10 Best Utah Radio Stations

If you are a resident of Utah or happen to be passing by; here are some Utah radio stations any radio fan or listener should tune in to for great music.
⦁ KBER 101.1
⦁ KCPW 88.3
⦁ KENZ 94.9
⦁ KJMY 99.5
⦁ KUDD 105.1
⦁ KAAZ 106.7
⦁ KSQN 103.1
⦁ KRCL 90.9
⦁ KODJ 94.1
⦁ KUER 90.1

KBER 101.1

KBER is a Utah radio station, presenting in a mainstream rock format. It is broadcasted at 101.1 frequency on the FM band. It is based in Ogden, Utah, and broadcasts in an area like Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Provo. It is owned and managed by Cumulus Media. It is commonly known as ‘KBER 101’ and the slogan says ‘Utah’s Rock Station.’ It went on air for the first time on July 13, 1975.
⦁ Signed on KDAB in 1975.
⦁ Changed to KBER in 1986.
⦁ Mick and Allen’s Freak Show
⦁ Victor Kade
⦁ Helmut Von Schmidt

KCPW 88.3

KCPW is broadcasting at 88.3 frequency. It is a public radio station serving the Salt Lake City area. It presents news and music programming, as well as network shows from American Public Media, Public Radio International, BBC, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This radio station is owned by Wasatch Public Media. The call letters stand for K Park City Wireless.

⦁ Sanctioned in 1991 as KBQA.
⦁ Officially signed on as KCPW in 1992.
⦁ Sold to Wasatch Public Media in 2008.
⦁ Dropped its NPR membership in 2013, continues to broadcast national programming.
⦁ Behind the Headline with Roger McDonough
⦁ Hinkley Institute Radio Hour with Christian Camargo
⦁ Jazz Time with Steve Williams

KENZ 94.9

KENZ is based in Provo, Utah. It broadcasts at 94.9 frequency on the FM band. It presents in a Top 40/CHR format and broadcasts in areas like Salt Lake City and Provo-Orem metropolitan area. It is owned and operated by Cumulus Media. The radio station is commonly known as ‘Power 94.9/101.9’ and its slogan is ‘Utah’s New Hit Music.’
⦁ Signed on in 1981 as KLRZ, with AC format.
⦁ Switched to CHR format in 1986, as KBNG.
⦁ Shifted to New Age format in 1987, as KTOU.
⦁ Adopted rhythmic Top 40 format in 1989, as KZHT.
⦁ Shifted to rock format in 2003, as KHTB.
⦁ Switched to classic hip hop format in 2015, as KENZ.
⦁ Flipped to Top 40/CHR format in 2017.

KJMY 99.5

KMJY is based in Bountiful, Utah. It is a hot adult contemporary formatted radio station, broadcasting at 99.5 frequency on the FM band. It is popularly known as ‘My 99.5’ and the slogan says ‘The Best of the 90s to today.’ It serves areas like Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Provo. It is owned and operated by iHeart Media.
⦁ Signed on in 1988 as KBZE.
⦁ Changed to AC format, as KLVV in 1989.
⦁ Changed to KUTQ in 1991.
⦁ Changed to a classic rock format, as KURR in 1996.
⦁ Shifted to Hot AC format, as KJMY in 2004.

KUDD 105.1

It is based in American Fork, Utah. It is broadcasting at 105.1 frequency. Its broadcasting area is Salt Lake City, Utah. Dell Loy Hansen is the owner of this station. It is commonly known as ‘Mix 105.1’ and the slogan says ‘Number 1 for All the Hits.’
⦁ Signed in 1978, as KMXU.
⦁ Changed to KNJQ in 2004.
⦁ Changed in 2006 to KAUU.
⦁ Shifted to dance music format in 2015.
⦁ Changed to KUDD in 2016.

KAAZ 106.7

KAAZ is based in Spanish Fork, Utah, broadcasting in Salt Lake City. It presents in a mainstream rock format, broadcasting at a frequency of 106.7 on the FM band. It is popularly known as ‘Rock 106.7’ and their slogan is ‘Utah’s Best Rock.’ It is owned and managed by iHeart Media. It first aired on November 1, 1967.
⦁ Signed on in 1967 as KONI FM.
⦁ Changed to KTMP in 1980.
⦁ Shifted to AC format as KBVH in 1984.
⦁ Changed to KBER in 1986.
⦁ Changed to KQOL in 1990.
⦁ Changed to KUJJ in 1994.
⦁ Changed to KBKK in 1995.
⦁ Changed to KOSY in 1997.
⦁ Shifted to classic rock format in 2012.
⦁ Changed to KAAZ in 2013.
⦁ Frequency changed from 106.5 to 106.7 in 2015.
⦁ Shane
⦁ Hooker, DB and Becka
⦁ Theresa
⦁ Big Rig
⦁ Russ Rose

KSQN 103.1

KSQN is based in Coalville, Utah. It airs in an 80s alternative rock format, at 103.1 frequency on the FM band. Its broadcast area is Salt Lake City, Utah. It is branded as ‘103.1 The Wave’ and the slogan says ‘Your Classic Alternative.’ It is owned by Capital Broadcasting. It aired for the first time in 2004 on 103.1 frequency.
⦁ Cuzzin Brad
⦁ Mr. West
⦁ Chet ‘The Pinhead’ Tapp
⦁ Barb Thomas
⦁ Chet’s Cassettes
⦁ Unrest on the 7th day
⦁ Newer New Wave

KRCL 90.9

KRCL is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a community radio station supported by its listeners and is a non-profit organization. It airs music and public affairs programming. Their music includes genres like folk, blues, indie rock and world music. This radio station has been on air since December 3, 1979. It is owned and managed by Listeners Community Radio of Utah. It broadcasts at 90.9 frequency on the FM band.
⦁ The Afternoon Show
⦁ Friday Night Fallout
⦁ Liquid Rhythms

KODJ 94.1

The radio station is presenting in a classic hits radio format. It broadcasts at 94.1 frequency on the FM band. It is owned and operated by iHeart Media and is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is branded as ’94.1 KODJ’ and their slogan says ‘Salt Lake’s Greatest Hits.’ It went on-air on December 1, 1968.

⦁ Signed on as KALL FM in 1968.
⦁ Shifted to soft AC format in 1984, as KLCY FM.
⦁ Switched to an oldies format in 1991, as KALL FM.
⦁ Changed to KODJ in 1993.
⦁ Acquired by iHeart Media in 1999.
⦁ Mark ‘The Cope’ Coppola
⦁ Fisher
⦁ Rick O’Bryan
⦁ Adam West
⦁ Matt Case
⦁ Lisa St. Regis
⦁ AJ Carson

KUER 90.1

KUER is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a public radio station owned by the University of Utah. It mainly presents National Public Radio programming, along with programs by Public Radio International and American Public Media. The radio station’s subchannels broadcast BBC World Service and classical music. It is commonly known as ‘KUER 90.1’ and ‘NPR Utah.’ It aired for the first tie on June 5, 1960. The call sign stands for Utah Education Radio.
⦁ Radio West
⦁ Preach
⦁ 45 Days
⦁ All Things Considered
These are the 10 Utah radio stations you must tune in to, whether while driving around in the neighborhood or while relaxing at home; whether to listen to music or stay updated on the latest happenings around you

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