Best Wichita Radio Stations

Best Wichita Radio Stations

There are so many results can be found on the internet if you search about Best Wichita Radio Stations. Some will be biased and some will be unbiased. But selecting from them is quite difficult. Here I am presenting the top-ranked radio stations in Wichita with the reasons why they are best.


On 30th March 2006, the KVWF first aired its program as KIBB. They started their journey as adult hit formats. The branding owner of this channel is 100.5 Bob FM. They also telecasted ‘10000 songs in a row’. During these days they only telecast Adult Album Alternative which is known as AAA. Rocking M Media is the owner of this station. Tom Petty was the controller of a music concert in this channel, name Flight 100.5. Now almost every day they telecast modern pop up kinds of music on their channel to entertain the people of Wichita.


The first name of this channel was KJRG. With this name, this station aired its first program in 1959. Rocking m Media is the owner of this station. KKGQ is the sister station of KIBB. Adult contemporary was telecasted through this channel which was named Mix 92.3. Kidd Kraddicknis the popular performance of the morning session. Now, this station airs country-related issues with talks and news. The frequency address of this channel is 92.3 MHz.


This radio station is placed in Kansas in Wichita. The frequency of this channel is 1410 kHz. The main topic of discussion in sports. Football, basketball, and baseball-related news and live stream are telecasting through this channel. If you are a sports lover then this channel is going to increase your knowledge more. KGSO always broadcasts the programs and situations of sports of American Associations of Independent Professional Baseball. This Station carries the affiliations from Denver Broncos and Fox Sports Radio. Since 1963, this channel is telecasting sports news and wins the hearts of people.


In the year of 1922, the station first aired its program. News Talk 1330 is the branding partner of this channel. Fox News is the affiliation partner. For a long time, they are telecasting the news and talks about public affairs. From 6 to 9 AM, Steve and Ted start their program upon talks. From 11 AM to 2 PM Rush Limbaugh controls the news program. Sean Hannity fromb2 to 5 PM and John Batchelor controls the news updates from 8 PM to midnight.


KDGS starts them every morning with the slogan of The Beat of Wichita. This considered the best music station among all other Wichita Radio Stations. 93.5 MHz is the frequency address of this channel. They have started their journey as KOAS on 28th October 1993. R&B, pop, and Hip hop music are the main concerts of this channel. Ricardo Cherry, the former music director was awarded for telecasting unique types of music and to entertain the people. This station is now placed at the Pizza Hut station of Wichita.


If you are feeling bored and want to listen to some Rock kinds of music then turn your Radio’s frequency into 101.3 MHz. Wichita’s Favourite- with this slogan they start their everyday. In 1972, first, this station started to air their programs. Let us see the famous programs on this channel. George Lawson is the news producer of this station. Jacob Weston will inform you of the updates in the morning and Wil Day, Lance Ferguson, and Ryan Arnold will inform you about the traffic updates.
The DJs are very famous here and they are present all day to entertain you. JJ Hayes in the morning, Carlos Hughes in the afternoon, Bobby Knight and Justin Case in the evening will entertain you by their DJs. Also Stuart and Scott Piper present special DJ performances at the Weekend.


First aired in 1947. Sports Radio 1240 is the branding partner of this channel. Mainly sports-related news is telecasted from here. 1240 kHz is the frequency number of this channel. Famous companies like ESPN Radio and CBS Sports Radio have their affiliations with this channel. So you can understand now why this sports channel is famous among all other radio stations in Wichita.


103.7 MHz is the frequency number of this channel. In 1968, the first program was aired from this station. This station is particularly famous for presenting mind-blowing Classic hit kinds of music. Top 40 is the first step of their station. The End of The Innocence was directed by Don Hanley and Ticket to Ride by The Beatles. These all are responsible for this channel’s popularity. They are telecasting the famous program ‘The Greatest Hits of All Time’.


B98 FM is the branding partner of this channel. The first airing year is 1948. The main theme of this channel is to telecast the adult contemporary and entertain the people. 97.9 MHz is the frequency address of this channel. Class FM 98 is there format to offer various programs throughout the day. iHeartMedia is the owner of this platform and also controlling the other sister stations like KZCH, KZSN, and KTHR. Brett Harris and Tracy Cassidy are the famous personalities who hosting the events of this station.


The programs are very unique respect to other radio stations. Religious speeches with adult standards and contemporary are being telecasted from this place. 900 AM is the frequency number of this channel. With the slogan of ‘Music, You Remember’ they start their day every morning. Agapae Communications Inc. is the owner of this station. In the year of 1977, the first program aired from this station. At that time the name of this station was KWBB. Sports-related updates are also available here. Like other channels, this station also started their journey with Top 40 format. But now Christian format is also aired from here.

These are the famous 10 best Wichita Radio Stations. KQAM, KMUW, KICT, KYQQ, KYWA, KIBB, KTHR and so many other names are there to mention. But these ten radio stations have the power to fulfill your wish.

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