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Top 10 Rochester Radio Stations

We often sit in front of a radio to get updated by news or for entertainment purposes. But scrolling the slider and selecting the best one is quite difficult. This is why I have shared 10 best stations among all Rochester Radio Stations.


The first sound from this radio station had aired on 22nd January 1996. iHeartMedia, the owner of this radio station is airing the broadcast in Rochester for a long time. The frequency number of this station is 107.3 MHz. Before iHeartMedia, during the year of 1998, this station was known as ‘Kiss 107’ for its frequency number. The journey of this station was quite interesting with so many programs and names as ‘Rudolph Radio’, ‘Huge 107.3’, and ‘107.3 The Fox’ and so many. The two mega programs on this channel are The Bobby Bones Show (Monday to Saturday morning) and Disc Jockeys.


‘Different Radio’, with this slogan every morning of this Rochester Radio Station starts. It started almost in the year of 1948. Set your radio’s frequency to 88.5 MHz to find it. In the beginning, the station was a low power AM station. It ran on 650 kHz. They finally received the license in the year 1965 by the FCC. This is the radio station of the University of Rochester. AAA, NPR News, and music programs are the features of this station.


The owner of this station is iHeartMedia. Through the frequency of 100.5 FM, this is airing its programs for a long time. More music, More Variety is the slogan of this show. Mainly hot adult contemporary is being aired from this station. Music is also part of it. The previous owners of this station were Lincoln group, American Radio System, and Jacor respectively. WDVI was established in the year of 1963. After 2017, the branding was transferred to ‘Mix 100.5’ again.


92.5 WBEE is branding this channel and broadcasting through all over Rochester. The frequency of this station is 92.5 MHz. WVOR first owner this station inn1960 and the first program aired inn1961. But after 5 years the station was switched to 100.5 which is known as WDVI. After passing through all difficulties now the owner of this station is Entercom Communications. Mainly sports-related news is telecasting through WBEE-FM. Entercom Communications is the owner of this station and WBZA, WCMF, WPCY, and WROC are the sister stations of this channel.


‘Rochester’s Classis Rock’ is the slogan of this channel. At the beginning of this station around 1968, this station aired one program called ‘Candlelight and Wine’ by Bill Rund. Herb Hamlett performed his DJ events here. 96.5 WCMF is the frequency of this station. This station is connected with the Sabres Hockey Network. R&B is going on at the afternoon session (6 am to 3 pm), and the Underground Rock concerts are held at midnight. Later they have come up with new strategies and turned the station into 24 hours rock music station.


The previous name of this station was WRHR in 1975. During 1987, the name was changed into WBER. 90.5 MHz is the frequency number through which it covers the whole of Rochester. The popular announcer of this station was Doug Emblidge of WHAM-TV, Patrick Sloan from ESPN, and Paul Jason Kolacki of WRMM FM. They have affiliations of more than 40 stations. With the enthusiastic slogan, ‘The Only station that matters’, they start their activities daily. Along with Alternative Radio, they present various local concerts in their station.


In the year of 1966, the station was named as WNYR and first aired their program. Through 101.3 Warm brandings, it had spread its performances to every corner of Rochester. Before CBS Radio, the station did telecast religious speeches and beautiful music concerts. Stephen’s Media Group is the owner of this station. Presently they are airing adult contemporary. The slogan of this station is Today’s Soft Rock. With the beautiful opening, they will mesmerize your whole day.


Probably this is the oldest radio station among all others in Rochester. iHeartMedia is the present owner of this station. 1180 kHz is the frequency. The station is connected and affiliated with Fox News Radios, Premier Networks and Westwood One. Here are some of the programs with the schedule. WHAM 5 o clock hours news.


They start their morning with the slogan ‘the #1 Hit Music Station!’ They began their journey as WROC FM on 14th September 1959. Through a beautiful music format, they spread classical music. In 1961, WROC FM’s name was given by the Veterans. During the summertime of 1982, Top 40 format had been started by them. This concert was handled by Jim Harrington during the morning session. For more than 25 years the celebrity Scott Spezzano started their program 98PXY by his melodious voice. If you turn the frequency to 97.9 MHz then you can hear HD radio, LGBTQ+ program for Gay, and music along with pop culture.


The station is established in Honeoye Falls in Rochester. 95.1 MHz is the frequency of this station. On 6th June 1948, they have aired their first concert on music. In the beginning, they started to broadcast various necessary updates for the farmers of Rochester. Due to the change of ownership, first, this station was named Rural Radio Network and then Ivy Network. They are airing Brother Wease in the morning and from 2 to 7 pm they broadcast the famous DJ of Kimberly and Beck. Every day they are telecasting this. They have made their slogan as, “Brother Wease all morning, Kimberly and Beach in the afternoon”.
If we are starting to list out the names of famous Rochester Radio Stations then these 10 will be always on the top. They offer us sports, classical music, rock music, pop songs, DJ, news, and programs for homosexual also. If you are thinking about selecting some stations for your schedule then these are the best

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