15 Reasons of Why You Should Stay Single Forever! – Infographic

Single or Double?

It varies.

Some like staying single forever and some feel lonely to stay single.

Though staying single has some basic disadvantages like lack of sharing, security and critical financial times; there are some advantages and strong reasons of why you should stay single in this planet earth.

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forever single club

stay single forever

Here are the text version of this infographic –

  1. Single means less stress & more freedom.
  2. You can flirt with anyone without staring at you.
  3. Best time to know yourself.
  4. Once you stay single; you can know who you are and what you can do…so it increases your standards.
  5. Once you are alone, you will love yourself more. You will start taking care of your health and surroundings and knowing thyself is happens here.
  6. No one to ask you why you are too late to come to home.
  7. You can dance with anyone on the dance floor. No one to ask or raise any comment.
  8. You can dress whatever you want. No one there to interrupt you what to wear and whats not.
  9. Go out and have a $5 Burger…thats it and come back home to watch your next movie. No boundaries and life is cheaper.
  10. You have nobody to spend time at night and can reconnect with your old friends.
  11. Eat what you want. Nobody are there to stop you eating what you really love.
  12. Your alone time can be well spent on developing your skills like learning Programming Language, Swimming or Tennis or any other activities.
  13. You can date with anyone you want and can stop dating whenever you feel like.
  14. Feel like your current relationship is not doing well? Well, leave it and engage with the right person ahead.
  15. Travel anywhere you want. No emotional stuffs left at the home. Move and enjoy!

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