10 Famous Knoxville Radio Stations

The Knoxville radio stations are popular in the neighborhoods, as they offer exclusive stuff all through the day.


WUOT is one of the famous Knoxville radio stations that is availed to the people of Knoxville at 91.9 MHz. the residents of the country wake up to the beautiful old sweet songs, and interesting pieces of newsflash updates, along with the chatty talk shows. The whole day is a mixed bag filled with varied programs to suit the palates of the ardent listeners. It is controlled by the University of Tennessee that boasts of its culture and pride in playing its deeply cultured music via its station. 
WUOT was formed in 1949 to deliver fascinating news updates and songs to its listeners.
Popular Artists
⦁ Kelle Jolly
⦁ Randy Fishman
Popular shows
⦁ NPR news headlines 
⦁ Morning edition


WWST is availed to the people of Knoxville Tennessee at 102.1 MHz frequency. It’s one of the most loved radios stations as they play the amazing songs by the favorite artist like Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Kate Perry, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Shawn Mendes, Selena Gomez, and Maroon. It’s nice to wake up the lively, and newest songs as they make the day positive and seals it with enthusiasm. The radio station is in the hands of Summit Media that controls its shows and finances. 
The radio station started playing the songs to the listeners from 1978
Popular artist
⦁ Becca
⦁ Gravy
Popular shows
Marc and Kim show


WDVX radio station is availed to the people of Knoxville at 89.9 MHz frequency. The radio station is operated by the Cumberland Company that finances the station. WDWX is a popular channel among the locals as it plays amazing local-traditional songs, old-jazzy songs, simple –folk- melodies, native- mountain- songs, veteran-musician songs and contemporary new songs. 
Since 1991, WDVX has been amusing the listeners with its bag full of songs.
Popular Artists
⦁ Wendy Smith
⦁ Wayne Bledsoe
Popular Shows
⦁ Blue plate special
⦁ Across the ocean


WKHT is availed to the people living in Knoxville in Tennessee at 104.5 MHz frequency. The studio is owned by Summit Media, and it invites its listeners with a “The beat of Knoxville” slogan. WKHT has a very loyal set of listeners like the young and old who don’t forget to tune into the channel in their spare time. The channel plays the latest feel-good songs by their desired artists like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj.  
Popular artist 
⦁ DJ Eric B
⦁ Mean Jean
⦁ DJ Grooves
Popular shows
Dex and Barbie T Morning show


WJXB is availed to the people living in the Knoxville area, at 97.5 frequency. The radio station is a popular one among the locals that is owned by the Midwest Company. the station is greatly loved by the urban boys and girls who prefer the latest modern songs of artists like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Sheryl crow, Enrique Iglesias, Whitney Houston, Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boy, Shawn Mendes, and Maroon 5. The songs are lively and real that touch the hearts with the melodious tunes. Despite being sung long back, the songs still linger in the minds as fresh. 
The FM channel played the latest songs from 21st Jan 21, 2002, for the fans. 
Popular Show
⦁ The John Tesh Radio Show
⦁ Ashley, Brad, and Michele in the Morning
Popular Artists
⦁ Rick Kirk
⦁ Chuck Smith
⦁ Shane Cox


WIMZ FM is availed to the people living in Knoxville, at 103.5 WIMZ. The radio station is popular for the rock kind of music that’s weighty on guitars, beats, and synthesizers along with the powerful vocals. Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, James Brown, The Beatles are the current favorites of the urban listeners that are played non-stop by the station. Knoxville’s Classic rock slogan correctly suits the FM as it reminds the longstanding tunes of the ’70s and ’80s to its ardent followers. 
The channel got its first show in 1949.
Popular Shows
⦁ The famous show – “The Big Show with John Boy and Billy”
⦁ Big R
Popular Artists
⦁ Billy Kid
⦁ TK


WCYQ is availed to the people living in Knoxville at 100.3 MHz. the radio station is owned by the Summit Company that owns few channels in Knoxville. The newbies and young folks miss the old black and white songs of the 50 and ’60s that were considered as a golden era of English music. Elvis Presley, Carl Perkin, Mary Robbins, Bob Ferguson, John Denver, Little Joe, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis songs are played on its station.
The radio station got its first show in 1974
Popular Artists
⦁ Dana Lundon
⦁ Opie 
⦁ Carina
Popular Shows
⦁ Bobby Bones Show
⦁ Opie and Carina


WETR is availed to the people living in Knoxville at 92.3 /AM 760. Thomas Moffit Jr. is the proprietor of the channel. The slogan of the station is Knoxville’s talk you can trust and mainly conducts the news, talk shows related to technology, home improvement, and well-being vs. fitness, paranormal tasks, and humor.
The radio station got its first show in 1995 December. 
Popular artist
⦁ Gordon deal
⦁ Glenn Beck
Popular shows
This morning with Gordon Deal


WUTK-FM is availed to the people living in Knoxville city at 90.3 FM MHz. the slogan of the radio station is U T’s College of Rock and appeals to the younger gen a lot. The channel is maintained by Tennessee University. 
The first show went on air in 1979
Popular Show
⦁ Simmer down
⦁ Daydream nation


WRJZ is availed by the people living in Knoxville at 620 kHz. It’s a channels renowned for its religious Christian preaching’s on-air, and sharing the message of love and faith in god. The channels are owned by Tennessee group of broadcasting.
The channel had its first show in 1941.
Popular shows
Focus on the family
Popular artists
Bob Bell

If you are thinking to spend some time by yourself musically, then be turned into the Knoxville radio stations with earphones in the place.

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