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People who were acknowledged about Houston, they must be well-known about this Space City. Guess what and how? Yes, this Space City is none other than Houston. Do you know why it is called? Because it was linked closely with the great Space Center Houston, and also the coastal visitor center. This is actually for flight control complex and also the training for astronauts of NASA. If you think this Houston maybe only for science, then you are mistaken. This Houston has considered the world capital of space exploration and international energy industry more than that it is also for great amusement parks, theatres, hotels, shopping, and also for music events and massive harmonic radio stations and so on. This article appeals to the famous Houston radio stations and its famous programs.

The Chronicles of radio stations in the great Space City

The year 1946 and month of August was one of the momentous times for Houston because that was the time when the first FM station was announced by Roy Hofheinz and on air. By the time he has faced the construction permit for the radio station but only after a few years they have gotten which was issued by FCC. On the same day got permission for KTRH- 99.3 FM which was the first FM station organized in Houston. The next requirement of the station is test broadcasts to gain the signal, so they have started KTHT as a test broadcast in the same August month at the southern standard building. Then CP (chronicle and press) issued the good announcement that this KTHT shall work hereafter as KTHT-98.5 FM to operate between 3 pm to 9 pm daily. In the initial time was just on air with 250 watts but after the good reach, it was upped to 1000-2000 watts and after getting permission and licensed it has reached to 250000 watts. Their primary thought is not only having the first radio station but also sustaining for a long time. The next development is they need to assign one or more FM stations in Houston, Texas. So in December, the same year they started the KOPY-FM and for this, they have advertised a lot to attain the fame and reach from the Houston people. It was attained the exact reach of planned one and so they decided to launch two more powerful station and so they have started to work, but in 1950 only they have started the FM broadcast in the names of KREL-FM and KLUF-FM both are sustained for nearly 8 years.

The top-rated stations of this great space city

The first radio station is always becoming a role model to all the pioneer stations, likewise here are some people’s favorite radio stations in the great city Houston, let see what are they.

The first station in the list of top-rated by people is KMAZ-LP -102. FM. This was initiated in the year of 2015 and branded in the name of ‘Amazing 102.5’. The basic format of the station is Urban Contemporary Gospel and they got licensed in the same year. The most famous host and the show were called Sheryl Underwood Radio which was belonged from the genre of entertainment and also the soul. This will be broadcasting daily for four hours and for those four hours they devotedly talk about the topics of relationship, entertainment, and also the sports added that they provide the best classic songs for the people. The slogan of this show was smart, funny, and changing the game.

The next station is KTSU- 90.9 FM which was the station started in 1972 with the slogan of Your Community station also with the effective power of 18,500 watts. The main format of this station is for Jazz and the Public Radio to the people. This station was branded with the choice and located at the campus of Professional Media Studies from 2005 onwards. They are providing cool musical programs like Wind Down, the Jazz Club, Truth, Revive, Rolanda Adams, and also the shows of Sunday Gospel Team, Real World & Real Talk, Impact Houston Live, and so on. The famous hosts are Will Downing, Ed Montgomery, Kyle Turner, and V. Michael Mckay and so on, the popular host and DJ are Gene Moore, Everette Harp, Tim Bowman, and Kirk Whalum.

The third station is KPFT- 90.1 FM which was begun in 1970 but it was the fourth station in the radio family of Pacific with the slogan of Radio for Peace. They are providing the varieties of music, news; sports talk, and so on because they have followed the format of public radio. In 2015 they have signed on a new station named LPFW- 96.1. The beginning of the broadcast was with the song from the album of Abbey Road. The programs are like Growing up in America, Wide open spaces. The famous host and DJ were Soular Grooves and DJ Sun.

The next station is KKHH- 95.7 FM was the earlier station of Houston formed in 1959, nearly sixty years old. They have initiated with the slogan of Your Place, your music, and your way with the effective power of 95000 watts. But it was started first in the name of KHUL which has carried the jazz format and projected as the refreshing and cool radio station of Houston. The famous hosts and DJs are Rihanna, Freestyler, Nelly, Jeff Garrison, Sara Pepper, and Brad Booker, and so on. The famous programs are The Playhouse, Don’t stop the music, Hot in Herre, Country sister and Sports talk and so on. At present, the radio station was named as The Spot- 95.7.=

The fifth station was KHPT- 106.9 FM which is also called The Eagle- 106.9 FM. The main motto and format was classic rock for the adult hits of 60’s people. Because it was started its first air in 1965 in the name of KNRO-FM with the slogan of Houston’s only classic rock station ever. This station also simulcasts another station named KGLK- 107.5 FM. After the ten years, it was aired as the format for the contemporary hits. The famous host for the station was Mike Sheeran, Bert Salas, and Lyle Countryman. The famous programs are Focus on the family, In touch with Dr. Charles Stanley, alternative hits of 80’s to ’90s, and so on.


The city of Houston was admired for the music through this Houston radio stations. From these stations and its sister stations which all provide the AM frequencies, people are crossed over the good experience of music because they provide the varieties of music and songs for them. the space city is not only not the technologies but also for the musical amusements as I said at the beginning of an article.

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