13 Facts of Sleep We Didn’t Know | Infographic

Sleep is so much essential for a human that lacking of it cause the death. Even people can survive without food for a certain time but not without sleep. To know more interesting facts like this; check the infographic below.


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2 Replies to “13 Facts of Sleep We Didn’t Know | Infographic”

  1. Hi Nasir,

    I am a Sleep Warrior LOL.

    Awesome points up top. Well taken. I had a terrible sleeping pattern for years, getting 4 to 6 or 7 hours tops, nightly. Up late. Up early. I burned out.

    I get 8-10 hours daily now. Even if I wake up I lay in bed for 8-10 hours. Sleep is too important to me as I stay healthy, feel rested and recharged when I get ample sleep.


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