10 Best Spanish Radio Stations

A radio broadcasting station is something that is mainly associated with the transmission that is done using wireless mediums, though at the time of practice with these transmissions we use wires and radios waves. The point behind all this is that the person who has the appropriate technology for receiving those broadcasts. All the broadcasting stations along with the ITU Radio Regulations should be allowed with the services that help them to operate either permanently or temporarily. Here are the top Spanish Radio Stations:

Radio Nacional

Radio Nacional was known as RNE 1 in the year 1998 to 1999 and in the year 1999 to 2008, it was known as Radio 1. It follows the principle of RTVE radio station. It uses generalist programming in it, which focuses on topics like sports, news, entertainment on topics, or on discussions, that focus the contemporary events and social issues, and the current affairs. The radio station that is built is a direct successor of Radio Nacional de Espana. He started broadcasting in the early stages of his career in Franco’s official radio in the year 1937. He did all this during the Spanish Civil War and under the department of propaganda.

Radio Classica

Radio Classica is one of the Spanish radios and it is operated by Radio National de Espana. Radio Nacional de Espana is a public broadcasting organization, which is owned by the state which id Corporation de Radio y Television Espanola. It was launched under the name Segundo Programa in the year 1965 and later was named as RNE 2.
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Radio 3

Radio 3 is the Spanish radio station which follows the principle of RTVE. This radio station attracts millions of people towards it per week. They provide the music that is indie, dance music, hip hop, and the alternative type, and all these types of music lies in the category which is out of the mainstream scene and also from the top 40 charts. Radio 3 also provides some music genres that are not even provided by the commercial or paid radios and some of that category music are blues, hip hop, Spanish folk music, new-age music, heavy metal, jazz, Brazilian music, and many more.

Radio Exterior

Radio Exterior is one of the best Spanish international companies of radios. This was founded in the year 1942 and operated by Radio Nacional de Espana. This radio station was specially designed for the Spanish people who are living in abroad. They provide their services and broadcast their music 24 hours on different internet networks and on the satellites. They also provide their services on the shortwave for not the whole day but for a few hours. They transmit music and stuff that are in different languages and some of those languages are Portuguese, English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and many more.

La Cadena SER

La Cadena SER is one of the famous and most reputed radio stations of Spanish. This radio station is also known as the premium version of the radio station and is best in two terms and which are seniority and the share of the audience. In the year 2018, there were about 4,139,000 people who used to listen to this radio station per day. The term SER in the name refers to the Sociedad Espanola de Radiodifusion and is also the Spanish broadcast company. It was launched on 14 November in the year 1924.
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Los 40

This radio station is situated on Spain and is the top 40 radio network or the radio station brand and belongs to many of the countries which speak Spanish there and are from Prisa Radio. The radio started its journey as a music show on Radio Madrid and now is Cadena SER and this was started in the year 1966 from where the concept and the chart of 40 principals started.

Cadena Dial

Cadena Dial is the part of the Spanish Media Group PRISA which is a famous group of radio stations. It was launched in the year 1990 and provides pop music to their customers in Spain. Cadena Dial started its career in the broadcasting of DTT in the year 2017 on 7 April and this was started with more companies name as Los 40 and Cadena SER.

Cadena COPE

The term COPE in the name refers to the Cadena de Ondas Populares Esponolas. This radio station is called as the Popular Station as they are available in almost everyone’s home. It lies on the second position in the list of generalist radio. This station is owned by the company whose name is Spanish Episcopal Conference under the name as Radio Popular SA. It also belongs to the COPE group.

Rock and Gol

Rock and Gol is present in Spain with there services and are owned by Radio Popular SA. It was launched in the year 2004 for the people who want to hear rock music of all types and also of the soccer-based ones. This radio station kept on growing until they reached great heights and have started their own two hosts, named as Ivan Guillen and Rafa Escalada.

Europa FM

Europa FM is the part of the Spanish radio station hub. It is owned by the Atresmedia group that deals with media. The basis of this radio station is in Barcelona and also broadcasts the radio signal in entire Spain based on the various frequencies. It was brought and started in Spain in the year 1996 and targets the audience that is 18 to 35 in number.


With the final words, we conclude that here are the best Spanish Radio stations and he has mentioned detailed information about them. We hope that after reading this article you will get the exact idea about them. So keep listening to the radio and enjoy their melody.

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