Top 11 Santa Rosa Radio Stations

Options are so many if you search about Santa Rosa Radio Stations. But here I have summarized the top 11 radio stations where you get the all necessary ingredients. Let us check what they are offering.


Turn the frequency slider to 95.9 MHz and if you hear the slogan ‘Wine Country Radio’ then you are in right place. The Krish is the branding partner of this radio station. The first program was aired through this station in 1996. At that time the name of this channel was KHBG. This radio station of Santa Rosa offers you the best collections of Adult Album Alternatives. So if you love here those programs then you can visit their channel any time.


This station is also known as Froggy 92.9 due to its branding name. With the slogan of Today’s Country, they start their program. The frequency address of this channel is 92.9 MHz. Lawrence Amaturo is the present owner of this radio station. Most of the time they air Country music. The first name of this channel was KREO. Still, many people call this channel by the previous name. Since 1979, this channel is offering the best country music to entertain the people of Santa Rosa.


Since 1986, they are offering the people of Santa Rosa, the best collections of Classical hit music. Among all other Santa Rosa Radio Stations, this Station is famous for music. 104.9 MHz is the frequency address of this channel. The channel is also famous as KRPQ. The first owner Maverick Media telecasted hot adult contemporary as Adult Top 40 format. But after the public demand in 2017, they have started playing 80’s songs also. Anytime you on their channel, you will be in their so-called program ‘K-Hits 104.9’.


Hot 101.7 is the branding partner of this channel. Turn your frequency into 99.3 MHz to be on this channel. Their format is also music. They started their way with Top 40 format and CHR. Now, at the weekends mainly, they air some Rock and Classical music to make the weekends beautiful.


This one is public radio. Not only in Santa Rosa but also Geyserville, Healdsburg, Windsor, Sebastopol, Calistoga and various corners of California. In the year 1993, the 25th day of September, they aired their program first from this station. Daily life updates, public affairs, and special news are being telecasted through this channel.


In the year of 1937, the first program was aired from this channel. News talks are the main format of this channel. 1350 kHz is the frequency number of this channel. The morning is filled with Coast to Coast AM, Tom Sullivan, Dave Ramsey, George Noory, and America in the Morning. Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis was once aired but recently deactivated. ABC News can be heard most of the time here. Californian Wine Country and Best Citric or Review Series are also played weekly. And at every weekend, Clark Howard, George Noory, and Kim Komando are hosting a program where discussion upon cooking, foods, real estate, and public affairs are going on.


89.1 MHz is the frequency number of this channel. Since the first airing date 1973, it is keeping the Spanish-English talks on. La Voz De Tu is the branding partner of this channel. Robert F. Kennedy provider funds for this channel. Bilingual Broadcasting Foundation is the current owner of this station. News, taking interviews of eminent persons, telecasting small and big events especially local are daily Program of this channel. They also offer Latin Jazz, rock, world music, folk music, and salsa. Any time you can be on their channel to hear their programs. From 12 to 2 pm, they provide news and sports commentary daily. Political commentary likes Thom Hartman Show, Ring of Fire, Democracy Now are the special attractions of this channel.


The first program from their channel was aired on 18th April 1971. 100.1 MHz is the frequency address of this channel. Adult Contemporary is the main of KZST. This is the first FM Radio station between Portland and Santa Rosa. Though they offer adult contemporary music most of the time sometimes they offer music for children also. Every weekday starts with ‘Morning Showgram’ by Brent Farris. At the weekend, Jim Grady is there to make your day beautiful. In the evening they offer news headlines also which is very brief.


The full name of this channel is K V River. Classical rock music is the main format of this channel. 97.7 The River is the branding partner of KVRV. In 1977 the first sound was aired from this channel. At that time the radio station was known as KRJB. Classical rock with the band, modern, the ’80s and 90’s music is provided by them all day to entertain you. If you hear the slogan of Classical Rock for the North Bay, then you are in right place.


If you love to hear religious talks then this channel is perfect for you. In the year of 1993, first, this channel aired its programs. They also offer various news related to the Mexican region. The station was known as Sexy 95.9. 98.7 MHz is the frequency number of this channel.


This is another place where you can have the best collections of Classical music. The slogan of this channel is America’s Greatest Hits. This channel is only active at the weekend. But when it will on you have the pleasant day of your life. The current owner of this channel is Redwood Empire Stereocasters. 102.7 MHz is the frequency address of this channel.

As you can see most of the channels among Santa Rosa Radio Stations, are providing the best collections of 80’s and 90’s music. Not only that, religious talks and news updates are also available in the above-mentioned names. DJs are very rare in these channels but on special occasions like Christmas or any celebration, they play DJs to entertain their listeners.

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