Best Detroit radio stations

Best Radio Stations Available At Detroit

You won’t be surprised to know that most of the radio-audience falls under the age of 25 years and below. Heinrich Hertz’s radio was designed in 1886, just as a gadget to convey the vital message and communications to a big cluster. Detroit radio stations are known for their distinctive hosting with an amazing mixed format to fit in different kinds of listeners that keep them busy on air 24/7.


WJR is one of the famous Detroit radio stations available to the people living in southeast Michigan, at 760 kHz frequency. The channel must be on the hit list, as it conducts amazing sports talks on football and baseball. The channel is owned by the famous Cumulus Company that endorses the sports fever to the listeners.

The network aired its first show from 1922 onwards to its followers. 
Popular shows
⦁ THE Paul W Smith show
⦁ Frank Beckman 
⦁ Rush Limbaugh
⦁ The Guy Gordon show
Popular artists
⦁ Frank Beckmann
⦁ Mark Lewin
⦁ Paul w Smith


The channel is availed by people living in Detroit at 950 kHz frequency. One can get a quick update about the current affairs and meteorological conditions in the city through the panel of esteemed journalists at WWJ. Entercom enterprise upholds the channel’s activities, in Detroit. 

The channel aired its first news hour in 1922, to its listeners in Detroit. 
Popular shows
⦁ 60 minutes broadcast on WWJ
⦁ WWJ Evenings
⦁ Retirement Education hour
Popular artists
⦁ Rob Mason
⦁ Stephanie Davis
⦁ Mike Campbell 
⦁ Brooke Allen
⦁ Tom Jordan
⦁ Roberta Jasina
⦁ Jim Matthews


WDZH is availed to the people living in Detroit at 98.7 MHz frequency. One can binge on the unlimited playlist of artists like Enrique Iglesias, Ed Sheeran, Adel, Sia, Ariana Grande, Jonas Brothers and Imagine Dragons at leisure. It’s owned by Entercom enterprise that proudly promotes the contemporary tunes for its listeners. 

Beautiful songs were first played in 1961 at WDZH.
Popular shows
⦁ Chadd & Kristi Morning show
⦁ Kim Adams
⦁ Sandy Kovach
Popular artists
⦁ Kim Adams
⦁ Sandy Kovac
⦁ Chadd
⦁ Kristi


WLLLZ is availed to the people living in Detroit at 106.7MHz frequency. The channel is excellently known for playing the next generation rock nostalgic songs of The Beatle, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Eagles, and Queen.

Since 1960, the FM has been playing the wistful rock songs to its listeners.  
Popular artists
⦁ Bill Mc Allister
⦁ Trudi Danniels
⦁ Doug Podell
⦁ Casey
Popular shows
⦁ Bill Mc Allister
⦁ Trudi Danniels
⦁ Doug Podell-Doc Rock
⦁ Drew and Mike Show 
⦁ Casey


WXYT is availed to the people living in Detroit at 1270 MHz frequency. All the baseball, football and basketball aficionados should certainly tune into the network to get the up-to-date facts of their game. The powerhouse of sports news, WXYT is owned proudly by Entercom enterprises.  
In 1923, WXYT got its first break to air its sports talk to the listeners.
Popular shows
⦁ Bogey & Wojo show
⦁ The Valenti Show
⦁ Karsch and Anderson
⦁ Best of Jamie and Stoney
⦁ Classic Tigers Game
Popular artists
⦁ Jeff Lesson
⦁ Pat Caputo
⦁ Jeff Riger


WDET is availed to the people living in Detroit at 101.9 MHz. frequency. Jazzy music, freshly brewed news, nostalgic walks through the struggles of American people and Arts are presented as a daily diet of entertainment for its listeners. Wayne State University promotes the WDET channel, to circulate news updates across the city. 

Since 1948, WDET’s main objective was to produce news for its followers. 
Popular shows
⦁ On the Media
⦁ Fresh air
⦁ Detroit Today
⦁ Destination Jazz: The Ed Love Program
⦁ Morning Edition
Popular Artists
⦁ Terry Gross
⦁ Ed
⦁ Ira Glass


WNIC is availed to the people living Detroit at 1003.3 MHZ frequency. Wistful playlists, Sun Still Shines, What You Don’t Do for Love, Looking for summer will enhance the mood and energize one’s spirits melodiously. iHeart enterprises maintain the WNIC and promote their varied musical shows for the listeners.
Since 1946, WNIC plays melodious tunes for the listeners.
Popular shows
⦁ Jay Towers
⦁ The Rendezvous
⦁ Ellen K Weekend Show
⦁ Chris Edmonds
Popular artists
⦁ Theresa Lucas
⦁ Jennie James
⦁ Chris Edmonds


WRIF is availed to the people living in Michigan, at 101.1 MHz frequency. The boredom and lethargy can be bid bye-bye with the revitalizing track of Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Three Days Disgrace, and Gun and Roses on WRIF.  

Since 1948, WRIF has been entertaining radio listeners.
Popular shows
⦁ Meltdown on WRIF
⦁ Dave and Chuck the Freak
⦁ Riff 2
⦁ Checkpoint XP
Popular artists
⦁ Jade Springhart
⦁ Steve Black
⦁ Jonal
⦁ Chuck Bean


WYCD is availed to the people living in Detroit, at 99.5 MHz frequency. Sweet vintage songs by artists Billy Monroe, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash on banjos and pianos will fling one back into the good black and white days. Entercom enterprise has successfully taken over the network, to make it a number one music station in the city. 

Wonderful country music was played on the channel since 1960.
 Popular shows
⦁ Racheal and Grunwald mornings
⦁ Coop on WYCD
⦁ Rob and Holly
Popular artists
⦁ Sarah Thomas
⦁ Rob stone
⦁ Holly Huton


WMCG-FM is availed to the people living in Detroit at 105.1 MHz frequency. The head jerking, street dance, with loud rapping of the hip –hop songs are familiar hits with the Gen Y. Kanye West, Eminem, Snoop Dog, and Drake will blow one mind off, as they listen to Detroit’s number one station. 
Popular shows
⦁ The Gello Show
⦁ Tune-Up
⦁ The Official Jinx
⦁ Checkpoint XP
Popular artists
⦁ Nikki Vaugan
⦁ J Steele
⦁ DJ Scorpion

Since its invention in the late 1800’s radios have taken up our living space and amused us day-in and day-out. Its immense popularity is due to the fact the radio waves travel similar to the speed of light, hence connects well across the city. Detroit radio stations are home for great hosts and unlimited programs, whose only motto is to amuse its audience’s minds and hearts.

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