6 Steps To Get Rid of Laziness & Procrastination | Infographic

Laziness and procrastination is the killer of creativity, focus and goal. Once you start procrastinate; everything will be undone at the end of the day. Days after days you will find yourself doing unimportant stuffs and extra-entertaining jobs that has nothing to do with your goal and dream.

In this infographic; I have curated 6 steps you can follow from now on to get rid of laziness and procrastination. Here you go:

procrastination removal

Here are the text format of getting rid of procrastination and laziness:

Fail: Prepare to be fail. It will be a wake up call for you. It will embarrass you to start again.

Start Doing: Don’t think. Start doing. Whatever the result it yields, make your footstep.

Think about a Big Picture: Just start thinking about the big picture. How much money you would get? How improved your health would be? How much social impact it would have?

Focus on One thing: Focus on just one thing. While doing work on PC; keep just one tab open. While thinking about anything; keep thinking just one stuff.

Avoid lazy friends: Don’t pass your time with the lazy friends who don’t do anything and waste their time. Its contagious.

Motivate Yourself: Watch motivational videos, blogs, movies and musics regularly to pump you up.

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