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Khaled Hadj Ibrahim

The poster boy of Raï which is the popular desert blue of Algeria, Khaled Hadj Ibrahim is one of the people who have achieved recognition on the international platform. He won his first award in 1985 which was the Rai music Oran. From an early age, he has become interested in music and songs. He started by playing songs in clubs and weddings for making money. Little did he knew, but it was a party where he met the famous music producer Rachid Baba Ahmed which gave a blow to the Algerian music industry. He also tried his hand in making himself globally popular by adding jazz arrangement in his music but it did not go well with his fans and audience. He has given the biggest hit in France when he collaborated with Sahra and the name of the song was Aïcha. The best time of the career for Khaled was when he was invited to a concert in Paris and he was the talk of the town.

Cheb Mami

Cheb Mami was responsible for introducing the 21st century to the new era of raï music. For arranging money, he worked as a welder which was the same profession as that of his father. His father has seen him interested in music since his childhood and by the age of 12; he started singing on streets near his hometown. Around 1985, he came to be known as the prince of raï because of his performance in the city of Oran. Due to the dangerous atmosphere in Algeria, he has to move away. After reaching France, he started singing in clubs. His most famous work has been Desert Rose which was sung by him on many international and global platforms. He was later on recognized by the media of the United States because of the genre he brought to the media industry. He has added a touch of modern music to the traditional music that has been going on for a long time. His popular work includes Prince of Rai in the year of 1989, Meli Meli which came out in the year 1999. 

Souad Massi

Born in a poor family in Algiers, Souad Massi had to struggle in her childhood days for the normal things that everyone could easily get. She showed signs of singing at an early age which encouraged her to work even harder. Later on, she acquired an interest in playing guitar and writing songs. The only member of the family who encouraged her was her elder brother. It was because of him that she decided to go to a music school where she learned hip-hop and a more modern kind of music. The first step she took was t get in a band where she played with other popular music artists and she continued to do it for seven years. After moving to Paris for personal reasons, she launched her first album named Raoui which was in news but for all the wrong reasons. But Deb which was her second album became very popular in Africa and broke all the previous records made by any other artist. Her third album was the continuation of her second album as she continued the story to the next chapter.

Best 10 Songs In Algeria 

1.    Liberté 

The composer of this hit song is Soolking along with Ouled El Bahdja featuring in the song. The song has been directed by Shems Cameron & izinoise. This song was released in the year 2019 and has been quite famous since that time. The song has become so popular because it has a touch of modern music and contains rap too. 

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2.    Vida Loca

Cheb Bilal has created by this famous song. It was released in 2018 when there was a trend of hip-hop music in Algerian music. This created something very good for the ears and became very famous around that time. You can still see people listening to this song. This song has a bit of a party touch in it so it is widely played in parties and ceremonies. 

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3.    Maghboun Wahdi

The name of the creator of this song is Cheb Djalil who is very popular for his soulful songs. Hichem Smati is featuring in this song. This combination has worked on many popular songs and they have created the same high-quality songs again which has delivered them positive and successful results. It was released in the year 2018. 

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4.    Ma Femme

Mok Saib has created this song and he dedicated this song to his wife. This song is a romantic number and many people have danced to this song with their partners. It was released in the year 2018 and has become quite popular among couples.

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5.    Je M’en Fous

Another hit number by Mok Saib who has tried something different with his music this time. It has gone very positively with his fans as they have made it a big hit. The genre of this song is R&B/Soul which is new to the creator. Mok Saib released this song in 2018.

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6.    Balti

This one is created by Ya Lili and it was released in the year 2018. This song also features Hamouda in it which has given the best compliment to the music of Ya Lili. The genre of this song is pop and hip-hop and is available on many sites.

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7.    Maria

Created by TiiwTiiw in the year 2018, this song was the party anthem for a long time and was played widely in weddings. Cravata is featuring in this song who has given tough competition to other singers. 

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8.    Cheba Sound

Hichem Smati has tried something different, not only with her music but with her sounds too. This song also features other artists who are offering their sounds in the song too. This song was released in 2018.

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9.    Dini M3ak

This one is very popular among the people who are in love and this song is a great way of showing your love. Created by tiw tiw in the year 2018, this song has become very popular since then. Cheb Bello is also featuring in this song.

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10.    DAWDAW

Created by tiiwtiiw in the year 2016, this song was the party song of the year because of its beats and modern music used in it. Cheb Nadir is also featured in this song. The beats in this song have been given by Zak Cosmos& Salah The Magic’s

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