KQ 105 FM

KQ 105 FM
Country: Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

KQ 105 Online- The New Generation Radio

KQ 105 ONLINE FM is an online radio from the country Puerto Rico. This is a live online radio broadcasting channel. As the saying goes “history repeats itself”, all the old traditions are becoming a trend now a days.   This online FM is best known for its concerts. Such as

  • KQusticos
  • KQlive concert
  • KQsunsets
  • It also runs a sponsored program called the “Uforia Lounge @ the Mall of San Juan.

It also plays popular hit music playlists. It plays a great variety of music including all genres of pop, ballads, salsa, meringue and even reggaeton. So you can all these kind of music to light up your day with just tuning in to kq 105 online. Just for information;

  • Channel setting: FM radio
  • The area where KQ online is broadcasting is San Juan, Mayaguez
  • The format of music it plays is contemporary hit radio.

These are the programs that run on the channel

  • 6am to 10 am-super countdown Con Hector Ortiz
  • 10am-3pmKQ Jock: Amos Morales
  • 3pm-7pm KQ Jock: Pedro villegas
  • 7pm-12pmKQ Jock: Edwin Negron
  • 12pm-6pmKQ Jock: Carlos Gabreil


7pm-9pm top twenty countdown- Con Manolo Castro Lowry


6pm to 8pm top twenty countdown- Con Manolo Castro Lowry (repeat edition)

Radio makes us remember the olden times when we wake up in the morning and switch on the radio, hear the news and listening to the music shows when we do our work around the house. Well this is the new gen online radio from Puerto Rico. Enjoy the show.

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How To Play This Online Radio Station?


Step 01: Click on the Stations name.

Step 02: Click on the Green Triangular Button.

Step 03: Wait for 10 to 20 seconds to fully load the streaming service. As it is an online radio; you may have to wait a bit or longer depending upon your location and data speed. It is worth mentioning that, not all the FM Radio stations stream their programs 24/7. So if you find any radio station unavailable; please check back later.

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