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Top 5 San Diego Radio Stations

What is called Birthplace of California? Why? San Diego is the answer, yes it is called the Birthplace of California, you know why? because San Diego is the first and permanent settlement of Spanish’ site in the state of California. San Diego is the most famous city for all kinds of things. It is the place for beaches, parks with warm climates due to the pacific coast of California. It also for art galleries, radio stations, gardens and museums and then artist studios and so on. One thing people should accept the exact feeling of rock music in warm climates is an ultimate one; this is possible by the great radio broadcastings of this America’s finest city, San Diego. Yes, in this article we are going to dig out the archives of san diego radio stations in a well-determined way.

The total radio history of City in Motion

San Diego’s radio industry was started in the twenties itself. In 1922 there are only AM stations that were named KGB, this station became the legendary station to all the followed stations of the century. The period of ’60s became the famous one for the radio stations because that is the period when the dial positions are stable. The late eighties became the year of San Diego for KGB which was the album-oriented rocker which was possessed by Brown Broadcasting. The top stations of the period are KKLQ, KSON, XTRA, KFMB and KJQY, and so on. The rock of the 91X station was initiated in 1978 by John. This was the famous-rated station which has the format of AAA stands for Adult Alternative Albums especially in the eighties and nineties. The part of the stations was popular because of providing a mix of guitar-based live-music alternatives. Due to the Act of Telecom in 1996, the radio owners planned to make many more stations. Jacor was the first player for this San Diego station. For the contemporary and rhythmic stations of the San Diego, the great player Jacor has worked for the making of following stations such as XTRA, KSDO, KIOZ, KGO and KKLQ and so on. In the year of 1999, all the above stations which are worked by him were closely attained by the clear channels. In the period of nineties, those leading stations were being inclined by Jefferson who was supported for the stations like KFMB and KYXY with adult contemporary stations.

People’s favorite radio stations in America’s finest city

In the city of San Diego, the varieties of music are entirely reached well to the people through the massive radio stations. Here are some most popular stations and its frequencies were explained in a well-determined way.
In the list of top radio stations of a city, KPBS- 89.5 FM was the first one and initiated in the year of 1960 which is one of the non-commercial public radio stations. The main target of this radio frequency is the news and public affairs, that be clear in their slogan itself ‘where news matters’. This station was formed in 1960 in the name of KEBS after 1970 it was changed as KPBS. There are three channels were broadcasting by this station such as HD1 which is for news, talk shows, HD2 is for classical music, and HD3 for Groove Salad. This station has the effective power of 2700 watts. The famous host and DJs are Mark Saucer, Jade Hindman, and Deb Welsh. The most favorite program was readings the newspaper, magazines, important facts over the audio channel.

The second radio station is KXSN- 98.1 FM which was branded as the name of Sunny 98.1. It was owned by the Entercom and aired for the classic hits/music. ‘San Diego’s greatest hits’ is the slogan of this radio station. It was started in 1960 and it has been broadcasting into three formats of stations such as HD1 is mainly for the classic hits, HD2 is the station of KIFM for Jazz music and the last one HD3 especially for the talk show. It has worked with an effective power of 26500 watts. The famous Disco Jackie and artists who were visited in this station, Madonna, Whitney Houston, and the most famous superstar Michael Jackson, Donna Lewis, and so on.

The next station in the list is XHRM- 92.5 FM this is an adult contemporary radio station which has been broadcasting with the 100000 watts and was first aired on 1979. The main theme of the station is branded with Magic 92.5 with the slogan of the best of San Diego. The first frequency for this XHRM was 99.3 after the year of 1972 it becomes 92.5. The first focus of this station was gospel music, soul and rap songs, at that time it was under the control of black people and so the topics will be related to the black communities. The sister station of this stream was XHITZ that was mainly for after 7 PM. The year of ’90s became rich and energetic one to conduct the dance tracks and invites the artists like Pharrell Williams and Bruno Mars.

The fourth one is called KMYI- 94.1 FM which is formed with a music format and also the adult contemporary one. It was organized in 1949 with the slogan of more music, more variety, and San Diego’s best variety in the effective power of 77000 watts. It was begun with the name of KFSD-FM also casting as KFSD. The famous hosts are Jeff and Jer who was accompanied by the great personality of Delana who was also considered as a co-host with them. Some of the notable shows are Playhouse, Geena the Latina and Jesse and Tati.

The next station is KHTS- 93.3 FM which was considered as the San Diego’s first Hit Music Station and all the hits as in their slogan, it was started its journey from 1961 with the brand name of channel 93.3. It has been worked with the power of 50000 watts. This station became the favorite one to the people and so it was appreciated by the record as a most listened station of San Diego, nearly 1000000 listeners have listened in a short while. This station initiated with the name of KECR, it was mainly for the talk radio programs like family radio organizations. The famous shows are AJ Playhouse, and the best co-hosts of the station were AJ Machado, Sisanie, Letty B, Alex and so on, in 2006’s records


These are the famous and iconic san diego radio stations and people have given their support for this radio frequencies and generally in the radio industry in the great city of San Diego. Most importantly the Rock, pop, classic music and jazz became the prior genre of music in the stations of California people.

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