Top Singers of Armenia & Best 10 Songs from Armenia

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Armenia music has its fans with a blend of their traditional and modern music. Many international composers produce songs which are loved by most people around the world. Few popular musicians include Alexander Arutiunian, Karen Kavaleryan, and many others. Music is the ultimate stress-buster in our everyday life. Hence it is important to know the best songs and artists from Armenia, especially if you are an Armenian music lover. The Armenian singers and best songs are provided below where you can check out and have the best music experience.

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Top Singers of Armenia

Armenia has a lot of popular artists who provide music lovers with their best songs. Here are the top singers of Armenia

  • System of Down: The System of Down is a musical band formed in 1994 and has been providing the popular songs till now. The band has four members Daron Malakian who performs vocals and guitar, John Dolmayan who is the drummer, Serj Tankian who is vocalist, and Shavo Odadjian who is the bass and drummer. They have achieved commercial success with top albums like ‘Toxicity’, ‘Lonely Day’, ‘Hyptonize’, and so on.
  • Serj Tankian: Yes, he is one of the band members but after a break, he grew as a solo artist. His albums are very popular like ‘Elect the dead’, ‘Imperfect harmonies’, and ‘Harakiri’. Most of the songs in this album were a blockbuster hit and till date, many listeners play his songs.
  • Aram Ilyich Khachaturian: He is known for his best Armenian works and many people listen to his songs till date. Though he is not alive, his songs are always running on the leading FM and audio stores. His music was a beautiful combination of traditional Armenian folk and Russian classical. Some of his most popular works include ‘Sabre Dance’ which was used in films like Space Odyssey.
  • Siranush Harutyunyan: This young artist has won several awards and known for popular songs of albums like ‘Sheram’, ‘Hima’, and ‘Havatum em’. She made many world tours and performed in front of millions of audiences in locations like Greece, Germany, Russia, USA, and many other places. She won most popular awards like a Best female artist in Russia, Best female artist in Armenia, and the USA too.
  • Eva Rivas: She also participated in the Eurovision Song Contest with her popular song ‘Apricot Stone’. Apart from music, she also judged a show in a popular Armenia voice talent show.
  • Iveta Mukuchyan: She is also a young talented Armenian artist whose songs will always be on top listed songs to hear. Her popular albums include ‘Love wave’, and ‘Hayastani a jinker’. She also won the music contest in Armenia and also made her acting debut in Run Away or get married.

These are some of the top singers of Armenia who have millions of fans around the globe.

Best 10 songs from Armenia

  • Alabalanica: Aram MP3 has released a fantastic upbeat dance song Alabalanica which is composed by Nick Egibyan. The lyric of the song is written by Avet Barseghyan and this song was launched in April 2019. Check out this video link to enjoy the music with lyrics.

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  • Cnoxneris: This song was released by the popular Armenian artist Arabo Ispiryan in 2019. It was one of the songs under the album named ‘Pit Pashtpanem’. Check out this link to listen to the amazing song by the artist.

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  • AnnanYears: This is another popular song with its upbeat pop music. The Arkadi Dumikyan is the artist of this popular song and this was released under the album Ime. The album was released in the year 2019 and it has been a huge hit. The album is most liked by the music lovers and check out this link to hear this wonderful song.

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  • Anytime You Need: This popular song is one of the top charted songs in recent years. The artist of the song is Hayko and it was released in the year 2017. Hayko was the lyric writer of the songs and it is beautiful about the feelings between lovers.  The song is released under the album ‘Mi Vakhecir’. It is available in all audio platforms and you can check out the official song in this link.

YouTube link:

  • PreGomesh: The PreGomesh song is one of the best songs of Armenia. The artist of the songs is the popular Sirusho and it was released under the album ‘Armat’. The genre of the song is traditional Armenian folk and it has been nominated for different awards. Check out this link to hear the musical delight of the classical Armenian folk by Sirusho.

YouTube link:

  • Get ’em: It is another popular and beautiful song released this year. It was sung by the artist Silva Hakobyan who has such a beautiful soul-like voice and the music is just amazing. The music and lyrics were done by Mane Hakobyan. It was a music video directed by Andrian Mantashyan. Check out this link to hear this soulful music and have the best time ever.

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  • Dream: If you are looking for the best soulful Armenian music, then check out the Dream song by Lilit Hovhannisyan. It was released earlier this year. It has beautiful lyrics and the pop genre of the song make everyone feel happy. This song is an energy booster with a beautiful voice by the artist. You can also check out the music video in this link.

YouTube link:

  • Mi Te: This song was sung by the artist Sargis Yeghiazaryan which is a huge hit in the year 2018. The song was released under the album Qez Gta and this song is amazing. You can click the link below to hear the beautiful song by Sargis.

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  • Not Alone: It is another song by Aram MP3 released in the year 2014. The pop song makes everyone to shift their mood to their best energetic level. Check the official video of the song provided in the link below.

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  1. Vuy Aman: The song by the popular artist Sirusho along with the featured artist Sebu is Vuy Aman. The song is upbeat and the video song is outstanding. The song was released in the year 2017 and is still loved by many people around the globe. Check out the official video link of the song here.

YouTube link:

These are the best 10 songs from Armenia which will make you dance and forget about all the worries.

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