8 Ways To Get Rid of Cold | Infographic

I have curated the possible natural ways to get rid of cold in this infographic. These ways have been described and prescribed by doctors on various medical websites online. Hope you will find this useful.

Get Rid of Cold

Here are the 8 powerful ways to healing cold in text format:

HAVE HOT DRINK OR TEA: It may not directly relief you from cold but help you feel better as hot water or tea loosen up the phlegm within throat and soothe it. Add ginger with team and get even better result.

MAKE A HONEY SYRUP: Take 2 spoon of Honey and 1 spoon of Onion juice and mix them together. Shake it and drink like a syrup. It will heal your soar throat and work as an anti-bacterial component.

HAVE ENOUGH SLEEP: Sleep fights with your immune system to prevent spreading any kind of infections related to cough. So, sleep early and you will find little bit better at the next morning.

HAVE STEAM: Just breath the steam in from a hot jar or bottle or any kind of pots where you can keep enough hot/boiled water. Keep your nose closer and have a deep breath in using your nose.

DRINK JUICES: Its not the fruit juice I am talking about. Its a juice made from Garlic, Lemon and Honey. Mix them together, blend and make juice with the mix of hot water.

KEEP THINGS CLEAN: Keep everything clean once you get cold. Dirty napkins, pots, bottles will increase the infections in your throat and increase the duration of cold. So, keep everything clean around.

HAVE CHICKEN SOUP: If you don’t like to eat or drink anything during the nasty cold you just had; just have your favorite chicken soup. Make sure it is super hot when you take. 🙂

HAVE VITAMIN C: Find the stuffs in your kitchen  those own Vitamin C like Lemon, Chilly , Almond, Olive, Orange and so on.

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