Best Richmond Radio Stations

Best Richmond Radio Stations

Listening to radio is an addiction more than using Android phones. Those who love to be in front of radios only they can know the emotion within it. I have shared the top 10 names of Richmond Radio Stations which will give you the maximum and all fun within 10 limited stations. The names and details are as follows.


Number 1 for a new Country is the slogan of this channel. K95 is the branding partner of this station. 95.3 MHz is the station code where you can have the Classical hip hop music and country music. On 17th November 1972, the first program was aired from this station. They have aired a program that was aired by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog. The name of the program is Nuthin but a G Thang. Westwood one’s are controlling the hip hop music program here.


910 The Fan is the branding partner of this channel. This station is mainly a sports station. The frequency is almost 910 kHz. They have an affiliation with Fox Sports Radio. Every day of this station starts with ‘The Sports Junkies’ in the morning. This event is telecasted to Washington DC also. In the afternoon Wes McElroy telecasts local sports events. Famous sports events like Virginia Commonwealth University Rams Basketball and Virginia Tech Homies Football and Richmond Minor Baseball Leagues.


If you turn the 102.1 MHz on your radio then you will able to listen to the programs of this channel. In the year of 1949, the station was activated. Central Virginia is the branding partner of this channel. They have affiliations with two big companies like Elliot in the Morning and Premiere Networks. The country music is the main format of this channel. Big 98.5 is the name of this program. Otherwise, they also air a Contemporary Christian Music which is known as The Journey. They aired a famous concert which was mainly upon rock music, named 102.1 The X.


2K and Today, with this slogan they start their everyday program. 103.7 MHz is the frequency code for this channel. This channel first activated on 23rd December 1961. Hot adult contemporary is the main program here. Though sports and local news are also telecasted from this place. The major programs of this channel are Sports 106.1, Virginia Tech’s Public Radio, and news reports from NPR and BBC.


In the year of 1988, on the 8th day of May, the first program from this channel was aired. VPM news is the branding partner of this channel. 88.9 MHz is the station code of this channel. They have affiliations with National Public Radio and American Public Media and the ownership of this channel goes to Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation. News related to public affairs and talks upon these is the main theme. Since 2017, Alpha Media has collaged with this station and started to air new acquisitions. They have started ‘WCVE News’ and ‘WCVE Music’. Later the word WCVE is placed with VPM.


This channel is very interesting among all other Richmond Radio Stations. 1150 kHz is the station code of this channel. Interesting because you can have all in one channel like music, news, and sports-related updates. They have high connections with CBS News, ABC News, Westwood One and so many to mention. Another name of this channel which is given by the fans is Voice of Virginia. In the Morning Richmond’s Morning News with John Reid is going on from 5:30 to 9 AM.
The afternoon news is read by Jeff Katz from 3 to 6 PM. The other programs of this channel are The Sean Hannity Show and The Rush Limbaugh Show. George Noory is the operator of these events. At the Weekend, ‘The Lee Brothers’ Saturday Show and Home Improvement with Richard McKann’ are being telecasted. The religious show God is Just a Prayer Away, The international Gospel Hour, and The Lutheran Hour are the famous programs for the weekend. The Bill Cunningham Show is another attraction that is telecasted on Sunday night.


97.3 MHz is the frequency address of this station. Community Radio which is very rare nowadays is airing from this station. Adult album Alternatives which is commonly known as AAA is also telecasted through this station. This station has built recently in 2005. Those who love to listen to the AAA types of music, this channel is perfect for them.


Richmond’s number 1 hit music station, the slogan is the symbol of this station. 94.5 MHz is the frequency number of this channel. CHR and Top 40 is the music format that they are following. Q94 is the branding partner of this channel. In the year of 1948, the station became first activated. At first, they were telecasting Drama, comedies, sports, and news. Every day they telecast a program called The Planet.


In 1999, this station was first aired in the area of Richmond. VPM music is the branding owner of this station. Public affairs and public related talks are the main focus of this channel. 107.3 MHz is the station code of WBBT. The name came from B Beat. The famous programs of this channel are 80s Hit Songs and Big Oldies 107.3. Football and Men’s Basketball also telecasted from this station.


This channel offers a wide range of varieties of programs. Comedy, sports talks, debate upon political issues, public affairs, foods, retail market, and live stream are the part of this station. 90.1 MHz is the station code to be in here. In their free time, they offer modern music also. On 7th September 1977, the first event was telecasted. The branding partner who helps this station to be intact in its position is WDCE 90.1 FM.
These are the famous 10 Richmond Radio Stations. Sports, Music of oldies and modern, public affairs, the National news from ABC and CBS and talks related events are included in these stations. I hope you can get the fun from here.

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