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Top 10 Tampa Bay Radio Stations

The top 10 Tampa Bay Radio Stations are WFLA, WXGL, WMNF, WBTP, WDAE, WMTX, WFLZ, WWRM, WPBB, and WRBQ. Let us see why these are the best 10 among all.


This radio station first launched as the name of WAYP in 1989. 98.7 The Shark is branding this station. This radio station of Holmes Beach airs its programs throughout the Tampa Bay area. The frequency number of this radio station is 98.7 MHz. Every day of this HD Radio station starts with the slogan ‘The Next Generation of Classic Rock’. Classical rock music is a very unique theme of this Station. ‘Use somebody’ is the first Classic Rock music which was aired from this Station. During a sports event, they telecast the life also. Beasley Broadcast Group is owning and controlling this Station very well and wins a lot of hearts.


‘Tampa Bay’s Best Music’, with this slogan they had started their journey since 1970. In the beginning, the name of this Station was WLCY-FM. The first owner of this Station was Rahall Communication. In the year of 1976, they started Disc Jockeys with Y95. Because of this event, the name was known as WYNF. The format of this Station is to air hot adult contemporary with melodious music. Cox Media Group is the owner of this station for a long time. Analog Transmission and HD Radio are also included in it.


If you are in love with the 80’s song then this station is only for you. Since 1954 when the name of this station was WPKM, they are telecasting beautiful old songs. They have the best and genuine collections of classical hit kinds of music. Ralph Beaver is the station engineer whose voice can also amuse you. They were also following Top 40 format which was known as Power Pig or Power 93.


93.3 FLZ is the branding of this radio station. You may have heard a lot of Tampa Bay Radio Stations that are offering Top 40 music format, this one is the best among them. The slogan of this channel ‘Tampa Bay’s #1 Hit Music Radio Station’ carries the evidence of its greatness in the music world. Apart from Top 40, Pride Radio and Evolution are also part of this Station. In 1948, this station first aired the programs as WFLA. The birth of Power 93, Power Pig was happened through this channel by Gary. iHeartMedia is owning this Station and keeps on entertaining the people of Tampa Bay.


News radio WFLA is the brand of this radio station. You can hear this Station move the slider in 970 kHz frequency. Not only in Tampa Bay, but this Station aired its programs in Petersburg also. This channel is announcing full-time news and various issues related to talks. WFLA started its journey as WGHB in the year of 1925. WFLA also telecasts the syndicated programming which is known as AM Tampa Bay. Jack Harris, Katie Butchino, and Kay Long are maintaining the AM programs and Ryan Gorman maintains the PM program.


They have started their programs in 1947. The previous name of this Station was WDAE-FM. The frequency number of this channel is 100.7 MHz. The station is famous for the ’80s and 90’s songs. The modern hip hop and classical songs are also telecasted from this place. The owner of this station is iHeartMedia. Waves of Beautiful Music was a synonym of this station. After 2016, a new program was added, named ‘Thunder Tampa Bay’s.


The first program which was aired from this station was in 1965. Classical music with pop music is the specialty of this station. This is the reason behind the slogan ‘Tampa Bay’s Classic Hits’ of this station. Cox Media Group is the owner of this show. The Eagle was also promoted by this station during the last summer. 107.3 MHz is the frequency number of WXGL. From 1980 to 1990 the rock kinds of music were hosted by Nick Can Cleve.


This channel’s main theme is to promote, telecast various sports for its listeners. 95.3 MHz is the frequency number of this channel. The station also has an affiliation with ESPN, the branded sports channel. At the beginning of this Station, in 1922, the local news was telecasted fr this Station. The spots talk with Chris Thomas is very famous in WDAE. Football, Basketball, and Baseball are the sports which are telecasted through radio now also. National Hockey League and Arena Football league, two famous leagues were also telecasted from here. Besides, sports-related talks are being done on special occasions.


On 14th September 1979, the first sound was aired through this Station. Nathan B. Stubblefield Foundation is the present owner of this show. 88.5 MHz is the frequency number of this channel. New music shows, news, public affairs, Classical soul, arts, blues, reggae, rap music, and R&B are the special programs here. Folk, Hip hop, modern, rock, blues, and Latin kinds of music are included in this program. If you are a music lover this station can entertain your whole day.


95.7 MHz is the frequency address of this channel. Urban contemporary is the main feature of this station. But sports telecasts, sports talk and Rock music all are broadcasting from this place. In the year of 1963, 19th August the first program was aired. In the beginning, the station was launching various disco songs which were known as OK96. Later they have started Lite Rock 95.7 and 96 Fever. Now popular personalities like Steve Harvey, Mychal Maguire, and Keith Sweat are entertaining the people of Tampa Bay. Besides DJ programs of this channel are very popular which are organized by DJ Shizm, DJ Sandman, and DJ Jimi-o.

Lots of other radio stations are available in various frequencies which are offering DJ, pop kinds of music, ancient and modern music, debates, political talks, sports, and news. But within these 10 Tampa Bay Radio Stations you can cover all of them. The best part is these are almost every time available.

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