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Kevin Durant | All The Deals He Has Made So Far

We all already know that Kevin Durant is on a deal with Brooklyn Nets with a whooping $164 Million. And the deal will be finalized at July 6, 2019.

All The Deals Kevin Durant made in his NBA life

  • Making a deal with Brooklyn Nets at July 2019.
  • He made a deal at 2017 with Golden State Warriors for $53 Million Dollars.
  • Hade made a deal with Oklahoma City Thunder at 9th July, 2010. It was like $85 Millions for five years.
  • In 2007 he was picked by Seattle Supersonics as a draft.

Top 5 Twitter Reactions on Kevin Durant’s Deal

Stephen A Smith

Since @KDTrey5 is now heading to the @BrooklynNets it’s @kawhileonard who’s providing the most suspense. And this much is for sure: The @LAClippers do not believe the @Lakers will get him ahead of them. They believe it’s them or the @Raptors . We’ll see.

Adrian Wojnarowski

Brooklyn is making a clean sweep tonight: Brooklyn will sign Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan, league sources tell ESPN.


.@KDTrey5 to the nets and @kyrieirving sound like a scary movie! PLUS @deandre WTF KD OUT FOR THE SEASON YES BUT WHAT ABOUT WHEN HE RETURN? (Who y’all think winning next year if all this go down?) Im with @stephencurry30

Qias Omar

Thank you @KDTrey5 You did your part. 2 rings for the bay. You will forever be warriors great in my eyes. I hope they retire that number 35 one day out in the bay. Can’t wait for you to get 100% healthy and start ballin again. Good luck in Brooklyn

Kevin O’Connor

Brooklyn landing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving shows the importance of building a franchise with organizational alignment and a positive culture. The Nets are the total opposite of James Dolan and the dysfunctional Knicks. New York must spend the coming years repairing their image.

Videos On Kevin’s Deal

1 – Kevin Durant Signs with Brooklyn Nets! BEST Highlights from 2018-19 NBA Season!

2 – Woj explains why Kevin Durant is teaming up with Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Jordan on the Nets

I personally think he has taken the best decision of his life.

Its not like I hate GoldenStateWarriors…but I think he deserves more money that suits with his talents and he definitely need to join with Net for more volume!

What do you think?

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