Best Sacramento Radio Stations

10 Best Sacramento Radio Stations

If you’re looking to tune into your radio driving around Sacramento, here’s a list of 10 that you should definitely listen to:

  1. Kyds FM 91.5
  2. KHHM 103.5
  3. KKDO 94.7
  4. KDEE-LP 97.5
  5. KXJZ 90.9
  6. KYMX 96.1
  7. KSSJ 107.1
  8. KHYL 101.1
  9. KYRV 93.7
  10. KRXQ 98.5

Kyds FM 91.5

Kyds FM has listed itself in the best Sacramento radio stations. It is run by select students of the El Camino Fundamental High School. It is fully operated by the students of this high school. It is located in Sacramento, California. Its radio frequency is 91.5.
⦁ It started in 1976 where it was played only in the school cafeteria.
⦁ Got licensed in 1978 and covered a 5-mile radius.
⦁ They have a diverse program because it is run as per the requests of students.
⦁ Unique playlist because DJs can play their music without restrictions.
⦁ It does not play commercials that gives its listeners access to uninterrupted music.


KHHM, also known as Fuego 103.5 is a contemporary hit radio station based in North Sacramento. KHHM stands for Kapital’s Hot Hit Music, as Sacramento is California’s capital and Fuego means Hot. Its slogan is ‘Hot Hits’. The music played is bilingual, meaning, they play English as well as Spanish and Latin tunes. The programming was initially focused on the largely ignored HipHop music. As time passed by, the programming shifted to more contemporary, pop music. They currently play hip hop, reggaeton, and pop tunes.
⦁ Launched with regional Mexican format in 1996, known as KRYR
⦁ Call letters were changed to KBMB in 1997, also known as ‘the bomb’.
⦁ First CHR to incorporate hip hop music in programs.
⦁ Programming shifted from African-American to Latin in 2011.
⦁ Renamed as Fuego 103.5 in 2019.
Popular shows-
⦁ Hot 103.5 Hot Morning Mess
⦁ The Latin Diva
⦁ Caliente Mix
Popular DJs-
⦁ JayMarzz
⦁ Short E
⦁ RayArea
⦁ Super Mike

Alt 94.7

It is licensed to Fair Oaks, California, and serves the Sacramento market. KKDO is commonly known as Alt 94.7 because they program in an alternative rock radio format. KKDO is considered as a ‘move-in’ station because they had to move 80 miles to be able to broadcast in the Sacramento radio market. It is owned by Entercom Communications.
⦁ Signed on-air in Carson City, Nevada as KNIS, on November 25, 1970.
⦁ Called KRWR in 1990
⦁ Known as KIZS in 1992
⦁ KTHX FM in 1994
⦁ Switched to smooth jazz format as KSSJ in 1998
⦁ Switched to gold-based alternative rock format as KKDO in 2010
⦁ Rebranded as Alt 94.7 in 2018
⦁ Cooper
⦁ Lindsey Pavao


KDEE-LP 97.5 is a community radio station based in Sacramento, California. It was launched in 2004 by the California Black Chamber of Commerce. The call sign stands for K Dedicated to Economic Empowerment. It was first aired on October 24, 2004. It is branded as a ‘radio for grown folks.’ Its programming is a mix of music and news. They play music under the Urban Adult Contemporary formats, such as R&B, urban gospel, jazz, and music from new and rising artists. It provides news on public affairs, small business entrepreneurs, and youth. This radio station provides commercial-free programming.
· Launched as 97.7 FM in 2004.
· Shifted to 97.5 FM in 2011.
Popular shows-
· Black America
· Free Talk Live
· Gospel Soul Sunday
· The Smooth Vibe
On-Air Personalities-
· Tristen Mays
· Jay King
· Leon Guidry

Capital Public Radio

KXJZ 90.9 FM is a public radio station based in Sacramento. Its format is that of News/Talk and Classical music. It airs the programs from the National Public Radio (NPR) as well as local news and public affairs programs. It is branded as CapRadio and its slogan is ‘Your Choice for NPR.’ KXJZ operates on two frequencies, one of which, 90.9-2, provides 24-hour commercial-free classical music. It was first aired on October 5, 1964. It is owned by California State University.
· Established in 1964 by Sacramento State College, as KERS.
· Converted to a public radio station in 1978, as KXPR.
· KXPR and KXJZ swapped radio frequencies in 2006, for better coverage.
Popular shows-
· Insight with Beth Ruyak
· K-ZAP on CapRadio

Ø Mix96

KYMX 96.1 FM is a commercial radio station owned by Bonneville International. This radio station is branded as Mix96 and its slogan is ‘Today’s Hits, Yesterday’s Favorites.’ It broadcasts in the Adult Contemporary format.
· Signed on in March 1947, as KCRA FM.
· Changed to beautiful music format as KCTC in 1968.
· Switched to adult contemporary format as KYMX in 1990.
· Ownership changed from Entercom to Bonneville International in 2017.


KSSJ or K296GB is a radio station, owned and operated by iHeart Media. Its radio frequency is 107.1. It operates and programs on a soft adult contemporary format.
· Signed on in December 2014 with alternative rock format, as K296GB or Alt 107.1.
· Switched to a classic rock format, as KQJK or 107.1 The Brew, in February 2016.
· Switched to smooth jazz format, as KSSJ or Smooth Jazz 107.1, in April 2017.
· Switched to soft adult contemporary format, as 92.5 The Breeze, in November 2018.


It broadcasts in a classic hip hop radio format. KHYL is also known as V 101.1. It is owned by iHeart Media. Its slogan is ‘Throwback hip hop and R&B.’
· Signed on December 21, 1961, as KAFI.
· Changed to KHYL in 1977.
· Rebranded as COOL 101 in 1991.
· Switched to rhythmic oldies format as Magic 101 in 1999.
· Rebranded as V 101.1 in 2001.
· Switched to classic hip hop format in 2015.


KYRV 93.7 FM is a commercial radio station and is licenses in Roseville, California. It is owned by iHeart Media. It programs a classic rock radio format. It is also known as ‘93.7 The River’. Its slogan is ‘The River City’s new classic rock #1.’ It was first aired in June 1970.
· Debuted as KPIP in 1970.
· Switched to urban contemporary format, as KPOP in 1980.
· Changed to KDJQ in 1986.
· Changed to KRXQ in 1987.
· Changed to KRAK FM in 1998.
· Switched to classic hits in 1999, as Arrow 93.7. Changed to KXOA.
· Changed to KHWD in 2004.
· Switched to adult hits format in 2005, as KQJK.


KRXQ is a radio station, with a frequency of 98.5 FM. It is owned by Entercom Communications. It plays a mainstream rock format. Its slogan is ‘California’s Rock station’ and is branded as ’98 Rock.’ It first aired on November 1, 1959.
· First signed on as KXRQ in 1959.
· Changed to KZAP in 1968.
· Switched to a country music format in 1992, as KNCI.
· Changed to KRXQ in 1996.


These are the top 10 Sacramento radio stations. Tune in to these frequencies and enjoy the programs while you drive around the city.

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