this radio is serving to Portland metropolitan area. So, it’s one of the essential Radio Stations in Portland, Oregon.


It’s really one of the oldest radio. It comes in the category of one of the oldest Radio station. The first program was telecasted by this radio on 25 March 1922.


This radio station is serving the metropolitan area by reading sports programs. It has a slogan as Portland’s Blazer’s station.


So, these were The Best 10 Portland Oregon Radio Stations You Should Listen Today. If you were looking for the Portland Oregon Radio Stations, we hope this could end your search.

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