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Seattle is called the great Emerald City, and it is known for its Microsoft Windows, little business named Amazon and Boeing Airplanes, and so on. More than these developmental specialties also it is known for hiking, skiing, kayaking, and sailing. The last one and the most adorable one in Seattle is lots of rainy weather which amuse the people while having the music from the radio system. Every age of people is still acknowledging the worth of the radio industry and so the seattle radio stations were on the top list of amusements gadgets. As per the record of 2019, Seattle is in fifth place of the list of the most expensive places to live in the United States of America. In this article, we come to know that how the radio industry was emerged and developed in Seattle.

The foundation of radio stations and the first radio frequency of Seattle

The great Seattle has the great radio market also the huge history of travel to attain that particular stage in the radio industry. The first radio community of Seattle was KRAB, which was founded in 1962 with the intention of freeform radio and so it became like a leader to the upcoming community stations. They are KNDD which has broadcasting the Seattle music scene of the spotlight for the nineties people, KISW has received so many credibilities for their rock music broadcasting, KUBE was one of the great synonymous stations from the early eighties. The ownership, call letters, and also the dial positions were changed frequently for the few decades in the commercial radio stations. But after the FCC reallocation, the dial positions were stable until this date. They not only focused on FM stations simultaneously for the AM stations which means sister stations. At the period of the seventies and eighties were not that much reached to the people because they didn’t advertise for the stations. But in the mid of eighties, the FM has transformed as the most dominant source of entertainment to all music lovers of Seattle. And after that people acknowledge both FM/AM stations became the stations for more news and talk shows. In the 90’s time, Seattle rock music has become the nation’s popular bands in the names of Pearls Jam, Chains, and Nirvana which were in the national list of bands. In this twenty-first century, there are seven stations were owned by the Entercom market as a professional station.

The standard level of radio stations in the Emerald City

Seattle is a great city and one of the expensive cities as per the records. The population of the city was nearly seven lakh, so there must a lot of sources for entertainment for them. In this list, the first music system for the people is radio broadcasting from the twenties itself. Here are some of the popular radio stations in the great Emerald City.
The primary radio station is KIRO- 97.3 FM which is started its career in the year of 1948 with the slogan of Seattle’s news and Seattle’s Talk. The pronunciation of this KIRO will be called Cairo, and then this station was started its first format of news and talk shows only. The effective radiator power of the station was 55000 watts. It was founded as the KTNT-FM with 10000 watts power. After they have changed to two other names such as KNBQ and KBSG, after that all they have changed the call letters as KIRO. These stations were provided the music of the 1970’s and also the ’80s and then it was moved to the classical hits. There are types of genres in their programs such as syndicated shoes, sports, and past programs and so there is a list of hosts were in the station. Some of them are Ron Upshaw, Jason Rantaz, Frank Shiers, and so on.

The second station is KISW- 99.9 FM which is also called, which means branded as The Rock 99.9 KISW. This station was aired in 1950 with the slogan of the rock of Seattle and the format for the first station is mainstream rock and then for the second station, it was an active rock with 67000 watts. In was formed and programmed a format of classical music with just 2100 watts. In 1971 this KISW station became a rock station and started to play the best selling albums by the DJs in the programs. The popular personalities who have visited this station were Robin, Steve Station, Gary Crow, and Steve West. The most popular shows are The Men’s Room, The BJ Shea Morning Experience, and so on.

The next station is called KRWM- 106.9 FM which was known by the people as Warm-106.9 with the slogan of the most music for your workday. The format of this station is Adult contemporary and in the second station, it is for Adult standards with effective radiator power of 49000 watts. It was first started with the name of KBRO-FM in the year of 1964 and also accompanied by the AM station with the same name KBRO 1490. The motto of this station is to provide the trendiest music hits for the people who will hear the station even in working days. The sister stations are KIXI, KQMV, KKNW, and KNUC.

The fourth station is KUOW- 94.9 FM which is the member station for national public radio in Emerald City. It was first started in the year of 1952 with the slogan of sound stories and sound voices. The format of the station is for news and talk shows with 100000 watts. It became like a guide to the students who want to learn about the radio broadcastings. The famous programs are classical music, local news, lectures, and Huskies sports of Washington. The famous hosts are Bill Radk, Dave Beck, and Amanda Wilde, and so on.

The next station is KJR- 965.7 FM which was branded as 95.7 The Jet with the slogan of Seattle’s Best Variety of the ’80s and more, actually initiated in 1960 with 100000 watts. It was actually for the music format and an adult contemporary format that emphasized instrumental music to the music lovers most importantly youngster of the period. The famous shows are Classic Countdown, Bob Rivers’ morning shows. The famous host is Dick Bartley and Bob River and so on.


Seattle city was also called Jet City; every technology has some progress and downs to attain an ideal place likewise, seattle radio stations also have a huge history for the radio industry. This radio station was an actual source of contentment for the Emerald city people that been hence proved from this article because the contribution of the radio industry was still now doing its work for the people.

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