Music of Andorra- A Variety Of Artists And Genres

Music is an important part of any culture, country, and society in general. Everyone is united by music. It is both pleasing to ears and beneficial for the mind. Just like dance, music can help overcome mental and physical problems. Music can influence a whole country and unite the people together. It is essential for everyone. Similarly, music is an important part of the culture of the state of Andorra.

Music in Andorra

Andorran folk art has similarities to Catalan and French music and its characteristics can be found in the dances of contrapas and marraxta, a folk dance of Andorran origins. The traces of contrapas can itself be found in the Sardana dance.

The music of Andorra has a wide variety of genres including metal, progressive rock, electronic music, and classic rock n roll. There are several music festivals in the country like ChamJam Music Festival, Ordino and the jazz festival Escaldes- Engordany International Festival.

The Top Singers of Andorra

The state has seen a number of new and exciting singers make a name on the international stage. Here are some of the best singers of Andorra:

  • Persefone:

A pioneer of the metal scene in Andorra, Persefone successfully fused the psychedelic melody and the hardcore energy of rock metal. With their first album, “Truth Inside The Shades” they proved themselves a force and an act that everyone needs to keep an eye on.

Because of its complex melodies of the musicians and the aggressive yet beautiful voice of Carlos Lozano, Persefone has created a niche of its own and the best part is they are completely original.

  • Anonymous:

Inspired by Blink-182, Anonymous is one of the first Andorran bands to introduce progressive rock to the country. They gained recognition with their performance at Eurovision song contest in 2007.

Since then they have performed worldwide at different festivals and performed as a guest artist in other concerts and competitions. They were the runner-ups at the Global Battle of the Bands.

  • Marta Roure Besoli:

A pop singer, she represented the country at the debut of the Eurovision song contest in 2004. She later made it to the semi-finals of the competition performing her track  Jugarem a estimar-nos. Although she failed to make it to the finals, she left a mark among the music fans.

  • Gisela:

A multi-talented artist, the Spanish singer is also an actress with a 10 year-long tenure. She is one of the most popular and successful singers of Andorra releasing over 5 albums and played a leading role in several local plays.

She won the best Latin singer and song at Vina del Mar music festival for her song “Este Amor Es Tuyo”. She has composed songs for several cartoons and animated films. She represented Andorra in Eurovision song contest in 2008 performing Casanova, the best selling song of the country.

  • Susanne Georgi:

She is a Danish singer who lives and resides in Andorra and along with her sister has traveled for around Europe performing at concerts and functions. She has a couple of hits under her belt like “La teva decision(Get a Life)”.

She represented the country at 2009 Eurovision song contest with the song “La teva decisio( Get a Life)”.

The Top 10 songs of Andorra

Andorran artists have produced some really great songs which have slowly gained recognition at the international level.

  • Casanova:

The most popular song of the Andorran origin, it is sung by Gisela in English with one line in Catalan. Even though it didn’t make it past the semi-finals of 2008 Eurovision, it became immensely popular in Europe, reaching #2 on the music charts in Spain. It is probably the most popular Andorran song.


  • La teva decision( Get a Life):

The 2009 Andorran entry at Eurovision, it is a bi-lingual song performed by Susan Georgi in both Carlatan and English. “La teva decision( Get a Life)”( It’s your decision ( Get a Life)) is one of the best selling Andorran song of all time and hugely popular among the common people of Andorra.


  • Sense Tu:

Performed by Jenny, real name Jennifer Serrano, “Sense Tu” is love ballad about a broken heart who feels like she doesn’t want to live without her lover. It was chosen as the representative of Andorra at 2006 Eurovision although it failed to qualify for the semi-finals


  • Salvem el mon:

“Salvem el mon”( Let’s save the World) is a pop-punk song by Anonymous that showcases the disbelief the singer and the band have at the state of the world. The song talks about how everyone is bound with their own selfish agendas and disregarded the rest of the world.

Salvem el mon was performed at Eurovision 2007, making it the first Andorran song performed by a non-female. The exciting music and the meaningful lyrics that attempt to unite the world for a good cause led to the song becoming the most successful Andorran song ever performed at the Eurovision.


  • La Mirada Interior:

Meaning The Inner Glance and performed by Marian van de wall, this song was the Andorran representative at the 2005 edition of Eurovision. As the name suggests, it talks about how we need to look inside ourselves and value inner beauty.


  • Jugarem a estimar-nos:

“Jugarem a estimar-nos”( We’ll be playing at loving each other) by Marta Roure has a historical significance for Andorra as it was their debut song performed at the first Eurovision in 2004.

The beautiful track about a broken relationship has played a strong part in providing Andorran music on an international stage.


  • Purity:

From the latest album of Persefone released in 2017, “Purity” is a progressive metal that is dark, melancholic and so complex that the first time listeners will be completely lost and confused, as they should be with a psychedelic track.


  • Future Incert:

The 2010 indie-funk song by Sanjosex, it is groovy, exciting and mesmerizing with beautiful lyrics. Basically everything an indie-funk should be. It was nominated for the Best lyrics at the Girona Literary Awards.


  • Anep Cap Al Nord:

A staple of concerts and festivals, “Anep Cap Al Nord” is an indie pop song by Bis a Bis released in 2004.


  • The Great Reality

A death metal track by Persefone released in 2013, “The Great Reality” is a power metal ballad of life, death, spirituality, and reality. With first listen you will be left haunted and awe-struck with the complexity of the music and the powerful voice of Carlos Lozano.


The music of Andorra has achieved an international recognition thanks to Eurovision Song Contest and will keep on rocking the world for years to come.

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