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The Sean Hannity Radio Stations runs a type of talk radio show that is used to entertain people and is hosted by Sean Hannity with the help of Premiere Networks. The show is organized broadcasts every weekday from 3 to 6 pm. The show is shooted and prepared in the studios of New York City, the name of the studio is WOR, it is sometimes transmitted to the ISDN from a Centre Island that is in the home of Hannity, and it is in New York.
The show that is broadcasted is affiliated by the Westwood One that is on the terrestrial radio and it is present across the United States. It is also affiliated to the Sirius XM Patriot channel, which is found on both the satellites and the name, is XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio, which displays it on the radio from Monday to Friday at 3 pm.
The main focus of this program was to see the politics of the day and this can be done with the help of interviews that are taken of liberal and conservatives commentators. The Sean Hannity Show is just after The Rush Limbaugh Show, which is the most listened show on the radio by the people.

Radio Show

The show that is broadcasted on the radio includes a mixture of conversations with the callers, interviewing the people who are present in the news, and also the monologues.


The Sean Hannity’s radio show mainly targets the topic that is related to weapons of mass destruction that is caused in Iraq, terrorism, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, and also on the illegal immigration. They mainly and frequently targets the liberalism of America and it is considered as a movement more and is in synchronization with the democratic socialism rather than the classical liberalism one.
The main topic or the content that is featured the maximum time and the name of the show is “man on the street” by interviews and the pedestrians that are present on the New York radio station are questioned and stopped to discuss the politics. Hannity not only tells the questions but also involves its participants by asking them to debate the answers.
The show provides the feature for the inclusion of occasional scenes that take place behind the scenes and some of those include animal-rights proponent “Flipper”, Elisha, “Sweet Baby” James, and also the Lynda. The audio clips during the show are played by Gregster who is an engineer.
At the end of the show, there was a segment named Trash the Lines and in this segment, the calls of the participants are attended which will be done unscreened, and during the call, the person was allowed to speak whatever he wants to speak within 5 seconds. A segment was shown less from the summers of the year 2006, which was having its roots in the show that was hosted by Hannity during late night.
In hyperbolically, the show was considered as the conservative underground, conservatism in exile, and also conservative resistance and all this was done by Hannity on the occasion of the election victory of Democrat Barack Obama.

Opening Themes

Every hour in the Sean Hannity Show there is a piece of opening music played and there is a reason behind that the order that is followed is:

Introduction: The introduction of the show is repeated twice for a better understanding of the people and then there is Martina McBride performs a second singing of the refrain of Independence Day in continuation with the introduction and the refrain.

The sounds of both Carmina Burana and the voice of the announcer Scott Shannon together start the show and the announcer proclaimed in a traditional way over the Carmina Burana saying that the show of Hannity will be on from sea to shining sea, from border to border, from coast to coast. Survivor as the Eye of the Tiger spilled the quote that is used by her in the opening riff and even Carmina Burana also used the Glory and Jackass: The Movie. Though in today’s time, the show does not include any of the voices whether it is of Carmina Burana or Scott Shannon. The show has changed its opening pattern and also the voice which tells the current events to happen.

In the recent broadcasts of the show, there is no instrumental opening by Bruce Hornsby and the Range and the name of it was “The Way It Is” and after this Hannity starts speaking about the show and begins the show.
Sometimes, in the third hour of the show, Eye of the Tiger which was by Survivor replace both The Way It Is and the voice of both Carmina Burana and Scott Shannon. Overlooking of the Madison Square Garden are present deep in the heart of the midtown of Manhattan, which is in the last beacon of truth, are now in trouble. This is all about the Sean Hannity Show and also the world-famous Final Hour Free-for-All.
During the election time, some changes were done in the show as a new announcement used to happen after the speech of Carmina Burana and says that this is the special edition of the Sean Hannity Show: The Battle for America and this was done until the day of the election is reached. In the year 2007 during the election days, there was a special edition message that was introduced and this message continued to the year 2008 and this included Super Tuesday, Iowa Caucus, and Election day.


The Sean Hannity radio show includes the topic that is related to the politics and promotes the people to participate in it and interact with their participants by either asking them questions or by having debates on the discussed answers. There are many changes made to the current show from the earlier one and it is still growing a lot. This is one of the best and most lovable shows of the people.

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